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Client Java boost guide.

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So I've noticed many players who have had issues and I didn't feel like looking

for any previous guides on this topic as I am already working on this issue with someone

so I felt like making a guide to help out the community a bit.


Increasing your Java Memory (Windows!)


This is a very simple fix for windows if you seem to be having issues with the client getting really sluggish.

Most times in a lot of areas with a ton of players some clients are set to a default amount of RAM set

by Java. The good thing is that you can change this through a little bit of editing. :)




Go to you start button:



Next you'll go to your control panel:



Arriving on the control panel you'll want to search for Java: 



Now just click the Java icon:



After opening Java you'll be directed to this popup,

open the Java tab then press the view button:





Now, if you have 4gb+ of RAM available I would suggest adding

[-Xmx512m] to the Java runtime parameters like below:



This guide is pretty simple for even the newest pc users, if you're using a mac I could suggest 

using this guide on the Ehuman website: Increase Java's memory allotment - MAC


If you have any issues getting this to work let me know and I'll do my best to help out :)

Good luck out there Dreamers!

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Thank you [member=ownerscape] for this awesome guide!
I was wondering how I could make my client run smoother, so this was actually very helpful and I will try it as soon as I'm home.

You're a real guidesmaster :D

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This is great, well detailed.
Memory increase can surely effect your client performance, just make sure you don't overflow your memory.


Yes, thanks for stating. The Rs/Rsps clients do not like anything near the 1gb range for some reason. But I'll mention that in the guide :)

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