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DreamUpdate Patch #24: Clue Scrolls, Request Help, and more

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Clue Scrolls
We decided to release some new clues into the game, I give full credits to Solar Flare for the clues, to keep the clues interesting and not give this repetitive feeling. I kindly wink at Searwen to adapt these new clues into her amazing clue scroll guide, which will probably prevent the staff team from having multiple nerve collapses a day. 
Request Help
We are always trying to improve our communication with the community, also do we constantly seek new methods to improve our support efficiency but still keep it as personal as we can. Thus while lurking from my bowl of wisdom, an idea was formed and ideas lead to innovation and creation. Thus I am happy to announce that we have completely revamped the request help system.
How does it work?
Whenever you are in desperate need of help, you can directly request help in the staff tab. You will be added to the help queue, staff members can see this and accept the request. You will then be teleported to the staff zone where the assisting staff member will help you further with your issue. When you or the assisting staff member decides that his or her assistance is no longer needed, you will be teleported back to the location where you were at the time of requesting help.
What happens when 20 people request help at once?
They will all be stored in the (virtual) queue where they get their index in the row. People will be assisted in the correct order. 
General things
  • Revamped PK Store items
  • Added some items that were supposed to be on the OP list


Bug fixes
  • All clues patched
  • Crafting spinner patched
Thanks everyone.

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As per usual you have delivered to us a spectacular update! I love the idea of the new way players can request help, it makes it much more efficient and players will no longer be missed. Great to see the clue scrolls are fixed, I know a lot of players were getting stuck on some broken ones. Keep up the great work guys!

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