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Found 10 results

  1. What’s up DSGANG, I decided to make an in-depth moneymaking guide for beginners. All suggestions / improvements are welcome! So, you’re new to Dreamscape and want to work your way up to better gear? Look no further, this guide will help you get from bills, to trills. Starter tasks First up, when you join, you should have noticed the starter tasks already, it should look a little something like this: You’ll get a decent amount of cash per task that you’ve completed, plus you’ll get to know the game a little more! The tasks themselves are pretty easy, from cutting a tree at ::wc, to just opening the POS at ::market. Achievements You also have some achievements that you can complete throughout your DS adventure, some of them are also pretty easy to complete, once you’ve completed an achievement, you’ll get notified and you should be able to collect the cash by clicking “claim all”. You can find them under the quest tab, and should look a little something like this: They call me "the pinguin slayer" So, now you’ve already made some decent starters cash, enough to buy you some starters gear, I wont be going in depth on the gear, because they’re plenty of great guides on those. It’s time for you to start killing some NPC’s that are most profitable. The ideal situation for you would be to go to ::mbox and kill some pinguins, which can be great for hunting those infinity keys, xebos invites and clue scrolls! More in depth on these items below. ::mbox should look a little something like this Too many players slaying pinguins? The only issue with this, is that people can easily crash you with their aoe weapons and take your kills. You can try to go to other floors by clicking the portal. When you want a more chill spot, go to ::pointzone. You can get alot of kills per hour because they’re close to eachother AND only have 52 hp! Here's what ::pointzone looks like So, why kill these npc’s? The main things your after are: Infinity keys: You can either do two things with these, open them at ::soulroom or sell them for 20-30k each. In the beginning, I’d recommend selling these, as you’re most likely to get some bad stuff from them, and wont really profit you that much. But, if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and open them! Xebos invites: These are the real moneymakers right here, although they are petty rare. These invites will take you to a boss called “xebos” duh, killing him will grant you an event box. Before you want to kill the boss, make sure you have at least soulsplit unlocked! The invites and boxes sell for a pretty nice amount ranging from 700k - 1M dscoins! The rewards you can get from them, can be found on the wiki. Once again, I’d recommend selling them first. Clue scrolls: Clue scrolls are pretty easy to complete, these come in a variety of difficulties, in the beginning, do them all, once you’re more experienced, aim for the elite and dream scrolls. They are very easy to do, and everything is explained in the wiki. And the rewards can be very juicy! To check the difficulty, just click “check progress” and it should appear in green in the chatbox. Stuck completing a clue scroll? Just search the dreamscape wiki! Note: these are untradable. The extra’s from pinguins are: Mystery boxes: These can be a nice extra and easy to obtain from killing pinguins at ::mbox, or you can just pick them up from the players that don’t need them there! Opening them will give you some starter gear, which you can exchange at ::soulroom for dscoins. OR it can even give you a beginners pet called the mystery box pet, which gives you some droprate bonus! Note: The pet is untradeable Chrystal keys: Alot of npc’s drop these keys, and can be opened at ::soulroom, once again they give you some starter gear which you can also exchange for dscoins. These keys are tradeable. The afk'er Another way to make some easy cash, is to afk, sounds silly right? But trust me, all you have to do is type ::afk and cut some trees! Its pretty decent cash! -- In chapter two, we will go over methods for more advanced players! Good luck!
  2. Hey, In this guide I will be showing you how to get 99 Mining as Hardcore. I will be explaining everything from A - Z so that you can have smoothest experience. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting Started Start off by going to Spell Book > Skilling Areas > Skilling > Mining & Smithing Speak to Doric to access an inventory of Pickaxes. Here you can purchase all the Pickaxes from Iron all the way to Dragon. There is also a Bank here where you can store your ores, you can use ::bank or CTRL + B to access remote bank (Super Donator Only) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pickaxe Level Requirements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ore Level Requirements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leveling Guide Levels 1 - 15 (Copper & Tin Ore) Normal XP: 40 XP Double XP Ring: 80 XP Required: 60 (Normal) / 30 (Double XP) Levels 15 - 30 (Iron Ore) Normal XP: 80 XP Double XP Ring: 160 XP Required: 136 (Normal) / 68 (Double XP) Levels 30 - 40 (Coal Ore) Normal XP: 100 XP Double XP Ring: 200 XP Required: 238 (Normal) / 119 (Double XP) Levels 40 - 55 (Gold Ore) Normal XP: 400 XP Double XP Ring: 800 XP Required: 323 (Normal) / 161 (Double XP) Levels 55 - 70 (Mithril Ore) Normal XP: 820 XP Double XP Ring: 1640 XP Required: 696 (Normal) / 348 (Double XP) Levels 70 - 85 (Adamant Ore) Normal XP: 2660 XP Double XP Ring: 5320 XP Required: 947 (Normal) / 473 (Double XP) Levels 85 - 99 (Runite Ore) Normal XP: 5940 XP Double XP Ring: 11880 XP Required: 1645 (Normal) / 822 (Double XP) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion There you have it, you are now 99 Mining! I hope this guide was helpful and shoutout to 1atte for helping me with XP Rates ❤️
  3. Darklordrr

