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How to potentially fix the "Error Connecting to Server" problem

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Welp, I've had this before and no one could fix it for me until I found out exactly how myself. So, to aid both the player and staff (So they have one less support ticket to worry about) I'll be showing you a few ways to probably fix this. Keep in mind if you're not actually banned then it most certainly means that this is a form of connection problem. So I'll explore the areas that affect your connection to games.


1: This method is what fixed it for me, so I'll be showing this first. What you'll be doing is disabling adapters which may be affecting your connection. Like a vpn adapter for example. My problem was an adapter that "VirtualBox" made. VirtualBox is a program that allows you to run an operating system at the same time as your main. I used it to play Starcraft on Windows XP


ZjBuPvV.pngRight click this for your network and sharing center


Go to the circled area.




Disable anything that isn't vital. Like a hamachi adapter or something similar.







Option 2: This one is about temporarily disabling your firewall to see if it's blocking the connection.


Open your start menu and look for "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" to get to here.



Then turn off everything indicated in the picture.






OPTIONAL: Delete your cache and .jar file before trying these steps. May not be necessary though. 

OPTIONAL 2: Disable any antivirus you have for the duration of your attempts with these steps.






          Well, that's it for my first guide. This was just sorta slapped together really late at night. I hope it helps players and staff alike with this problem I've seen become more common. :)

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