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Found 10 results

  1. kodabug821

    Hey there dreamers!!!! I am working towards 10k Shadowking KC, after my goal is achieved I will be doing a giveaway of all loot obtained!!! (plus a a few other items that will be added as they are obtained ;) so keep updated!!) My current kc is just over 1k, I will be doing an update post at every 1k milestone until it is achieved!! keep watch for updates!!
  2. Papers

    Welcome to my fashion event! What do I have to do? Post a picture of your best outfit in-game. If you don't know how to take a picture of your client, there is a "screenshot" button on the lower right part of it. You click it to take a screenshot and then right click -> view screenshots. Your picture will be there. You can use any image hosting site. I suggest using imgur because it will directly give you the bbcode for the forums. If anyone needs help uploading their outfit, shoot me a PM through here or in-game. My username is Papers. What is the deadline? The deadline for the event is the 5th of January. The winner will be posted and will receive his prize! What will I win? There will be one grand winner with a prize of 500t cash. Who will choose the winner? I will choose the winner out of the entries provided, along with Englog. What will be the theme? The theme will be science-fiction. You can submit an outfit that does not belong to the theme, however your score will be severely affected. What are the rules? Any form of flaming, discrimination, racism or offensive language will result in instant disqualification. Post your entries on this thread. Only 1 entry allowed per person. Most importantly, have fun I'm very excited what you guys come up with! I will post my outfit on this thread later. It will not participate. Papers
  3. Hc Jessie

    Event Description This is event is for my channel! To hit 300 subs! everyone that has subbed or that does sub has the chance to win 1 of 3 prizes! !Prizes as well as rules will be below! I haven't held one of these events in a good while so i hope you enjoy and Gl to all ! When i hit 300 subscribers i will randomly choose the winners with a random name chooser, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES THOUGH OR YOU WILL NOT BE CHOSEN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO SUBSCRIBE > 1) You have to either subscribe to my channel or have already subscribed (My Youtube Channel > ) 2) You have to comment #SUBBED on the most recent video! 3) You MUST comment here on the post #EVENT as well as your in-game name if it is different ******THOSE ARE THE 3 RULES IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW YOU CAN NOT BE CHOSEN TO WIN****** 1st - American Boxing Gloves 2nd - Soulflare 3rd - American Pernix Set
  4. Hc Jessie

    Welcome one and all! This event is for all members willing to participate. There will be 3 winning positions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get into one of these you must have the very best old school outfit. -Examples below, just a few to reference from as to what old school is- 1.) You MUST be in old school gear, no new school or custom items involved. Failure to comply with this rule will automatically terminate your entry. 2.) You MUST comment below a screen shot of the outfit (must be you wearing it) 3.) DO NOT beg for items from other members to enter this event, if i hear about it you will NOT have the chance to win. 4.) You Must have your equipment tab open in the screen shot showing what you are wearing. You can wear capes, boots, necklaces, etc with the outfit as long as it is old school. simple and easy please play by the rules in order to win !Myself and my boy @Feeds will choose the top 3 players with the best outfits! 1.) 150T 2.) Golden Ak-47 3.) Gold Chain
  5. Welcome community, I have not played this server long but I do however like the costume events. I like how it helps new players and players that are struggling to make money in game. I know the struggles of a new player and I also know how hard it is to make money in game. So I thought I would host my own costume event. There will be some rules and I have two people that will help me pick the winners. They are not staff they are regular players and they will not be participating and neither will I. It's going to be a very simple costume event. The theme is Fantasy What do you have to do to enter my event? It's simple really. Just post a front and back picture of your costume and just add your in-game name. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. I am looking for creativity and backgrounds and the costumes itself. What are the rules? * Iron Man cannot participate due to the fact that I cannot trade them, I do apologize. * Staff that are moderator plus cannot participate even with other accounts. * You can only post one costume. If you post more than one costume you are disqualified. * You cannot edit your costume once it's been posted. Once it has been posted it's final. Here's an example... In-game Name: E M C There are 5 prizes. First Place:: Ring of Wealth (i) Second Place:: Blue Death Cape Third Place:: Silver Space Sword Fourth Place:: American Pernix set + Vanguard Boots & Gloves Fifth Place:: Blue Torva set + Blue gloves & boots + 20t cash Good luck everyone. And I will be picking the winners July 9, 2017.
  6. Welcome ladies and Gents !! I wanna begin with saying that i so so so appricaite everyone's subscriptions! and everyone's support you have no idea how much it mean!! ! You guys fuel me and drive me to push harder to make better videos, and further my content ! ! With that out of the way my dudes lets begin with the event rules and how to enter ! This is a subbing event. When my channel hit's 200 subs the contest will come to a closing and The winners will be chosen. My YouTube Channel : There are just a few easy rules you need to take to enter my event. 1- Visit my channel and subscribe ! 2- Visit any video on my Channel and comment #EVENT. 3- Comment on this thread #DSGANG. **YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES TO HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN** #1 - 200T #2 - 150T #3 - 100T #4 - 50T I will choose the winner randomly with a random name chooser thingy lmao. So with that said best of luck to everyone, read the rules and make sure that you follow them to enter and win. Goodluck
  7. Feeds