    Flower Poker % OKAY NOTE THIS, this is according to math and probability For Flower poker and the odds of you planting one of these 5 plants theirs always RNG TO GET YOU THAT CUCK but its math. and math never fails :). Post. Note what i found out is quite interesting The White and Black flower are reshuffles think about it like this when you plant an white or black its like reshuffling your deck the deck being your color flower. you can also almost think about it like if a six-sided die is thrown. statistics and probability P(AÇB) = P(A)P(B) Now rainbow is an interesting you're more likely to plant a rainbow then any other flower. Dont ask why just trust after planting 100K flowers in 2 account to see the difference their arent really any big game changer. now the first row of numbers you see below are your odds of planting those(note. yes i know "oh rainbow isnt there why reeee" yeah i know that its because rainbow is treated as a white and black for some reason you have a 28%ish of planting a rainbow than any other flower white and black are 0.325...% of planting since their know as a reshuffle ill explain it later on.) 24% for planting 1 blue 13% for planting 1 purple 16% for 1 pastel 20% for orange 13% for red and 14% for 1 yellow. Now don't get to lost in my words and PRO math skills Those are your odds of planting 1 of those plants now here is where math becomes a big OOF now those where your odds of getting bust basically the chance of you get a pair of those is divided completely by half so it goes 12/6.5/8/10/6.5/7 to getting a single pair To get a 2P and a regular plant its more common than get a 3 of a kind (that is why oak beats 2P) its the same if you were to plant 2,1 pairs Now a 3 oak is 8%/4.333...%/5.333...%/6.666...%/4.333...%/4.666...% (#)/(3)=X% A full house is getting 3 pair and a 2 pair this beats anything except a 4 oak and a 5 oak (Since its not actual poker you cant get a straight or straight flush or royal flush) you have 4.0662% chance of getting a random 3 pair and a random 2 pair (#)+(%)/5=X (X=%) A 4 Oak is planting 4 of the same pair and a random 1 pair Note this is when you should question your luck that you actually managed to get a 4 oak and this is also the time to cry about the fact that you were test planting and ended planting a 4 oak 6%/3.25%/4%/5%/3.25%/3.5% (#)/4=X% Now to be a god and get a 5 Oak and get all the omegalul in the dicezone 4.8%/2.6%/3.2%/4%/2.6%/2.8% (#)/(5%)=X(%) So now you know your odds of getting anything in flower poker without counting rainbows..... now with rainbows all the number get decreased by A L O T ill cut it short since if you read this far you can understand that finding out the rates are easier than finding out the % of actually get a reg bust Rainbow is Rounded up 28% and it goes from Blue/purple/pastel/orange/red/yellow 28%/18%/8%/12%/15%/8%/11% 1p 14%/9%/4%/6%/7.5%/4%/5.5% 2p ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I got lost whit 2 p tbh sorry it was 2:30Am when i was doing this 3Oak 9.3%/6%/2.667%/4%/5%/2.667%/3.667% Fh 3.66% 4Oak 7%/4.5%/2%/3%/3.750%/2%/2.75% 5Oak 5.6%/3.6%/1.6%/2.4%/3%/1.6%/2.2% Um those are you chances of getting anything YES i know "RNG IS A THING" well so is math you either win sometimes or you get got Now here is all the numbers its not hard to know what they mean if not google. I might of skipped some words mainly cause i think and type at the same time and mid type i skip words cause i thought of it and didnt end up typing it. iF YOU DO have any questions how i pulled most these number outta of my bum you can PM in game or via discord im always on at home and at work and yeah i can edit this to be 100X prettier But bare with me lol. ON that note Goodluck ON FLOWER POKER BOIS!!! P.S MATH=<3 Blue Purple Pastel Orange Red Yellow Total Plants Percent expected 24% 13% 16% 20% 13% 14% -––– Percent observed 18.36% 14.16% 18.44% 20.76% 14.20% 14.08% -––– Qty. expected 629 341 419 524 341 367 -––– Qty. observed 481 371 483 544 372 369 2620 Difference -148 +30 +64 +20 +31 +2 –––- Average per seeds 10.02 7.73 10.06 11.33 7.75 7.69 54.58 Maximum in seeds 16 12 17 17 12 14 57 Minimum in seeds 5 3 5 7 2 2 52 Std. deviation 2.82 2.19 2.59 2.54 2.62 2.65 1.32 Variance 1.74 7.98 4.80 6.70 6.44 6.87 7.03
  4. ikkain

    ENRAGED HADES Enraged hades is the raids version of hades . While hades has 1 million hp, Enraged hades has a whopping 10 million hp so he is quite a tough raid to kill. You can get to Enraged hades using the raids teleport: Like I mentioned Enraged hades is a very tough raid to do since he has so much hp, that’s why you need end-game gear to kill him. This is the setup that I’m using: Some info on the boss: Enraged hades has 10 million hp. He also has three different one hit stages. I’ll be going over all three of them. But first, the droptable: These are the items Enraged Hades can drop. Now you have to decide if you want to solo Enraged Hades or want to use a team, keep in mind that the more players are in your party the more hp Enraged hades will have. The party leader needs to create a clan which can be done by joining your own clan then your team joins your clan. Then teleport to the raid and when everyone is there the clan leader has to pull the lever to make Enraged Hades spawn. THE KILLING In order to kill Enraged hades you have to survive all three one-hit stages while at the same time drain his hp down to 0. Sounds easy enough. The first 25% of his health is the easiest part, he can hit 90+ so pray soulsplit and just keep hitting him. You don’t have to do anything else now so relax, it’s the calm before the storm. After that the one-hit stages follow each other up: First one-hit phase starts at 75% hp (7.5m hp) Enraged Hades starts screaming either “Rrrrr!” Or “Mmmmm!” When he yells “Rrrrr!” he will hit you with a range attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from range. When he yells “Mmmmm!” he will hit you with a mage attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from mage. He won’t stop doing this until the second one-hit phase so keep paying attention The second one-hit phase happens when Enraged Hades hits 50% hp (5m hp) There will be a red circle on the ground where you have to stand in order to survive. Then he will throw a big wave of meteors Sometimes he will keep yelling "Mmmmm!" and "Rrrrr!" for a couple times, keep praying the protections in that case. After that he will throw meteors on your position which you have to dodge or you die instantly so keep moving when you see the meteors spawn. He will continue to throw these meteors until the third one-hit phase starts. The third one-hit phase starts when Enraged Hades hits 25% hp (2.5m hp) First he will throw two big meteor waves so you will have to stand in the safespots which are again two red circles. Then he will cover you in clouds of poison which will one-hit you if you keep standing in them so you have to move. The poison clouds won’t go away until Enraged Hades is dead so you have to be smart about your positioning. You can’t just run around and let the clouds spawn everywhere you will die that way. I suggest that everytime a cloud spawns on you, you move one step until the next cloud spawns then move one step again. This way you utilize every tile in the raid and you can keep killing Enraged Hades without much hassle. I like to make a square: If you survive this all and drained his hp down to 0 you have killed Enraged Hades and you can legally call yourself a cool son of a gun. Good luck in your future grinds. shoutout to "C Mast" for suggesting me to create this guide 😊.
