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DreamUpdate [Patch #21 - 1/6/2016]

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Hello there my fellow dreamers,


Shadow King eggs are the first of many monster eggs we will be releasing that will give you the ability to privately fight the boss without the worry of being crashed. You will be able to spawn any eggs you purchase from the store in the summoning zone which can be accessed with the ::summonzone command.


No one will be able to attack any creature you spawn. Please note however if you disconnect or if you leave the area the creature you summon will disappear and you will have to use another egg to summon another creature.


 The eggs wil be available in the donation store later today, they are already obtainable by custom donating for it through a staff member with sufficient rights.

This is not all though, we've also upgraded a big part of our skilling system.

Not only regarding the core but also some content wise updates.


The core updates

  • Moved to a more precise and sophisticated task scheduler.
  • Changed the cycle interval to 600ms (which is the confirmed amount by jagex.)
  • Fixed some bugs regarding people trapped in a 'limbo' sort of skilling state.

The content updates

  • A whole new mining/smithing area (design credits to Bench Press)
  • Fixed gold bar smelting (Smithing will get a whole revamp later)
  • Bait fishing
  • Lure fishing
  • Cage fishing
  • Harpoon fishing
  • (Big) net fishing
  • Ore despawning (turning into a grey ore after a certain amount of time)
  • Dragon pickaxe (obtainable in the mining area)
  • Thieving (new stalls behind the bank at home)
  • Tree stumps (after you cut a certain amount of logs from a tree)
  • Gem Crafting
  • Hide Crafting
  • Bow String Spinning
  • Bow making
  • Fish Cooking (all fish)

(Some of you might have noticed most of these changes already but I thought I should sum it up regardless.)

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Great update once again guys! Awesome to see such big revamps!

Great work to [member=bench press] aswell, thanks for helping on this revamp! :)

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Great re-work of the skills so far.


The pet instance is interesting, but my only concern is how expensive these eggs will be. I feel as if this won't be worth it if people have to pay a large amount of money for just one kill off of the Shadow Kings.


It just doesn't seem like something that would be worth it paying real life money for, maybe perhaps this could be introduced into the Achievement Points store instead? I think that would be a better alternative, but that's just my opinion.


Great update / re-work nonetheless.

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Yet another great update! Glad to see the revamped skilling is being slowly rolled out as well as some bug fixes. Keep up the amazing work guys, the updates are coming out regularly which is amazing!

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