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mr kitteh

HC/IronMan all in one Skilling Guide(log)

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Let me say first off that this is going to be done in a lazy fashion. Its more of a journal of my skilling adventures than a complex comprehensive guide. With that said i know there are a lot of things that'd make it prettier. In any case i do hope it helps some people :D


Will be updating this as i complete the skills.


Agility and construction are untrainable. LAMPS! CAMERAS! LAMPS!


PRO-TIP      USE A DOUBLE XP RING. Just do it, like theres no reason to not... If you need one you can get it as a reward through mystery box's. Need mystery boxs? Well i hope you hate penguins, or atleast enjoy killing them... Just go to ::mbox and kill them/open mystery box's until you get a ring.





So not much to be said here... Farm lamps or pull your hair out until that's not enough pain to soothe your agony. Slayer is extraordinarily slow. Even killing things like nex will rack you a whole lot of nothing for experience. If you really hate yourself go ahead and not lamp it. If you just hate yourself like i did then go farm lamps because that is what i have concluded on being the fastest method for leveling this skills. It'll take you roughly around 1500-1600 lamps. I somewhat tried to pay attention to how many lamps i got /hr and it was roughly 25-30 lamps/hr. Keep in mind i was also watching anime on the other half of my screen. With that said i was also using full am torva, kat set, dwb, wgw/fdc, gold chain, flame gloves and row. So your gear will affect how quickly you can farm lamps. I personally farmed lamps at ::donorboss, ive heard miniboss's were also a good choice.. if youre not a super donor.... well idk what to tell you. I suppose you could farm pikachus or charmanders.


I guess i had a bit to say here actually. I really am sorry for lying already. Plz forgive me senpai.





Summoning is really easy, and quick... If you have farmed a lot of charms already. Which made getting 99 slayer pretty useful. Because it took me about 400-500 of each charm to get. I also didnt really take into account which charms i shouldve used to be most efficient.. So im sure if you actually tried to be efficient you could do it a lot better than i had. I will point out that those polar bears at level like 73 or something are the last summon creature you can make with gold charms. So try to use those as much as possible for lower levels, which i did not do *facepalm*. Regardless just click on the skilling teleport, go to page two and click on summoning. Now not all creatures can be made so just keep an eye out for that aswell. I dont really calculate everything to that last detail, i do rough calculations like i did for slayer. So im sorry but no i dont know how many of which creature to make at whatever level. Like i said this isnt really a guide, its like a guide for someone else to make a guide. Do try and save as many crimson and blue charms as you can for the later levels as they are needed for 90+ creatures. There might be one for green.. My memory isnt the best quality about me. Contact me further for information on which quality is best about me. Or dont thats probably preferred for both parties involved.





Probably the easiest one ive done yet. Go to skilling teleports, page two, runecrafting. Just buy an air and body talisman. You can buy the ones inbetween if you really want but they're pointless if you ask me. Dont buy essence from it, also pointless. Instead go to ::home find sarah, confess your love to her and buy the noted essence instead. Buy maybe 2-3k of them? Idk i bought 26k for whatever reason and had so many left over i just got 120... But yeah right click the talismans to teleport to the altars. Having ::bank is highly recommended. Actually if you dont have ::bank then forget what i said about buying the noted essence. With the new update the portals within the altars now teleport you back to auburn or whatever his name is. So you could easily buy the essence you need, teleport with talisman, bling bling bling runes, teleport back, repeat. Or if you're OG like me, toggle the marcos ::bank and the enter key onto two of you like 20 buttons on your mouse and click away until your hand falls off. Oh right i forgot to say how you just do a few loads of air runes until you can make body runes, because thats what you do till 99, or 120 if you just want to do it for whatever reason. Probably the easiest one to get to 120, if you have said macros and you type because thats perfectly reasonable.





Really basic, like reeeeaaally basic. I feel like this doesn't even need to be included but yoloswag4204days right? No because that's just dumb and childish and we don't partake in that on here. Because we're grown ups! Heh, yeah... Maturity.. Um so yeah just grab your best gear, skilling teleport, second page, dungeoneering yayayayayaya whatever you're there now. Forget the ice guy.. Like seriously forget hes even there. Really erase him from your mind. Okay now you see the guy without a level? Hes chill i guess. But still a scrub. Ooooh whose that big guy? Daddy? Oh wait no roleplay here... Okay just kill him. Like only him. You can try to kill him and the no level guy, but by the time that you actually start attacking no level guy the Avatar will have spawned again making what you just did a 10k loss in experience. Good job you wasted your own time. But seriously just get in a spot where you can attack him without moving when he spawn. There you go do that till you have 99.