  5. Buildawall

    Disclaimer. If you Have Not read the first part of my guide please visit. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25317-2020-dreamscape-new-player-guide/ Let us continue. Now as suggested in the first guide ::mbox is you first relevant money maker turning in keys and boxes to the black market dealer. In doing so you should now have 99 prayer and roughly 1 Million DS coins from killing penguins. Once you have settled into the basic structure of this private server and have obtained both a. Trix Set: & Frost bite staff: You will then be ready to start the daily grind from the early game to the mid game. The early game grind can be rough as a lot of the content is useless for you to participate in for a while. So at this point we want to focus on filling in are empty equipment slots, completing slayer task, unlocking slayer prestige shops, and completing daily task. Stuff to buy ::market Infernal boots: Cost: 1M - 1.3M DS Coins. Stats: Magic Attack: +505. Magic Defense: +505. Mage Dmg: +1.01%. Prayer: +101. They are not the best, since Trix doesn't have boots they are good enough for the price. Infernal kite shield: Cost: 1M - 1.5M DS Coins. Stats: Magic Attack: +505. Magic Defense: +505. Mage Dmg: +1.01%. Prayer: +101. Not the best Off-hand in game but it will do for now. Groudon Pet: Cost: 600k - 850k DS Coins. Stats: Drop Rate: +15%. Double Drop Rate: +15%. This is a great pet to start off with and it has an ::upgrade. Just buy these items, at this stage in the game killing bosses for there loot is inefficient for normal play . Free Obtainable equipment: DO NOT USE VOTE TICKETS! Items listed in order to obtain. Double XP Ring: Cost: Not tradable. Obtained with mystery boxes. Optional. Stats: N/A Fairly self explanatory it doubles XP gained helpful for skilling and slayer. Ring of Wealth (i): Cost: 1.6M - 2.2M DS Coins Or 1k PK points. Stats: Drop Rate: +10% This is a must have, you can snag it super quick by doing revs. American Boxing Gloves: Cost: 700k - 1M DS Coins. Or 750 Training Points. Stats: Attack Bonus: Stab: +303 Slash: +1010 Crush: +303 Magic: +303 Range: +303 Defense Bonus: Stab: +303 Slash: +303 Crush: +303 Magic: +303 Range: +303 Other Bonuses: Strength: +303 Prayer: +303 These are great for how easy they are to get, you can also replace them with infernal gloves, but I find these just fine especially for free. Collector's Necklace: Cost: 5.5M - 7M DS Coins. Or 3k Slayer points. Or 12k PK points. Stats: Prayer: +1 Special effect: Picks up all Drops and banks them for you. This is a must have item and you will use this for most of the early and even mid game its just so strong even without any useful stats. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Obtaining Free items: Double XP Ring: This part is completely optional but I do recommend it for grinding out slayer so you can prestige faster. There's two ways to go about this the quick way and the slow but cheap way. The quick way : Go to ::shops trade The black market dealer and buy all your mystery boxes and open them. The slow but FREE way: Return to ::mbox and start killing penguins allover again. Just rinse and repeat until you get one. Ring of Wealth (i): This is another easy to obtain item I strongly recommend buying this with PK Points it's free that way and fairly fast. I already have a guide on killing revs for Pk points. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25325-2020-revenants-guide/&tab=comments#comment-170468 ^ So please refer to my revs guide for all PK Point Information. American Boxing Gloves: Once again this is a quick and easy item to obtain I personally prefer the Free method. Go to ::train and just start killing whatever is there DON'T BE RUDE! DON'T CRASH OTHERS! Kill 750 Monsters in ::train and talk to train point shop. Buy the gloves and done. Collectors Necklace: I can't stress this enough you must get this item. If you find yourself rich go ahead and buy this , I feel that the PK point shop is the best way to obtain this for free, as I think slayer points are best saved for other items. so to obtain this for free refer to my revs guide. v https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25325-2020-revenants-guide/&tab=comments#comment-170468 ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Early to Mid Game grind: Daily Task: As suggested daily task should be done daily, using ::home you will find the Daily Task Manager directly west of the ::home teleport location. Once you talk to the task manager your chat box will give you four options. Easy: This is more or less up to you I personally don't find the rewards worth the time. Intermediate: These are defiantly worth doing you have a chance at a few good items to sell , and its usually quick to finish these. Hard: Great reward opportunity's. "Most of the time you get garbage," these can have a bit of a grind but it's not that bad. Expert: They have the best rewards but during early and mid game play they take so long not worth it in my opinion. Once you select the desired difficulty you will have one of three task to complete you need only to complete one of them. Once you have completed one of the three daily task you will receive DS coins and a notification in game chat. After completion return to the Daily Task Manager at ::home and talk to it. Click Spin! to claim your reward. The same will go for all task difficulty's just rinse and repeat you can complete all four task difficulty's every 24 hours. I personally recommend doing just the intermediate and hard task every day. Thanks again for reading I'll be sure to have updates to this guide on what to do later such as slayer with in-depth shop benefit. All criticism welcome. AND ::Vote EVERY 12 HOURS! {(0_o)}
