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Found 3 results

  1. Do you get annoyed about all these drops (Bones, Charms, Souls, etc.) filling in your chat, just because you want to make sure you get all of your drops?? I have just thought of this suggestion about the Collectors Necklace! Could there be possibly a way to only show rare drops or semi-rare drops in the chat and possibly make a log that you can check at anytime for all the common drops? For Example: Get Rid of the common drops and show only Semi-Rare drops and higher For any common and/or rare drops that want to be seen, make another option on the collector's necklace to: "Show Drop Log" This is a rough idea of what I'm going for: If you like this idea or if you have anyone suggestions, please feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts! Hopefully we can get this going and I think it will be a great idea! -Extreme Donator - GriffoTubes
  2. Ruby3793

    Iv Been thinking and I think that you should be able to spectate the Black Jack Table so you could watch some big pots or generally watch your friends. I Think this would help some players understand Blackjack in DreamScape and generally have something to do when they talking to there friends Ruby3793
  3. Coffee Nut

        Hello everyone! I (Coffee Nut) have decided to make this because myself and the Wiki Team feel as we should get some of the communities contribution.   We want to know what your Opinion is and anything else you might have to contribute to the Dreamscape Wiki.   There is a Poll & we also have a few Options you can choose from. If you feel that you can think of another option, or have any opinions about ANYTHING Wiki related, please don't hesitate to comment below, PM any of the Wiki Team, & feel free to Message us in-game.         Option 1: Item with background.       Option 2: Item with no background.       Option 3: Item Wielded/Worn (where possible) with Stats. Together.       Option 4: Item Wielded/Worn (where possible) with Stats and showing Player. Together.       Option 5: Same as Option 3, however, separated.           Option 6: Same as Option 4, however, separated.                       Be sure to check out the official Dreamscape Wiki page! Make sure to check out our latest updates as well here which is updated weekly!        Potentials Manager  Ownerscape Co-Manager  Host Scrub Editor  Iron Barrage Editor  Coffee Nut Editor  Hardcore v2 Trial Editor  Gadreel Editor     Zeven Official Noob!