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Found 7 results

  1. Flamekiller

    Flamekillers' Beginner Guide Before reading, be sure to catch up with the ToS! (click) What's up happy people?! First of all, I'm glad you've chosen to be apart of this amazing community, and I hope this thread will provide the answers you have when you first staff off in the wonderful world of DreamScape 317! Your biggest friend in regards to starting off will still be the DreamScape Wikipedia, accesible in-game via the ::wiki command. The Wiki Editors are working hard to provide the best and most accurate/up-to-date information! I've tried to include MANY links to the DreamScape Wiki, feel free to click the links for more information! Here's a small list of this I will discuss in this thread (it's a long thread), so feel free to skip to whatever part you think suits your current situation best. 1. Starting off (spawn & startup tips&tricks) 2. Levelling 3. Money Making 4. Worthwhile Upgrades 5. Closing ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Starting off All the really IMPORTANT things are marked, be sure you'll do this to your likings, they are most likely irreversable! You will be spawning in a spawnzone, here you MUST setup a bankpin before being able to leave. Make sure you write it down somewhere, it's irreversable! Before choosing a certain gamemode, please read this thoroughly! It's a link to the DreamScape Wikipedia, providing infomation regarding the current gamemodes. Once spawned, you'll be at ::home. Here you'll mostly likely see the bank, an altar, and a building with a variety of NPC's selling stuff for cheap. You'll be given a starter kit, provoding beginners' armour and most importantly for the early game, Crystal Keys! When you're at the ::home area, head over the bank, and walk through the west door to the Crystal Key Chest. The CKey Chest will provide, when lucky a Royal Sicle & aGlock! Or one of the best beginners' weapon in-game, and when really an Ice Katana! Alright, now that you've most likely obtained some starter gear and weapon, let's move onto something ENTIRELY different. Since you'll need it in the end-game, I would suggest you to do the Easter Event (yeah it's still up as of writing this). Click "Easter Event" to go to the guide, credits to Cue for writing it. Why would you wanna do that? It gets you to level 73 Scavenger! I will not go into detail because it's a beginners' guide, if you wish to check it out click the link! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Levelling You first want to start off getting your Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic & Prayer up. Those are all extremely fast skills compared to other skills. Assuming you have achieved one of the items above, it's time to starting rocking! You want to go to ::mbox! You'll end up here: It's very likely the zone you spawn in is extremely packed! You see i've teleported next to a portal (the yellow circle next to me). You can go up and down between rooms to find less crowded spots! If you're there and someone is killing penguins, you'll see alot of Penguin Bones on the ground, pick them up! It's easy 99 prayer in the long run! I will not go into detail on other skills, as they're simply less relevant to this game, unless your goal is to max. I might come up with a Max Guide somewhere in the future. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Money Making Onto the part the most of you have come for, Money Making! When you are killing any NPC in DreamScape, you'll have a chance to obtain either anInfinity Key or an Xebos Invitation. THESE ITEMS WILL BE SENT AUTOMATICALLY TO YOUR BANK! You have two option with the Infinity Key, you either sell them for around 20K DSCoins each, or you use them to open the Infinity Chest, it's found at ::soulroom. As for the Xebos Invitation it works somewhat similar, the Xebos Invitation is a "ticket" to an Event Boss. Xebos has 45,000 HP and has a max hit of 6. Soulsplit and restore potions are HIGHLY RECOMMENED. If you die, you will LOSE the invite, and you'll have to get a new one (you can stack them up). You can also sell the Xebox Invitations for around 700K-800K DSCoins. If you kill Xebos you get an Event Box which varies from around 850k-1.1M DSCoins, so if you can kill it, please do it! Why is this so worthwhile? The Xebos Invitations are sold for atleast 750K DSCoins nowadays, you can get ALOT of upgrades from that money, and with ALOT I mean ALOT, it'll be a drastic change to your DreamScape experience! Now that brings us the last part of this guide! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Worthwhile Upgrades Assuming you still have your starter gear & maybe you managed to achieve Flame Torva / Pernix / Normal Virtus, I'll get onto the really worthile upgrades! I couldn't find the proper images for Pernix/Virtus. When you still have your starter gear try to achieve the following sets: Flame Torva/Pernix/Normal Virtus, Ice Katana for Melee, Assault Rifle for Ranged & for Magic try to obtain an Inga Sword/Soulflare. Elite Torva / Pernix / Virtus, it's the upgraded version of the Flame Set. I couldn't find a proper Virtus image. Alright, you've achieved this already?! You're rocking! Now the drastic changes will come! The next upgrade is used by many mid/high-tier players! The American Torva Set The American Pernix Set The American Virtus Set Each set provides magnificent statistical boosts, and a stunning 5% Drop Rate Bonus! Each set costs somewhere around 500-600K. Sometimes each piece sells for 150K seperatly. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Closing I would like to thank every single of you for reading this guide, it's taken quite some time to figure things out with the images and stuff, but I think it's pretty solid. If you have any additions to this guide, feel free to shoot me a PM and i'll get to it as soon as possible! I could provide tons more upgrades, but at this stage of the game you've most likely figured out alot by yourself. I wish you all a very pleasant experience on DreamScape, and hope you have a blast! Feel free to shoot me a PM in-game for tips & tricks or just for a chitchat, hope to see you there! Cheers, Flamekiller/Flamekiller07 on the Wiki
  2. splashyy