  6. It's advised to use the function CTRL + F, searching for keywords that will help you Example Arcade, Raid, Moneymaker and etc. ** if you have any questions feel free to post them below and I will answer them ** Note that this guide is Iron man friendly as well! Before you make a new account it's best you read this guide before regretting your choice of game mode in the later stages of the game! Veteran or current players can still read this guide for their knowledge, of course! There are 4 game modes to choose from: Normal Mode: Fastest exp rates , no special benefits. Hardcore Mode (popular for PVMers!) : Slow exp rates (similar to iron man), permanent 15% drop rate bonus. note: you can type ::removehardcore to turn to a normal mode account. This is irreversible . Iron Man Mode (Best to play to avoid gambling) : Slow exp rates (similar to hardcore), permanent 25% drop rate bonus. You cannot trade or use Player Owned Shops. You cannot remove Iron man once chosen. Competitive Mode: Slow exp rates (similar to hardcore & iron man), permanent 25% drop rate bonus. As the name suggests, competitive mode accounts compete with one another. These competitions (or seasons) are run monthly, and are announced on the forums. Specific rules vary with each season, so keep your eyes peeled for the forum thread! Each season has a set of categories in which accounts compete. The prizes vary each season but can include things such as: A free custom textured 1 in game item from a selection (Custom Set, Glaive, BFG, Khiones or Sword), or some store credit which can be used in the DreamScape Web Store or on a custom item of your choosing! It's best to start a competitive account right at the beginning of a season, so watch out for those threads! When you first log in, you will be greeted with this screen! This is self explanatory. If you are new its better to go for the server tour Starting Point Immortal Stone Fragments / Altar [/url ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When starting off, complete the starter tasks! Follow them step by step to receive a ring which triples rare cash drops for 24 hours after you receive it! Here are some tasks that players usually have troubles with: Certain Items will have this option to " Get Info " when right-clicked. Lost your Tutorial Book? You can click the " ? " on the top right of your mini map to obtain another book! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Daily Task Daily Task is a great way to get gear and many more. Though it's based on difficulty you can choose the task to your difficulty liking After choosing your task difficulty, will be given a set of task to complete. upon completion you will be awarded a spin! The rewards are based on your difficulty of the task! The harder the task , the better the reward! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SoulRoom / Chests / Keys How to get there? ::soulroom Infinity Chest You will need an infinity key. You can get them from any level / mobs in game. Infinity Chest Reward List Donator Chest You will need a code key to attempt for a try for the donator chest. You can donate for them at $1 each if its in the store or buy them from the POS ::market Rewards are always changing, Most of the time they will be filled with 1 In game items using a code key will give u a chance to obtain them, even if u do not receive the prized reward. you will still get some ds coins for your attempt. Do look out for Updates on the Donator's chest ! SoulWell Great place for beginners to get some DS COINS to buy gears / food / potions Soulwell exchanges most junk / cosmetic items / most items from penguins for DS COINS Check out the information of soulwell to see the rates of DS COINS to item or what items can be converted. You can quick exchange your items for ds coins instantly. Note if you have items you do not wish to convert to DS COINS do not place them in your inventory. Soul chest So you have been Bossing and you have been receiving souls this is where you use them! Slayer keys are also used at the soul chest! 200 souls = 1 key Choose the boss from the interface and select the key to use them! The drop rate for the item are ULTRA RARE Crystal Chest crystal chest is explained below. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When you start off you are given 20 Crystal keys & 3 Mystery boxes (mboxes, as they are commonly abbreviated to). Don't bother trying to sell the mboxes as really no one buys them... they're for starters like you guys to use! Here's what you are looking for from these boxes / chests as a beginner: Flame Torva / Pernix Dream Wing Boots Flame Gloves Ice Katana Dragonbone (U) Gold Chain Assault Rifle Mystery Box Pet Double Xp Ring White Glass Wings Ran out of mystery boxes to open? Ran out of crystal keys to use? Have yet to complete your starting items? You can always go to ::mbox / ::train Penguins drops mboxes and crystal keys quite often, and you also get penguin bones which are stack-able! Great for training prayer for newcomers! Sonic and thugbob in ::train drop crystal keys often too, and when u get a crystal key drop its always 3 crystal keys per drop! You should collect crystal keys and mystery boxes until your equips look something like this: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting off part 2 there are newer ways to start off now in game Hunting Penguins at ::mbox has been more rewarding and easier for players to get in the game! With the new item dropped from Penguins! Penguins and many of the other bosses have a new drop of DS COINS too ! ::dreamking Berserker boots , Archers boots and Seers boots too expensive? this is your alternative! stats of the boots __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Gear Progression is split into multiple parts. Healing Pets useful for PVM (doesn't matter what style of combat you use, its universal) Guthan the Infested Pet [Untradable] Soulsplit healing effect Necromancer Jr [tradeable] Soulsplit healing effect 5% drop rate bonus Diablo Jr [tradeable] Soulsplit healing effect 15% drop rate bonus Helicopter Pet [Tradable] Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point Restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 10% luck Puffer fish pet [Untradable] Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 15% luck Thanos Pet [Tradeable] 1 in 5 chance to deal 2.5x your damage Soulsplit healing effect Prayer point Restore effect 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate 10% luck RING Accessories (doesn't matter what style of combat you use, its universal) Starter Ring -> Ring of Wealth -> Epic Archers/Seers/Berserker Ring -> Ring of Wealth (i) -> Avery's Ring -> Avery's Ring(i) -> Emperor's Ring Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot [Starter Ring]--> <--[Ring of Wealth] [Epic Rings]--> <--[Ring of Wealth (i)] [Avery's Ring]--> <--[Avery's Ring (i)] [Emperor's Ring]--> ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NECKLACE