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DS Development Team

Dreamscape Game Update 5th of March

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Woah, welcome to my thread guys and girls.

Once again we have some sweet updates for you to keep the dreamscape experience refreshing!


 120 Lvl Skill Capes !
- All skills now have a lvl 120 cape.
Get 104M  XP in the skill and obtain this awesome skill cape ( with particles )
- Not the combat skills.

 A ton of bug fixes
- Server will run more smoothly.
- Alot of gear will show up properly.
- Alot of items are in the rightful item slot when equipped.
- Fixed some errors / bugs that could make you null / DC.

 Player NPC heads 
Buy your npc to be one of these creatures, custom made for DreamScape.
Their limited available, every month we will have new heads.
(Note that these heads are wearable for players!)

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Lovely update, dear [member=Stan]!
It's great to see you're updating so frequently.
Can't wait to try out all the new content you've released, when I get back home from sea.

I'd like to take this moment, to thank you for your dedication towards Dreamscape!
You've been busting your butt off, and I'm pretty sure I'm everyone has noticed!
We're very glad to have a developper of your caliber around!
Thankyou very much, [member=Stan], for keeping Dreamscape updated, and fun for everyone ♡

Keep up the good work!

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You've been working very hard lately and now it's paying off man!

The updates are very sexy and i'm sure loads of people can't wait and work on their skilling! ;)

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