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Found 1 result

  1. bobbywalrus

    At the start of the game i recommend to open the few mystery boxes that you start with,also you start off with a few crystal keys which are very helpful in the beginning The crystal chest is located at ::soulroom,use crystal keys there. to start with getting weapons and other okay gear, such as assault rifles,dragonbone equipment. once you have done that then its time to start getting into some better gear.you should start by fighting penguins at ::mbox.its based on rng,you want to fight penguins and collect all of the crystal keys aswell as all of the penguin boxes,mystery boxes you can get,keep fighting penguins until you get a penguin staff(u) then ur ready for the big money maker. If you dont feel like grinding for the penguin staff (u) you can go to ::daily and complete the easy and intermediate tasks and hope for a oblivion/infinity sythe if you dont accomplish getting a sythe go back to ::mbox and keep grinding until you get the staff. Either way the start of joining the dsgang is gonna be a little grind. after you have accomplished getting a penguin staff (U) or either of the sythes.the beggining of the game of course will be a the worst part of your endevours. OBLIVION SCYTHE PENGUIN STAFF (U) once you have gotten the weapon of choice its time to go make some money. the starter tasks that it has you do in the very beginning you get a few ds coins from it. go buy and bracelet of etherum, this will prevent all of the revenants from destroying you 😄 after you have a bracelet of etherum and your weapon of choice,wether it be a sythe penguin staff or even a lower end weapon revs are a constant money maker. you can use the boss teleports section to go to revenants, now the revs are in the wilderness so people can pk you, but you dont lose any times on death,also pkers have to wait 15 minutes in between kills. Now if someone kills you over and over that is cosidered ragging. If you do find ur self in this perdicament just simply inform the staff. now revenants are a good money make due tp the boxes ur capable of buying. when you first start grinding revenants it depends on your veapon,if you have an oblivion sythe u can use any location with the aoe damage that is does,same with the penguin staff. lets say you didnt get either of the and ur stuck using a golden katana or assault rifle you will want to go to the top left corner,there are pyre fiends and hobgoblins you can kill fairly fast with low tier gear ASSAULT RIFLE GOLDEN KATANA Mysterious Emblem (Tier 1) 100 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 2) 500 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 3) 1000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 4) 1500 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 5) 2250 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 6) 3000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 7) 4000 Mysterious Emblem (TIer 😎 5000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 9) 6000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 10) 7000 HERE ARE THE DIFFERENT AMOUNT OF POINTS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF GETTING FROM EACH TIER REVENANTS ARE A CONSTANT MONEY MAKER TACTICAL BOXES SELL FOR 1M EACH INFINITY KEYS SELL FOR 40K EACH XEBOS INVITATIONS SELL FOR 1.5M WITH THE THREE TOGETHER MONEY ISNT AN ISSUE EASILY MAKE UP TO 30 TO 40M A DAY FROM REVS you will fight the revenants until you get a drop of a mysterious emblem t1. once you have a t1 leave it in your inventory and keep fighting until you find a t2 and a t3. once you have t1 t2 t3 in your inventory you go back home. Now while you fight revenants they can drop home (+) tablets they come in handy for quick teles home so keep that in mind. like i said when you have t1 t2 t3 you go home and use the portal to go to the shops the building closest to you north,there you will be able to turn your tiers in for 1600 wildeness points. THIS IS THE NPC TO TALK TO TO TURN IN YOUR TEIRS HE IS LOCATED AT THE SHOPS You can try to go past t3 but it gets boring after a while, if you feel lucky shoot for a high tier. Check out ::wiki mysterious emblems to see how much each tier gives. keep in mind the wilderness shop sell collectors necklaces for 6000 wilderness points,so if you did four t3 runs you can buy a collectors neck which is highly recommend to have the collector is a gamechanger. now the collector doesnt work in the wilderness, so keep that in mind aswell after you have accomplish a few runs of t3 or what ever tier u decide on, you should buy the collectors neck and the ring of wealth (i) befor you start making money. RING OF WEALTH (I) COLLECTORS NECKLACE both of those items are huge in dreamscape. after yoou have accomplished that keep going and buy tactical boxes from the wilderness shop and sell them for 1m each,also as you fight all of these revenants you will get random drops of xebos invites and infinity keys the xebos invitation sell for 1.5m easy and the infinty keys sell for 40k each XEBOS INVITATION INFINITY KEY TACTICAL BOX so every t3 run your pretty much promised 1m from the tactical box and a couple of infinty keys for 40k each your bound to make at least 1.5m per tier3 run depending on how fast you get each tier done you be making good money the way i look at it you can do 2 tier 3 runs in an hour and make about 3m 3m per hours with starter gear is great. then you slowley upgrade and the tiers will come faster the money you can make will you get you where you need to go. keep in mind to go ahead and buy the collectors neck and row for your self then start grinding tactical boxes,xebos and infinity keys. befor you know it youll be wearing full crystal and an eks. i hope this guide helps who ever reads it. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GO GRIND

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