Accessories (doesn't matter what kind of combat you use, its universal) Gold Chain -> Nocturnal Chain -> Collector's Necklace -> Amulet of Blood -> Nax / Tam / Yix Amulet -> Trix Amulet -> Trix Amulet (i) -> Emperor's Necklace Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot <--[Gold Chain] [Nocturnal Chain]--> <--[Collector's Necklace][Amulet of Blood]--> <--[Nax/Tam/Yix Amulet] [Trix Amulet/Trix Amulet (i)]--> <--[Emperor's Necklace] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Capes (doesn't matter what kind of combat you use, its universal) ________________________________________________________ [White Glass Wings] [Fallen Death Cape] [Blue Death Cape] _[Infernal Cape] _[Tribrid Infernal Cape] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Tribrid Inferno Cape] The Combat Triangle Melee Range Mage Each section I will explain from the lowest tiers to highest tiers based on stats, usage and accessibility. Melee is actually outclassed by range and mage in the later stages of the game. But don't get discouraged! melee is actually great in the middle stages of the game. Don't get me wrong, there are end game items with melee however they are either too expensive or outclassed by the other 2 forms of combat, mage and range. Melee Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Ice Katana -> Golden Katana -> Ultimate Dream Katana -> Long Claw / Sword of the protectorate -> Scythe of Virtur -> Hades Cleaver Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot [Ice Katana] _[Golden Katana] [Electronic Katana] [Longclaw] [Ultimate Dream Katana] __________________________________________________________ [Sword of the Protectorate] __________________________________________________________ [Scythe of Vitur] __________________________________________________________________________ [Hades Cleaver] __________________________________________________________________________ Melee Armour (In Order of Value and Usage) Flame Torva -> American Torva -> Olaf set -> Am'orth Set Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot __________________________________________________________ [Flame Torva] __________________________________________________________ [American Torva] __________________________________________________________ [Olaf Set] _[Am'orth Set] __________________________________________________________ There are honorable mentions like the Centurion Set and Dream Melee Set. The Centurion set is too expensive as there are currently only 10 known sets to be owned. The Dream Melee set has lower stats than the Am'orth set however it is still more expensive than the Am'orth set, due to its rarity. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranged Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Assault Rifle -> Scoped Rifle (u) -> Ascension Crossbows -> Minigun -> M4A4 Asiimov -> AK-47 Asiimov -> BFG9000 Items in Order of Value / Lowest to Best in Slot ___________________________________________________ [Assault Rifle] __________________________________________________________ [Scoped Rifle (u)] __________________________________________________________ [Ascension Crossbows] __________________________________________________________ [Minigun] __________________________________________________________ [M4A4 Asiimov] __________________________________________________________ [AK-47 Asiimov] __________________________________________________________ [BFG9000] Ranged Armor (In Order of Value and Usage) __________________________________________________________ [Flame Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [Elite Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [American Pernix] __________________________________________________________ [Devious set] __________________________________________________________ [Dream Range Set] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mage Weapons (In Order of Value and Usage) Soulflare(u) > FrostBite Staff > Oblivion Scythe > Eternal Khione Staff > Infinity Gauntlet(Charged) __________________________________________________________ [Soulflare(u)] __________________________________________________________ [Frostbite Staff] __________________________________________________________ [Oblivion Scythe] __________________________________________________________ [Eternal Khione Staff] __________________________________________________________ [Infinity Gauntlet(Charged)] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mage Armor (In Order of Value and Usage) Elite Virtus set -> American Virtus set -> Inga Set -> Infernal Mage Set -> Crystal set -> Eternal Crystal Set -> Space Virtus Set [Flame Virtus Set] __________________________________________________________ [Elite Virtus Set] __________________________________________________________ [American Virtus set] __________________________________________________________ [Inga set] __________________________________________________________ [Infernal Mage Set] __________________________________________________________ [Crystal Set / Eternal Crystal Set] __________________________________________________________ [Space Virtus Set] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Use a Double Exp Ring and the Penguin bones you have farmed on the altar at home (;;arcade - run south): Note: Different game modes have different exp rates. While it's easy to get 99 prayer on normal accounts, it takes about 225-270 penguin bones to get 95 prayer on a hardcore/ironman/competitive account. You don't need 99 but 92/95 are necessary milestones to aim for. Now you are all set for PVM / Money Making! ______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Farming penguins at ::mbox for mystery boxes, elite / dream clue scrolls, xebos invitations, and infinity keys without aoe weapon $ with aoe weapon $$$ How to get there? ::mbox Requirements? This money making is dependent on gears, which is why there are 2 ratings for this method. Penguins can be farmed with any gear, but an AoE weapon is preferred. What's an aoe weapon? Its an Area of Effect weapon. AoE weapons hit a large area at once, rather than a single target e.g , Oblivion Scythe, Frostbite Staff, BFG 9000 etc. What do i do? Kill the penguins for a chance to get clue scrolls , invitations, or infinity keys. There is a portal in the center of the map, use it if the first map is crowded. There are 6 floors of penguins all having the same layout. But floors 2-6 are multi, so you can use aoe weapons there. Xebos invitations - 1.4m ds coins Infinity keys - 50k - 70k ds coins Clue scroll guide and rewards It is recommended that new players sell the invitations and keys for money rather than using them, and use the cash to get better gear! