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DS Development Team

Dreamscape Updates 20th of Febraury 2016

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Yes yes yes! New Updates once again!

There we are again guys, new Dreamscape Updates!


Party Pete Boss

We got a new boss, it's called the Parte Pete boss and,

it's located at the ::pp area.

It's only Super Donator + to acces this amazing new boss.

It's a humongous Party Pete who's ready to destroy your ass.


Loyalty Point Shop


We've revamped the Loyalty Point Store which was needed!

But now.. it's looking sexy!

We got loads of new things in the store, such as: titles/gear/rares and pets!



- Stoner (4000 points)

- The Fashionable (2500 points)

- The Legendary (4500 points)

- The Rich (5500 points)

- The Joker (3000 points)

- The Furious (2000 points)

- The Addict (10.000 points)

- Assassin (3500 points)


- Torva Set (5000 points)

- Gilded Set (3000 points)

- Bong (1000 points)

- Veteran Cape (100.000 points)





- Corp Pet (100.000 points)

The Corporal Beast Pet also has....

+ 15% droprate!

+15% damage!

-15% damage taken!


- Charmander Pet (25.000 points)

- Shadow King Pet (75.000 points)

The Shadow King Pet also has...

+10% droprate!

+10% damage!

-10% damage taken!

- Magegray Pet (50.000 points)




- Zephyrium Rapier (25.000 points)

- Dragon Lord Legs (15.000 points)

- Dragon Lord Plate (15.000 points)

- Dragon Lord Cape (15.000 points)




Further we've also had some small fixes which will be noticed in-game while you're playing the game! But that's stability and improvement fixes.




[b]Hopefully y'all enjoy the new updates!!!

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Is it true that the Dragon lord armor is best ingame? Strength wise.

It is better than american torva, and the best armour the majority of players can obtain.

Thanks for the update, looks great.

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