By this point you should have figured out how to get to skilling areas. Just go to the farming area. Buy a rake, dibber, water, 5 guam seeds. Just do it and stop complaining. Oh wait i do the complaining.. I didnt mean to be rude... So use that rake on the herb patch. Nice! No weeds. Now use that seed on the plot. Now use water on that plot. Now harvest that plot. Rinse and repeat with the best seed you can use. 


Guam - 9
Marrentill - 14
Tarromin - 19
Harralander - 26
Ranarr - 32
Toad - 38
Irit - 44
Avantoe - 50
Kwuarm - 56
Snapdragon - 62
Cadantine - 67
Lantadyme - 73
Dwarf Weed - 79
Torstol - 85
There i made it easy for you. Keep the herbs, you'll need them for herblore. Maybe do a little of each until you get to torstol. I didn't and had to make due with what i had.





Pretty simple aswell. Just like regular rs, well untill we get to level 80+. Just make whatever, idk what i made... Just looked at rs wiki and made whatever i could with what was provided to me at Herb/farming area. I did however find out once i got to like level 90 that there are some second ingredients you can find at the summoning area, such as potato cacti. I would recommend making super att, str, def and range/mage pots. If i recall correctly you cant make the mage pots? Or maybe that was before i found the potato cacti. Idk like i said this is more of a journal. But those pots will come in handy for when you need to make extremes. Which from what it seemed like you can make any of them once you hit 80. Which i believe you'll want about 200 of each. Really not sure about this one because herb was a pain in my arse. I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off trying to find ingredients that dont exist in this game. Alternatively you can buy all the supers from our waifu Sarah.. drinking them one at a time to make them 3 dose pots... Fuuuuuuun times. So yeah get atleast like 200 of each, good starting point, and then at level 96 you can make overloads. Grab a 3 dose pot of Extreme attack, strength, defense, magic, and range. Paired with a torsol herb you can now make an overload. What i like to do is grab 5 of each, fill the rest with torsol, make the pots, deposit overloads and grab 2 more torsols. Or do it with 4 at a time, much better for the ones with OCD.




Edit - You're best off just farming toadflax and making sara brews. They give like 5k each. ovls give like 15 and require so much more work...

-Re Edt - Actually making super range pots then extreme range is probably the quickest.. you get 13k for making it into both from scratch. Also use irit on super range pot to make an extreme.





Idfk... i spent a good hour to two hours trying to find a method that doesnt involve theiving for 20+ hours. But from what i can tell you're going to be theiving heros for 20+ hours if you do this without lamping it... So lamp away!!





Another skill that was pretty straight forward. Just head on over to the hunting area, grab yourself a butterfly net and a full inventory of jars. Heres the lists of which ones to do while you level up:


Baby - 1

Young - 22

Gourmet - 28

Earth - 36

Essence - 42

Ecletic - 50

Nature - 58

Magiepie - 65

Ninja - 74 (earth impling is going to give you a hard time)

Dragon - 90


Thats basically it. Took a lil while to do. But not all that bad. Hope you like clicking one thing. My little brother now believes i REALLY like "that" button. You're welcome to sell your new tiny slaves, i prefer to do ::empty.





Just go to the mining teleport through skills, and go through the portal. Mine rune essence till 99 because everything else is slower than that. Ya... You dont really have to worry about getting ores for smithing becuase you can buy bars from the summoning guy.

Smithing is basic aswell. Smelt ores if you want... or buy bars from the guy at the summoning skill teleport. Buy like 2 loads of bonze and steel. Then like 400-500 mith, 600-800 addy, and like 1.5k rune. Thats just a guess. kinda forget how many of each i used. Now make go make things.

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To be honest, not a bad post man. The huge wall of white text on a black background really hurt my eyes but that's me. I just need to sleep or something.


Pretty straight forward and simple guide. I love the little comments here and there :) But totally, the lamps is the way to go for all the skills! I find it easier to sit 20 hours in ::donorboss than actually afk train thieving or whatever. 


But for real though, really nice guide! I just would love to see some more spacing in between text and making a picture here or there to make it easier on the eyes :)

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Not a bad guide, but I would like to see more colors in the guide to make it more entertaining to read, but nonetheless, I guess it will help some people out.

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