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Found 2 results

  1. splashyy

    Hello All Splashyy here. Just a quick hi, I'm new to this server completely so ignore me if I say or ask stupid stuff in chat, I'm a OG RS head. But haven't played in like 3-4+ Years. Saw this PS on a YouTube video. Didyscape if I'm correct. So checked the forums and thought I would get involved :D 22 Y/o From UK but due to work ill be on normally from 10pm GMT til about 2-3am GMT.. Look Forward to playing with you all.
  2. H2O

    Hey community of DS, I am ex * player from when it started around 2009 I think til like 2016 (remake) when it got shut down recently. I played that server cos its customs such as lime whip, Dcape, lava, and other cool stuff. Mostly I was the rich one in the game in 2011 and I mostly staked, and sometimes pked when I had stuff, I also had my own team clan for pking. Anywho, I will try to keep my name hidden here as if any * player plays that, maybe soon i'll reveal this. After * got shut down, my friend used to play this, I'll get him aboard to play this since school is almost done (I'm 4th year of University). Anywho, I would appreciate if someone can tell me if this server has any cool customs, staking section, how active pvm is, what monsters to kill for the best drops in the game. I don't wanna start playing right away if there isn't any customs.   - Ex * player.   Thank you for reading.