    Hello All Splashyy here. Just a quick hi, I'm new to this server completely so ignore me if I say or ask stupid stuff in chat, I'm a OG RS head. But haven't played in like 3-4+ Years. Saw this PS on a YouTube video. Didyscape if I'm correct. So checked the forums and thought I would get involved :D 22 Y/o From UK but due to work ill be on normally from 10pm GMT til about 2-3am GMT.. Look Forward to playing with you all.
  3. BevilM

    *** up is east *** here you can ask for a new slayer task Request a task from the slayer master and that's it! You can purchase a slayer gem from the shop to keep track of what you need to kill. There is no special method. Get tasks and kill npc's. The slayer prestige master can appeal to you. Once you have reached slayer level 99 There are 3 prestige levels. And they have advantages 1st prestige = Shop 1 and 50+ damage bonus 2nd prestige = Shop 2 and 150+ damage bonus 3rd prestige = Shop 3 and 250+ damage bonus The lottery manger you have the choice to join the common lottery. Or the grand lottery. The lottery _________ The idea behind this is very similar to Bingo, every player is allowed to enter the lottery once per draw by paying the Entry cost. Every 2 hours the System will draw the lottery as long as there are more than 50 entries. The grand Lottery _________ command ::grandlottery at the grand lottery. if you do donation to the server. the number you deposited. will be added to your available entry balance. _________ location on town square This telescope will tell you how long until the next star arrives or if a star has already fallen it will share its location _________ The Fallen Star Once every 3hours, it appears randomly in one of many locations throughout the dreamscape world. The Fallen Star is a green like object that requires you to mine it, Which you get rewards from. _________ if you are an Ironman. _________ You will have access to something called instances. Instances are located at west of home and it looks like a giant purple portal. You can't miss it. Instances allow you as an ironman to kill bosses by yourself however it will cost you money. For example, to be able to kill 10 Flame Kings you will need to pay 1,000,000,000 which is 1B. All items you get will be sent to your bank meaning you won't have to pick them up Battlegrounds is a last man standing minigame. _________ location is at the bank command ::bg Note: No personal items are allowed through. The objective of the minigame is to collect items using the keys you are provided with. Keys are used on chests that are hidden in the battlegrounds. Items are used to attack/defend against your opponents. You start off with 2 keys (Donators get 3keys) You are temporarily unable to attack anyone when the game starts There is between 17-20 chests. Not all chests are in the same location if you start up a new game afterwards location is at the bank Daily task _________ every day you have the chance to do a few day events. for this, you will be rewarded with money. automatically delivered in your inventory. Fountain _________ Donator Fountain Drinks donators can restore their special attack and prayer here Chest can be found at home located on the west side of the bank. Crystal chest _________ The Crystal Key is one of the most common items around DreamScape, these can be found by most NPC's. Topdrop ► Royal Sicle _________ Thieving _________ stalls can be found at home South of Bank or ::monkeyhome or ::edge Thieving is among one of the easiest Dreamscape skills. Crafting Stall 0,600 XP 01 lvl 100M coins Food Stall 1,000 XP 50 lvl 500M coins General Stall 1,600 XP 70 lvl 700M coins Magic Stall 2,400 XP 85 lvl 1B coins Scimitar Stall 3,900 XP 99 lvl 2B coins Immortal stone fragments _________ event! In this event, you will be having a chance on the prize of a thousand dollars. (1000 $) How does the event work? You will have to obtain 1000 immortal stone fragments. After obtaining these, you will have to try to convert it into the Immortal stone. You can do this by interacting with the Immortal stone altar. Once clicked on this altar, it will give you an option to attempt the merge. Be notified, this merging progress will have a chance to fail, or to succeed. the First player to obtain the Immortal stone, will win the 1000$! However, may the attempt'll still receive the Immortal Scimitar! You can obtain immortal stone fragments by PvM'ing & skilling. _________ Your point count can be seen in the achievement section, of the quest tab. _________ "Runecrafting" materials / supplies! _________ The "Black Market", is a way for any player to sell just about any item in the game. Keep in mind that most large ticket items will take a big loss upon selling it to this shop. Please