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Found 10 results

  1. HC_EPIC

    For new contentWhat is the content called gourp ironmam How does it work? when you make a new account you have to chose a game mode which is called (group ironman) after doing the account there should be a place to creat the group and invite other ironmens and maximum 3-5 players in a group and they can trade with each other What rewards does it give? / How will it benefit server/players? ironman would be more enjoyable and more fun How could it be expanded in the future? / What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) /
  2. bobbywalrus

    Before you try to complete the arcade u have a minimum gear set up that youll need. also remeber if you stand still for to long the poison stack will get you so move every minute or so just one square at a time. ak-47 assimov (25-30m) AVERYS RING (25-30M) first set up is range a minimum of american pern ,ak-47 assimov,averys ring and necro jr for mage a minimum of blizzard virtus,eternal khiones staff,averys ring and necro jr i wouldnt recommend melee in the arcade unless u have atleast hades cleaver averys ring and necro jr. eternal khiones staff (25-30m) NECRO JR (30-40M) now the reason for necro jr and averys ring is they will be acting as your soulsplit. now that we have gear covered moving on to prayers as well as berserker and deflect melee you will leach everything.the point of the leach is to keep the oppenents stats down as much as you can.deflect melee is strictly so link doesnt stack all your health the deflect melee is going to come in handy when link comes around. link can hit very hard and he combos so deflecting melee will prevent a little damage from him which is a big deal. so gear set up necro jr and averys ring . averys ring has a healing effect as well as necro jr does. both of them together will keep you healed aslong as u keep the mobs stacked up so u can inflict alot of aoe damage. so we have the basic gear set up we know what prayers to use now its time to get into the arcade now the first 40 waves with the gear set up as mentioned above will make it a cake walk. try to stay in the north east corner most of the time. The reason behind staying in the north east corners i because the mobs will move to you and kinda stay together maiking it easy to keep ur heals up. remeber averys and necro will keep your hp up as long as you stack the mobs. making sure the mobs are stacked together is very important to keeping ur health up. the north east corner is the perfect spot. so the first 44 waves are cake 45 through fifty is difficult. when aproaching a wave with lava croft remeber she uses soul split so have some super restores with you of course is key. approaching wave 45 through 50 is when you really have to buckle down. so we know lava croft uses soulsplit the raidens are a bit difficult at some times u want to be in the north west corner a little to the south which i show in the pic below. it is very important that ur get the raidens stacked together when both of them come which is wave 45 Wave 40 1x Donkey Kong, 1x Helicopter, & 4x Police Car Wave 41 1x Lava Croft Wave 42 1x Diablo Wave 43 1x Raiden Wave 44 1x Dark Raiden Wave 45 1x Raiden & 1x Dark Raiden Wave 46 1x Raiden, 1x Dark Raiden, 1x Diablo, & 1x Lava Croft Wave 47 1x Link Wave 48 1x Link & 1x Lava Croft Wave 49 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo Wave 50 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo, 1x Dark Raiden, & 1x Raiden stay in this square until the mobs move towards you when they do you will move south 1 square at a time to stack the raidens together after you have stacked the raidens and kill them then comes wave 46 you will use the same tactics as befor stay in the square above and move one square at a time to stack the foes it is important to keep the npcs stacked together for the most soulsplit possible here i have marked the squares you will move to stack the monsters when they begin to get close you can start to move 1 square at a time you will use this tactic all the way through the last five waves the last five waves are very instense so be ready just remeber if link a lava croft are on the field focus on them first. at the same time focus on stacking the creatures when you get to the heavier waves such as 46,49 and 50 you will focuse on getting them in a decent spot if you look at the picture above 5 is where you will end up. the reason is is because thats where the raidens will come together the raidens can ruin ur day just keep using the same tactic stay in the box until they start coming,get a couple attacks in befor you make ur first move.when they get close then ur make ur first move keep the aoe damage on them to stay alive and remember to get rid of link a lava croft first on the last wave do not eat do not pot move fast and attack right after u move the final wave u will stay in the square when they get close you attack and then move one square slighty move a little bit everytime on the final wave until your in box number 5 at that point you will have most of the creatures stackked and taking damage focus on all of them attack fast and right when they die instantly start fighting the raidens unless you were lucky enough to line them up to most people are bound to die there first couple tries but dont give up youll get it. just remeber (MAXIMUM EFFORT)
  3. ikkain

