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Found 4 results

  1. hc havokia

    What is the content called I am suggesting a new custom skill called Tinkerer. What is the current issue it could solve? Right now there are a ton of items that cannot be upgraded, cannot sell to the soul well, and are of no use to players after they get past the early game. Player get tons of these items over time from world boss boxes, raids, opening mboxes, and ckeys, and the soul chest ( flame nex pieces, elite nex pieces, dragonbone (u) pieces, statius pieces, and wizzy torva pieces to name a few). This could possibly create a use for the items and give players an incentive to actively trade them, which could create a new economy for early game armor while at the same time giving new players a potential way to make money to bring the early game grind down a little bit more. How does it work? My suggestion is to take all of the pieces that cannot currently be upgraded or sold to the soul well and turn them into a sort of custom skill. Players would take these items and "deconstruct" them, not unlike invention in RS3. The deconstruced items would give components (armor components, weapon components, luck components, drop rate components, double drop rate components, jewelry components, footwear components, handwear components, cape components, and offhand components, all with common(1/5), uncommon (1/10), moderate (1/20), rare (1/50), and ultra rare (1/100) variations). The items you would be able to craft would have 2 variations, consisting of a mid tier (using common-moderate components) and high tier weapons (using moderate, rare and ultra rare components) which could be (im open to suggestions) custom weapons called the ds-bow, ds-staff, and ds-sword with stats similar to mid game weapons (oblivion scythe, minigun, and castiel katana, requiring 90+ to create in the tinkering) while the high tier weapons would require 120+ and have stats that would be 15% worse than the intro to end game weapons (regular khiones staff, m4a4 asiimov, and electronic katana). the armor, jewelry, and capes would have the same idea. boxes (such as mboxes and super mboxes, dynamic box, invictus box, warfare box, tactical box, and pet mboxes ) could be broken down into bank components (1/50) which would be used to make into bank anywhere tokens that would take 20 bank components to make, and donator components (1/250) which would be able to make a 6 hour token for donator ranks up to and including extreme donator (i would say sponsor and executive as well but that may be overpowered?) and would take 5 components for a regular donor trial token, 20 for a super donator trial token, and 50 for an extreme donor trial token. All of the armor/weapons would be untradeable, but the bank anywhere tokens, and the trial donor tokens would be tradeable. (All rates of components are just suggestions, of course you can raise/lower them as you see fit) How will it benefit server/players? New players would have a consistent way to make money, players who want to make the mid game/end game weapons would have solid weapons that they cannot gamble away, and people could try out donator ranks for a moderate amount of in game money, compared to the hundreds of trillions, or a few quad that they would have to spend in game or donate to otherwise obtain the rank. The skill would be locked until you are prestige level 2, encouraging players to prestige, and a minimum of 99 in every other skill. The Tinkerer skill would not be able to be lamped, creating an item sink for all of the items that are not upgradeable/ cannot be sold the the soul well. What rewards does it give? The rewards would be the mid tier/high tier armor and weapons that players would be able to create with the new skill, and a new fun skill to train that cannot be lamped to the max level right away. How could it be expanded in the future? Dreamscape is always evolving, adding new weapons, monsters, raids and such. As these weapons become outdated, more weapons that are better could be added to the skill. Any new early/mid game item that comes into the game that cannot be upgraded or sold to the soul well would be a good candidate for an item useable by the tinkerer skill. Raids/bosses could be added that drop small amounts of components directly. Other armor sets with drop rate, double drop rate, luck, and other set effects could be added to the skill as well. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The negative effect this could have on the game is that finding the right balancing for the items may be a bit hard for the devs, and while new items come into the game this skill would eventually be outdated. Balancing in the future may need to be done.
  2. Are you kiddin' i mean mine would be more :D if i didn't take a vacation :P


    but that looks so great and soon enough i'll catch you on posts aswell #bros

    1. YCGamez


      Hehe ptobably. Although I'm most likely going to be more active on the forums than ingame. How was vacation fam?

    2. Feeds


      Not bad bro :)

  3. Ruby3793

    Iv Been thinking and I think that you should be able to spectate the Black Jack Table so you could watch some big pots or generally watch your friends. I Think this would help some players understand Blackjack in DreamScape and generally have something to do when they talking to there friends Ruby3793
  4. Coffee Nut

        Hello everyone! I (Coffee Nut) have decided to make this because myself and the Wiki Team feel as we should get some of the communities contribution.   We want to know what your Opinion is and anything else you might have to contribute to the Dreamscape Wiki.   There is a Poll & we also have a few Options you can choose from. If you feel that you can think of another option, or have any opinions about ANYTHING Wiki related, please don't hesitate to comment below, PM any of the Wiki Team, & feel free to Message us in-game.         Option 1: Item with background.       Option 2: Item with no background.       Option 3: Item Wielded/Worn (where possible) with Stats. Together.       Option 4: Item Wielded/Worn (where possible) with Stats and showing Player. Together.       Option 5: Same as Option 3, however, separated.           Option 6: Same as Option 4, however, separated.                       Be sure to check out the official Dreamscape Wiki page! Make sure to check out our latest updates as well here which is updated weekly!        Potentials Manager  Ownerscape Co-Manager  Host Scrub Editor  Iron Barrage Editor  Coffee Nut Editor  Hardcore v2 Trial Editor  Gadreel Editor     Zeven Official Noob!