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PVM BOSSES if you want a change of pace from the usual money makers Ideally these two are one of the better bosses to kill for loot. How to get there Teleport > Bosses > Look for them OLAF Drops you are looking for are the Boots Archers , Seers and Berserkers. They go for an average of 4m -10m prices vary from time to time, this is just a gauge. Necromancer Ideally what you are looking for from necromancers are these drops Each piece of infernal armor sells about 400k - 800k Yix , Tam and nax amulet 2m - 6m prices vary from time to time, this is just a gauge. Icy Skeleton Since the update on icey skeleton, it is now the most populated boss in dreamscape due to its demand for the best MID tier mage gear " Blizzard set " This is an excellent item for the power climb from early / mid towards the end game. How to get there? Magic book teleports > Boss teleport > Icey Skeletons. As you can see from the Drop logs you will see the items you are going to be looking to hunt for highlighted in RED Generally the blizzard armour goes for about 200k-300k each. Frostbite staff goes for about 800k-1m each. Providing you the best possible mage damage with the sort of setup!! MageGray Magic book teleports > Boss teleport > MageGray The magegray totem The item itself is roughly 500k in the pos. Using it on a soulflare(u) will give you a SoulFlareX This new staff will provide you similar attack speed like BFG9000. The only issue with this weapon is , its a Single target weapon its great for Bossing. NOT FARMING. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Revenants in the Wilderness $$ - $$$ How to get there? Boss teleport > Look for revenants Take note : The wilderness is safe, meaning you do not lose items on death. You cannot bring pets. You cannot use donor prayers. Requirements? It is advisable to use AOE weapons at Revs since they are in multi combat and they are all well stacked together giving you the best kills per hour. YOU NEED A BRACELET OF ETHEREUM If you do not have it , you will not be able to survive without top tier gear and soulsplit. Recommended cheap gear setups for the best farming experience: Note: Golden AK is not an AoE weapon. The only AoE weapons for range gear is Bazooka , Ak-47 Asiimov and BFG9000, so its better to get mage to begin with as it has far cheaper AoE weapons available, such as the Oblivion Scythe and Frostbite Staff. Of course, you can mix and match this setup, you don't have to follow it strictly. The following are images of the rewards available from the wilderness shop located at ;;shops.: NOTE: DROP RATES / DOUBLE DROP RATES do not affect emblems. You need to collect the tiers progressively. It is advisable to collect to Tier 3 and selling them, then recollect to Tier 3 and repeat. This results in the highest number of points per hour due to how steeply the drop rates fall off after Tier 3. What you are aiming for in the shops are a few stuffs. Donor ticket - 9k Wilderness points (Give you Regular Donor status 2m-5m) Scroll of protection - 20k Wilderness points (Gives you protection from PKERS) Tactical Boxes - 6k Wilderness points (800k-1m dscoins) Collector's Necklace - 12k Wilderness points (5m-9m dscoins) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are currently 11 Raids in this game! Voldermot Vendura O.G Dragon Diablo Raiden Arcade Avengers Trinity Raid King Kong Vs Godzilla Falador massacre Ninja Turtles Enraged Hades __________________________________________________________________________ How to get there? ( this list correspond to the list above ) Teleports > Raids > Choose Some useful commands for raids ::joinraid1-5 takes you to Voldermot -1 Vendura -2 O.G Dragon -3 Diablo -4 Raiden -5 ::raiden / ::diablo / ::turtles / Raid Hub , Raid Information You can also type ::raidhub To Enter Raids How do i get a drop? You will need to be the top 3 damage dealer in the raid no matter how much damage you have done. Rewards items will be sent to your inventory, if your inventory is full it will be sent to your bank instead! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voldermort ::joinraid1 Easy boss to do, the Rewards are really not worth it. [ needs a rework ] Vendura ::joinraid2 Fairly Easy to do, It is quite a popular raid to do as Vendura has a chance to drop Avery's Ring ( 2nd BiS Ring) (15-20m) O.G Dragon ::joinraid3 Easy boss to do, ultra rare drops are outdated, not worth the time doing [ needs a rework ] Diablo ::joinraid4 ::diablo Take note that this boss Drains prayer , Bring prayer pots incase if you do not have prayer restore pets or healing pets. This boss is popular for it's Devious Armor Drop ( 2nd BiS for Range ) (30-45m per set) Raiden ::joinraid5 ::raiden This boss has an annoying special attack where it rains on you , dealing 10 damage per hit while draining your prayer Healing pet or prayer restore pets are recommended ( Necromancer Jr / Diablo Jr / Helicopter Pet) Turtles ::joinraid6 ::turtles One of the most Lengthy raids, takes about 20 minutes to solo, best done in a group You shouldn't bring any food inside as it will turn them to rotten food. You must be decently geared. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Avenger's Arcade Avenger's Arcade Guide _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trinity Raid is Sponsor's Raid how to get there? ::ownercape, ::ownercapetwo or ::ownercapethree Once you have entered, You have to give the boss a while before they spawn! Requirements Decent gear if you do not have Ownercape There will be 3 Bosses spawned in Verdani : You have to use Range against it. Skuld : You have to use mage against it. Urd : You have to use Melee against it. The fight is pretty simple, just soul split and change to the respective style. Rewards : Trinity Chest Reward List Guide here -Raids there were not mentioned on this guide are too time consuming or not worth doing- Feel free to explore on your own and check out ::wiki <raid name> _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guide is for Normal and Extreme and Hell mode! Normal has 50 waves , Extreme has 55 waves, Hell mode has 55 waves First 50 waves of extreme is the same, The last 5 waves are extremely difficult. Goal of Arcade is to get the highly sort after Infernal Cape 3nd best in slot item Goal of Extreme Arcade is Extreme Infernal Cape 2nd best in slot item ( Melee , Mage , Range ) Infernal cape Extreme Infernal Capes purple = mage orange = melee green = range ________________________ You can combine this 3 Extreme capes into a Tribrid cape (2nd Best in slot Cape for all combat) Inferno Tribrid cape (Best in slot cape of all combat styles) Last of all, of course you will get tokens depending on the amount of waves you have cleared. Number of tokens can be multiplied by your Donator's Rank Multiplier rates Sponsor's : 1.5x tokens Executive : 2x tokens Platinum : 3x tokens Reccomended Gears ( you do not need to follow this entirely, use what fits you! ) Note the i did not include a melee setup because its not efficient in the arcade as you need to run to your target to land a hit, by the time that happens you probably can't heal back in time. Healing pets and Healing Rings are recommended E.G if you Avery's Ring, you don't need a healing pet already you can opt for slimer pet or corp egg Platinum skin aura is recommended in surviving the last few waves of the arcade to prevent yourself from getting combo-ed out Range setup Devious set Avery's Ring American Boxing Gloves Blue Death Cape Ak-47 Asiimov Archer's Boots Tam Amulet Mage setup Crystal set Avery's Ring American Boxing gloves Blue Death Cape Eternal Khione Staff Aqua Spirit Shield Seer's Boots Yix Amulet Inventory Setup (Setup is based on Preferences, You can do your own) List of Monsters from Wave 1 - 50 / 55 How to get there? ::arcade / WEST OF HOME If you are doing Duo mode you will need to make your own CC and have the Partner who is entering with you to be in the same CC Leader of the CC have to enter the arcade. If any of you die in the arcade , the Round will end immediately. You do not get the infernal cape if you attempt as a duo Waves 1 - 30 Positioning for this waves are fairly simple , The Mobs are all Scattered and Spread out from the Center. Just stand in the middle of the map and have them run towards you. Waves 30 - 55 Ideally for wave 30 - 55 Position yourself in the top North East of the map this is so that when those hard waves spawn, you do not get stacked out easily and you can clear out the ones nearer to you From wave 30 - 55 its advised that you hit at least 2 Npc with your AOE weapon to increase your survival rate Waves to take careful! Wave 40 onward are the tough npcs Lara Croft Which explains why you need to bring prayer potion or restores as she drains prayer. Diablo Easy to deal with just usually smacks a 30 Pray melee if you have to Raiden and Dark Raiden Pray Range when you are Dealing with them, They can easily combo you out as they hit high 30's and 40. Link Pray Melee when facing him, He can easily dish out 70-80 damage. Always priorities him to take out first Tips when faced in a group of 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo, 1x Dark Raiden, & 1x Raiden in wave 50 Try to stack most of them together and prioritizing Link or Lora Croft. The lesser npc there are, the chances of you getting combo-ed out is lesser. If you die at wave 50, DO NOT GIVE UP There is always a chance where RNG is in your favor, you don't get combo-ed out and you manage to kill them off Even if you fail to complete the arcade, you will still receive some tokens based on the number of waves you have cleared. Above wave 30 you will earn yourself an announcement in game of your achievement! The Extreme Infernal Cape you get is Random. Either Melee, Range or Mage. you will be refunded your infernal cape if u complete extreme arcade! Hope this guide is useful so that players can attempt on the arcade with better understanding! I wish you dreamers good luck and go get that infernal cape! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Karma Skill Guide / Quest Guide Click this link here! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Commands to know! ::wiki <whatever it is related to dreamscape> this will help you search for things related to DS! Example "::wiki gear" will open up a DreamScape wiki page with all information on tiers of gear etc. ::drops This will allow you to check what drops an item or what a boss drops! its helpful for newer players to find out where to obtain certain items! ::prices This will bring up an interface similar to POS search, however, it will show you an estimated price of any item you search if there is enough data on it. ::elo To put it simply it's like your dailies, but you get benefits. What kind of benefits? A 1% boost to your stats for every single day that you complete your ELO kills! ::treasurehunter I'll let the pictures do the talking: Note this is from a Level 8 Box Potential Rewards! List of useful commands you will use daily: ::home - takes you to home ::soulroom - takes you too room full of chest for various keys ::market - takes you to Player Owned Stores to buy/sell items (green ghost) ::bank - accessible to Super donator + allows you to bank almost anywhere in dreamscape! ::yell - accessible to Ironman or Donator +, allows you to talk to everyone in dreamscape ::dicezone - teleports you to dice zone to gamble your way to riches Donator commands Super Donator commands Extreme donator commands Sponsor commands List of all commands are here or do ::commands ing If you are willing to spend some form of money in this game, I would advise you look at deals! ::deals Always look out for Staff's announcements on deals! Always check them deals before you donate! I will add in more items when I see fit. I wish all you dreamers a good start and good luck ahead! If you see me in game feel free to say Hi or Ask me Questions! - Your One and only Teddy Bear - CJBear Credits : https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dreamscape317_Wiki Special Thanks to : HC Canada and Steroids for helping me and motivating me ! Appreciate : HC Canada for taking his own time to help me on his own accord ! thank you twitchu for suggesting some ideas and feedbacks! Everyone else who has supported me!