    ENRAGED HADES Enraged hades is the raids version of hades . While hades has 1 million hp, Enraged hades has a whopping 10 million hp so he is quite a tough raid to kill. You can get to Enraged hades using the raids teleport: Like I mentioned Enraged hades is a very tough raid to do since he has so much hp, that’s why you need end-game gear to kill him. This is the setup that I’m using: Some info on the boss: Enraged hades has 10 million hp. He also has three different one hit stages. I’ll be going over all three of them. But first, the droptable: These are the items Enraged Hades can drop. Now you have to decide if you want to solo Enraged Hades or want to use a team, keep in mind that the more players are in your party the more hp Enraged hades will have. The party leader needs to create a clan which can be done by joining your own clan then your team joins your clan. Then teleport to the raid and when everyone is there the clan leader has to pull the lever to make Enraged Hades spawn. THE KILLING In order to kill Enraged hades you have to survive all three one-hit stages while at the same time drain his hp down to 0. Sounds easy enough. The first 25% of his health is the easiest part, he can hit 90+ so pray soulsplit and just keep hitting him. You don’t have to do anything else now so relax, it’s the calm before the storm. After that the one-hit stages follow each other up: First one-hit phase starts at 75% hp (7.5m hp) Enraged Hades starts screaming either “Rrrrr!” Or “Mmmmm!” When he yells “Rrrrr!” he will hit you with a range attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from range. When he yells “Mmmmm!” he will hit you with a mage attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from mage. He won’t stop doing this until the second one-hit phase so keep paying attention The second one-hit phase happens when Enraged Hades hits 50% hp (5m hp) There will be a red circle on the ground where you have to stand in order to survive. Then he will throw a big wave of meteors Sometimes he will keep yelling "Mmmmm!" and "Rrrrr!" for a couple times, keep praying the protections in that case. After that he will throw meteors on your position which you have to dodge or you die instantly so keep moving when you see the meteors spawn. He will continue to throw these meteors until the third one-hit phase starts. The third one-hit phase starts when Enraged Hades hits 25% hp (2.5m hp) First he will throw two big meteor waves so you will have to stand in the safespots which are again two red circles. Then he will cover you in clouds of poison which will one-hit you if you keep standing in them so you have to move. The poison clouds won’t go away until Enraged Hades is dead so you have to be smart about your positioning. You can’t just run around and let the clouds spawn everywhere you will die that way. I suggest that everytime a cloud spawns on you, you move one step until the next cloud spawns then move one step again. This way you utilize every tile in the raid and you can keep killing Enraged Hades without much hassle. I like to make a square: If you survive this all and drained his hp down to 0 you have killed Enraged Hades and you can legally call yourself a cool son of a gun. Good luck in your future grinds. shoutout to "C Mast" for suggesting me to create this guide 😊.
  4. getteethplox

    i know me personally who have played oldschool runescape/rs2 i loved vorkath the machanics are awesome and i think would fit well in the dreamscape community for pvm im thinking drop table could be something along the line off always: superior bones (make lightly stronger than phoenix) (possibly a herblore use towards an anti venom) common & uncommon noted nests noted food drops rdt: possibly a new range armour set with venom reducing properties which would make the armour have a use and make this boss worth farming and slightly easier farming once you have grinded the full set making the meta for the boss range how it be ? skeletal vissage - a revamped dragonfire ward! which unlike dfs here (weak and not really worth using maybe impliment it to the vissage to make it and remove dfs from game too) will have a use fire absorption and a viable range bonus (making a primary 1 handed range weapon the meta opens option for a future bis 1 handed range weapon. vorkath pet original vorky pet ?
  5. people should chose the difficulty of slayer tasks like someone who got bad gear should chose easy slayer task / someone who got medium armor and weapon can do medium tasks / and finally who got overpower gear should do hard tasks easy task = 15 points medium task = 20 hard task = 25 i hope its good suggestion for slayer tasks and pvmers ?
  6. HC_EPIC

    zourlah will be good boss on custom server drop table will be 1-custom blowpipes 2-zurlah scales 3-noted potions and foods 4-three zurlah pets 5-alot of random items i hope its good suggestions for pvmers ?
  7. Baseeline

    Base's Goals Incomplete, Complete, In-Progress Total Goals; 2500 Overall 2750 Overall 2800 Overall 2850 Overall 2900 Overall 3000 Overall Follow my progress; Baseelinee's Highscores! Rank Goals; Rank 1 Rank 1-5 Rank 1-10 Rank 1-20 Item Goals Agility Helmet Agility Platebody Agility Platelegs Agility Cape Mini-gun Golden Mini-gun Prestige Goals Baseeline - Prestige 1, Prestige 2, Prestige 3 Baseelinee - Prestige 1, Prestige 2, Prestige 3 Skill Goals; 120 Agility 120 Woodcutting 120 Construction 120 Crafting 50M Summoning Exp 100M Summoning Exp 150 Farming 130 Mining 130 Smithing 130 Herblore 130 Fire-making 130 Fishing 130 Fletching 130 Thieving 130 Hunter 130 Rune-crafting 99 Slayer 120 Slayer Drop Goals; Chaos Elemental Pet Epic Archers Ring Epic Berserker Ring Epic Seer's Ring Soul-Flare Phoenix Pet Electric Katana Oblivion Scythe Elder Wand
  8. nedews

    i killed 1000 forgotten warriors and this is what i got.
  9. Rr Ween

    So I recently got cleaned ingame for about 400T. Was kind of unmotivated to play for the last few days but I have decided to do something now... I have decided to completely clean out my bank and give all the items away (not alot, just random items). And thereafter record myself rebuilding completely from scratch. I've setup some goals: I first decided on making a youtube series regarding my rebuild, but I'm going to keep it on this thread instead. As part of this I have decide to keep my Ring of weath(s), double xp rings and dice(s). My goals: Obtain 100T in cash! Obtain a pheonix pet! Obtain full dragonbone (mage and melee), all base nex sets and vanguard through drops Obtain the following items: Dream wing boots, Full american torva, Ring of wealth (i), ice katana and offhand ice katana. Get a brutal drop! Obtain a Spirit shield set + Dragonbone spirit shield + Lava spirit shield! Pk 10T in one kill! Get a rare boss drop! Earn boxing gloves from Castle Wars! These are just a few of the goals that are layed out... If i decide to do more goals I will add them as I go along. Also, this will be done together with my friend B ween! :lol: Update 1:  [Spoiler] Update: Gave away 20 nex peices, 10 dragonbone peices, some random items worth 1t total. Started the rebuild with a bit of ::mbox, then I did nex for a bit. Also merched mboxes. Currently at about 6t bank! Current Bank picture: [/Spoiler] Update 2: [Spoiler] Update: Stayed mbox and sold my loots until l had 1t bank, then i proceeded to go host at dicezone. I dded a bit but won't do that as I mainly ended up losing. Hosting only from now on! Currently 50t-ish bank. [/spoiler]

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