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Woodcutting guide (written)

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As [member='Bodhi'] Requested i took my time in checking the rates for this on normal, hardcore and ironman (WITHOUT double EXP ring)


Note: if you want all details click the spoiler if you want to skip to the amount of logs you need and total exp do not click the spoiler <3


Regular mode, Iron axe, Tree 1 log level 46 woodcutting 73,500 EXP from first log


[spoiler]Regular mode, Iron axe, Oak Tree 1 log from level 46 woodcuting to level 54 84,000 Second log

(Continuation ^) Regular mode, Iron axe, Oak Tree 2 more logs 84,000 EXP each total of 168,000 EXP

(NOTE: 3 oak logs is 252,000 a total of 15 levels from level 46 to 61)

Regular mode, rune axe, Yew Tree 1 log level 61 woodcutting 136,500 EXP
gained 4 level's level 65 woodcutting

total of 5 logs cut from level 1 (this includes the regular and oak tree's)

Regular mode, rune axe, Yew Tree 6 more logs 136,500 EXP each

6 Yew logs is 955,500 Total EXP 7 Yew logs is 1,092,000 EXP from level 61 to 75

Regular mode, rune axe, Magic Tree 1 log 140,000 EXP 1 level 76 woodcutting

Regular mode, rune axe, Magic Tree 4 more logs 560,000 EXP

Total of 5 magic logs (Tree broke down) 700,000 EXP level 79 Woodcutting

15 more magic logs (tree broke) 2,660,000 EXP total Level 87 Woodcutting 7 levels gained

24 more magic logs (inventory full) 3,360,000 EXP total of 6 Levels gained level 93 woodcutting

14 more magic logs (tree broke) total of 1,960,000 EXP 2 level's gained 95 woodcutting

15 more magic logs (tree broke) 2,100,000 EXP 2 levels gained 97 woodcutting


11 more magic logs 1,540,000 EXP 2 levels gained 99 woodcutting 


In total:


1 Regular log Level 1-46 total EXP 73,600


3 Oak logs level 46-61 total EXP 252,000


7 Yew logs level 61-75 total EXP 1,092,000


84 Magic logs 75-99 total EXP 11,760,000


Current EXP 13,041,000


I do not have the time currently to go to 120 or do others currently but will update for firemaking ECT.


With love Phoenix <3

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Damn, beat me to it ;) That's still a very nice guide though, one suggestion I have is to change the colour of the brown text. It is a little hard to read, but that may just be me. If you have the time you should create more guides!

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I was thinking of doing an in-depth guide for it as well as i was going to start chopping on my iron man.


But nevertheless [member=phoenix], this is another example of your awesome work.


Thank you so much for taking the time to make this.



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