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Found 5 results

  1. Mr JDay

    In my own opinion, I definitely think ironman needs abit more content and goals and aims to be pushed towards. Achievements don’t look viable for any ironman or normal accounts the coins aren’t even useful for a ironman. I think they should be easy medium and hard tasks that could give reward boxes weapons. So it can give ironman a structure in the game! Also more shops that can money sink for ironman! As I had 150m I can’t do nothing with haha.
  2. HC_EPIC

    For new contentWhat is the content called gourp ironmam How does it work? when you make a new account you have to chose a game mode which is called (group ironman) after doing the account there should be a place to creat the group and invite other ironmens and maximum 3-5 players in a group and they can trade with each other What rewards does it give? / How will it benefit server/players? ironman would be more enjoyable and more fun How could it be expanded in the future? / What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) /
  3. Ragnos

    Me and @Bodhi was actually brainstorming some ideas to help with the progression of Ironmen and here is a little taste of what we think would help with that idea. What's the current issue? Iron instance portals have not been updated in a long time last time, being when I (Ragnos) asked for the tank boss to also have a chance to drop golden ak 47 which was about over a year ago. the rewards are out dated and have been made easier to get in game without the iron instantance portal and the points are so grindy that buy the time you can afford 1 American piece (10k) you could have farmed them atleast 7x's over from dream clues. The iron instance portal also being able to have a higher cap currently some bosses go to 15, I think if we was able to change this cap to 50 but add a AFK CHECKER (cause some bosses auto retaliate would be similar to the Arcades checker) would free up spaces at other monsters as well do to the fact the portal is instanced and will also lead to a more smoother progression. What's your suggested way of fixing it? The way we thought of fixing this would be to Raise the Amount of monsters you can kill and adding more rewards that would be benefical to the development of Ironmen players. here are some examples of what I think should be added that are reasonably priced for their contents. (prices are based currently off The tank boss being the most rewarding and hardest boss to kill 30 points no bonus for 10 and 40points if all bonused either way it is a lengthy grind) -Weapons- Electronic katana 15k points Minigun 20kpoints ( Currently the only way to get as iron is infinity chest or extreme donor points store donation) Khiones staff 30k points -Armour- Olaf set 10k a piece Devious Set 15k a piece Crystal set 20k a piece -BOXES- -super mystery box 1500 points -Invictus box 2000 points -Tactical box 2500 points -Pet mystery boxes 3500 points -Dynamic box 5000points- -Box of wisdom 10k points -scrolls- Scroll of souls 25k points Scroll of luck 25k points -CONSUMABLES- Dream strength potion 4hr 1000 points Dream range potion 4hr 1000 points Dream magic potion 4hr 1000 points Dream experience potion 4hr 1500 points Dream drop rate potion 4hr 2500points Dream double drop potion 4hr 2500 points Dream luck potion 4hr 3000 points Donator ticket 5000 points Super donor ticket 15,000 points Extreme Donator ticket 25,000 points *SPONSOR TICKET* 500,000 points (just a idea) How will this benefit player/server? this would benefit the individual player and the server by allowing better progression, and also clear up traffic for newer players and possibly encourage more people to give ironman mode a try. How could this be expanded in future? honestly I don't think it would need expanded on if this content was to happen it has a decent beginning, middle, and NOtT a very strong End game set up for irons What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) As irons have no actual effect on the ECO (cant trade with other players) I See no harm coming to the ECO I currently do not see any item balances or Overpowers.
  4. So this is my TO DO list. I hope you like it! You know how it goes. Green - done Red - not started Yellow - work in progress ====================================================================== PVM Nex Virtus Torva Pernix Zaryte Bow Dragonbone protector including boots and gloves Dragonbone Melee Dragonbone mage Dragonbone Spritshield Barrelchest Brutal whip Ice Katana Tormented demon Tormented demon egg Flame gloves Flame torva Flame torva Flame pernix Flame pernix Bork Malevolent helm Malevolent guirass Malevolent greaves Dagannoth kings Epic seer ring Epic Berserker ring Epic archer ring Shadow kings Shadow set Shadow wings Shadow whip Magegray SoulFlare Voldemort Assault rifle Gold chain American pernix (currently 5 cowls) Elite Pernix Vendura Ascension crossbow offhand Ascension crossbow Vet'ion Vet'ion egg Gold chain Frogotten Warriors Prime Torva Primal armour Phoenix staff of Lava Lava whip Lava Spiritshield Lava partyhat Phoenix egg Icy Skeleton Staff of ice Icy boots Icy spiritshield Icy kiteshield Icy santa Icy whip Chaos elemental Chaoes elemental Jr Elemental torva Dreamking Dream wing boots Assault rifle ====================================================================== MINIGAMES Castle Wars Space Jam Sword Boxing gloves Pointzone White Glass wings hylian shield Angry goblin Slayer helm Falling Star Ice katana 9x Wolverine torva ====================================================================== MISCELLANEOUS Treasure chest #1 Space jam sword Extreme donator ticket Golden AK47 Icy off hand Assault rifle Brutal whip Clues Ice katana Blood spirit shield Flame torva Flame pernix Crystal key 1000 ckeys opened achievement Royal sicle Mystery box 100 mbox opened achievement Double Xp Ring Primal rapier Rainbow Partyhat Bird nest Ring of wealth I Pets Thugbob Callisto Scorpia Raichu Pikachu Venenatis Party pie Loyalty store Corp pet 27k/100k Upgrade Chest Golden Katana Dragonbone U Shadow U Soulflare U Space jam U Nocturnal Chain Fallen deathcape U American torva U Scoped Rifle Drygore offhand U Elite virtus Royal Sicle U Thunderstone Slayer Prestige 0/3 Update #1 got Golden AK47 and Extreme donator! 2# Soulflare from soul chest! 3# Ascension crossbows from Vendura! 4# Soulflare Upgraded succesfully!! (still have my regular one )
  5. Trihard

    I finally killed 1000 tanks. I was able to get 5 grenade drops    [attachment=184:1k tank kills.png]   [attachment=188:drop.png] 2 Grenades   [attachment=189:grenadedrp.png] 3 Grenades   [attachment=185:3rd grenade.png] 2 Grenades   [attachment=186:4th grenade.png] 2 Grenades   [attachment=187:5th grenade drop.png] 2 Grenades   I will keep killing it until I get the tank pet.

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