  7. ikkain

    Because many people in game ask how Sire works i decided to make a quick guide to get to Abyssal Sire go to boss teleports and scroll down to the bottom the Sire always drops sire crystals which you can sell for around 150k each. you also have a chance to get the tam/nax/yix amulets, sword of the protectorate and the lambo and bughatti pets. first off you want to bring some super anti poison and some food of your choice with you. the tentacles can hit pretty hard and without anti poison you die very quickly. take the best gear you have with you. bring atleast a good fast hitting weapon. oblivion scythe is the minimun i recommend. the better your gear the easier and faster you can kill the sire. now how to kill it: step 1: drink your super anti poison and hit the Sire once. step2: destroy the 4 respiratory systems step 3: wait for the Sire to step out of her little throne thingy and kill it. there! you did it! good luck on your Sire grind.
  8. Hey Hey Hey

    Hey DS i've been here a while now and have some experience under my belt just stopping in to say what's up! A few things I love doing: *programming w/ Java *skilling *basketball *cha0s ele pet See you ingame!
  9. This is in relation to Phoenix' post about trying to fix the ECO.   The below items will show you all what it would look like if we have all donated items 4T to every $1 donated.           1000B in 1B Checks = $5 = 20T 500B in 1B Checks = $3 = 12T Ak-47 = $10 = 40T American Pernix Set = $55 = 220T American Torva Set = $40 = 160T Armadyl Crossbow = $5 = 20T Assault Rifle = $15 = 60T Bandos Pet = $150 = 600T Black Hween Mask = $10 = 80T Black Santa Hat = $15 = 60T Blood Spirit Shield = $45 = 180T Blue Deathcape = $75 = 300T Blue Torva Set = $15 = 60T Brutal Whip = $10 = 40T Callisto Jr Pet = $2 = 8T Camel Pet = $80 = 320T Donator Ticket = $15 = 60T Double XP Ring = $3 = 12T Dream Mystery Box = $10 = 40T Dream Wing Boots = $15 = 60T Dynamic Mystery Box = $7 = 28T Extreme Donator Ticket = $80 = 320T Fallen Deathcape = $20 = 80T Flame Torva Set = $15 = 60T Glock = $3 = 12T Gold Chain = $15 = 60T Gold Hween Mask = $10 = 40T Golden Ak-47 = $75 = 300T Hot Hween Mask = $10 = 40T Ice Katana = $13 = 52T Ice Offhand = $200 = 800T Icy Brutal & Icy Wings = $10 = 40T Icy Glaive = $1000 = 4Q Lava Santa Hat = $25 = 100T Lime Santa Hat = $30 = 120T Mini Gun = $155 = 620T Morphing Ring = $60 = 240T Owners Cape = $475 = 1.9Q Party Pete = $250 = 1Q Pet Mystery Box = $7 = 28T Pikachu Jr Pet = $5 = 20T Purple Santa Hat = $1000 = 4Q Rainbow Dragon Wings = $15 = 60T Rainbow Santa Hat = $35 = 140T Rainbow Torva Set = $15 = 60T Ring of Wealth (i) = $50 = 200T Scorpia Jr Pet = $7 = 28T Shadow King Egg x 1000 = $90 = 360T Shadow King Egg x 500 = $45 = 180T Super Donator Ticket = $30 = 120T Super Mystery Box = $5 = 20T Sword of 1000 Truths = $15 = 60T Tentacle Whip = $20 = 80T Thugbob Jr Pet = $9 = 36T Tormented Demon Jr Pet = $10 = 40T Torva Set = $4 = 16T Venenatis Jr Pet = $9 = 36T Vet’ion Jr Pet = $5 = 20T Wizzy Torva Set = $20 = 80T    
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                EXP Lamp - added page, added content. Nex - fixed pictures / possible loot. Price Guide - ALL prices have been fixed to current. Staff Team - staff added / removed. Trivia - revamp of all questions. Voldemort - added content.         Wiki Guides Videos featuring PvM, PvP, Skilling.       Adding / Fixing EXP rates for ALL Skills. Fixing descriptions. Info Box on ALL NPC's. New NPC Guides. Redesigning the Price Guide. (I have something special, however, it will take some time).               :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)     If you're interested in becoming a Wiki Editor, please check out the requirements HERE. Please take your time when applying for this position, and make sure you've got all the minimum requirements. Please Note: when applying for this position, it is voluntary, so please do not expect to be paid.     :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :) 

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