Note: You cannot buy any items that have been sold in this store! _________ Here you can find your basic melee armour. _________ You can spend your points here that you win from playing Castle Wars. All players on the Winning team will receive 2 Castle Wars Points, All players on the Losing team will receive 1 Castle Wars Point, In the event of a Draw all players will receive 1 point. _________ --- sell all sorts of Crafting supplies! --- sell summoning scrolls --- --- Dungeoneering is a skill that consists of killing NPCs for tokens and experience --- --- The main things you need to get started to be a "Mage" --- to get all your Farming Supplies Skilling Area Teleports --- Skilling Area Teleports --- A place to buy a knife and some logs. Skilling Area Teleports --- sell your local herbs --- who can be found in the house just to the east of the Farming spot, which is located North of Catherby Bank. Kaqemeex shop will sell you secondary ingredients for Herblore. Skilling Areas teleport --- It is as simple as that! You are rewarded for every hour that you play. People who have donated will also receive additional points. - 100 points for regular players. - 110 points for donator up. --- This shop includes "Custom Capes", achieved by having a "Guaranteed Minimum" in ALL levels. For example; 10 in ALL skills, 20 in ALL skills, 30 in ALL skills, and so on and so forth. To get to the Milestone Store follow the South West path that runs next to the bank at home --- Summoning Supplies! two shops with a bunch of Summoning stuff! Skilling Areas Teleports --- Use this shop to exchange your PK Points for PVP (Player vs Player) weapons / necessities. --- Prestiging was introduced into the game to give advantages to die hard skillers. Requirements upon successful Prestige: - All skills leveled to 99. (Construction, Slayer, and Agility not included). - No items worn. Type ::prestige after requirements are met. (make sure combat skills are not buffed or drained) Upon Prestiging, you will receive: Normal Players - 5 prestige points. Harcore Players - 8 prestige points. Ironman Players - 8 prestige points. --- This shop you can obtain some "Rares" --- Donation Points is obtainable through Donations. For every $5 donated you get 1 point, so if you donate for a Super Mystery Box, you will recieve 1 point. --- This shop you can obtain the "Common Weapons" --- This shop has a lot of things contained in it, for example ; A Mix of Potions, Foods, Pure Gear, and a few Skilling Items. --- This shop contains your casual "Ranging Supplies". --- --- Trade Tamayu to buy one Butterfly Net, Impling Jars Tamayu is located in the Hunter Area, --- --- The shop that has all of your Hatchets! Skilling Areas Teleports - Woodcutting Teleport. --- Rares exclusive only to donators. This shop is located at the "Regular Donator Island". --- Fancy trimmed armour exclusively only for donators. This shop is located at the "Regular Donator Island". --- Costume items exclusively ONLY for donators. This shop is located at the "Regular Donator Island". --- Super Donator donation point store! This shop is located in the "Super Donator Zone". --- --- Extreme Donator donation point store! This shop is located in the "Extreme Donator Zone". --- King of Sponsors Talk to the King of Sponsors (King Roald) to access the Sponsor only Point Shop. Here you will find a bunch of random and Rare items. To gain Sponsor Points you must kill one of the many NPC's --- Click here guide by Guru
  4. Zoldyck

    What should I kill? This is my best gear: I want something that the souls or regular drops worth something and sells fast, the goal is to make 500T. (I dunno what makes this money cus I donated for SF and Inga) I've tried most bosses and I can do most of them but Im not sure which ones are really worth to kill a lot, I was thinking Oblivion Dragon but takes a longer time to kill them others, phoenix is the fastest one I can kill but if pet is extremely rare Im not sure is worth it. So to resume if you only had this gear (plus row ofc not dxp ring) What would you want kill for 500T?
  5. Hey Hey Hey

    Hey DS i've been here a while now and have some experience under my belt just stopping in to say what's up! A few things I love doing: *programming w/ Java *skilling *basketball *cha0s ele pet See you ingame!
  6. Hc Snaup

    Dreamscape works perfectly fine at home, but whenever im at school, the client loads up but when I've entered my username + pw and hit join it will say : Connecting... for a while and then error connecting to server. I think its a problem with the wifi here im using a MacBook and connected to the school wifi. if anyone knows if this is fixable and if it is, how can i fix it, please let me know thanks
  7. Hc Snaup