    @Dear Dreamscape Community, We had an amazing Forum Event going on for the 20k forum users registered. It is truly an achievement we got there and Hat's off to our owners @Chuck & @Zevenfor the dedication they have given us to keep Dreamscape alive. lately, Our development team has been working their ass off! You guys deserve this to This has been so tough to find out but I will be using random number generator to pick the winners to make it fair Let's get the winners now! 1st Prize:- @BlackheartV2 2nd Prize:- @Rotater 3rd Prize:- @Punch 4th Prize:- @Sports *Congrats to all the winners! The winners can claim their prize in-game or pm me via forums and others don't feel bad I will be hosting a new event next week! Thanks again for the wonderful words shown in love!
  8. Sk1llrs R Us

    NOT DOING ANYMORE.    What is up u sexy lot of Dreamescapers. What this server lacks im going to try raise! so what i have decided to is is put 2 good things into 1! And you all may be thinking 'ooo what are you gonna do sk1llrs!' Well here we go what im going to conduct over a period of time is a pking event so basically ill get names of contenders ....    and ill create a fixture of who your fighting. The fights will basically take place when both of you guys are online and i will spectate that fight and well the winner moves on.     I have a list of items you are allowed to use basically just any normal item no customs. No divine or ely's... But heres a list of most items usuable.     This is basically what your inven should consist of... food, pots and a spec we. it doesnt have to be an ags of course but it would be best if u had it :)     To be eligible to participate in this event you must pm me ur username in the comments below or in personal message ingame. Get in quick before it fills out.   OH YOU MAY ALL BE WONDERING WHAT THE PRIZE IS..... WELL FOR THE WINNER OF THIS COMPETITION I WILL BE GIVING THEM A $50 DONATION@!@   Hope to see and hear all you guys soon. Goodluck in advance.   Ps. Minimun of 20 players.
  9. Bench Press

    Dear Dreamers,   It's been a while since i've hosted a forums event. And I felt it was time to get this started again!    I've hosted the Forums Costume Contest a lot in the past. And now i'm starting it up again!     - You can only enter once - The picture has to be Dreamscape related - Put the picture down below this thread - Give some small information about why you chose this outfit, and why you like it so much.     On every Forums Costume Contest we have a theme. This time's theme is: Warrior.   So you've got to try and dress up like a warrior. And what sort of warrior, that's up to yourself!   Post the picture of yourself down below this thread.     #1st Place - Blood Spirit Shield     #2nd Place - Phoenix Whip     #3rd Place - Fallen Deathcape     I hope to see some sick entries!   Regards,   [member=bench press]
  10.   Welcome to yet another edition of Dreamer's Weekly! It has been yet another hectic week for the Dreamscape Community! we hope you enjoy this weeks Newspaper!  I hope you enjoy, and as always, much love  Gadreel   Links :     Twitter :   Youtube :   Facebook : https://www.facebook...dreamscape.rsps   Teamspeak 3 :         First on our list of new players to join our beloved server is  Infected!  Infected has been a part of our community ingame for quite a while, but decided it was finally time to make an forums account - So welcome to the forums  Infected, or Stanley which is his real name! We hope you enjoy your stay here with us!   Next person on our list is ImClay! ImClay just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone here on the forums, and his ingame name is Dr Gray. He's 21 years old, and he's enjoyed being here on DreamScape thus far - Especially the PvM part is something that Clay enjoys - Hope you'll get some nice drops man, and welcome!   Another one who just recently created a forums account is Nate Norman! Nate has been a part of the ingame part of our server for a little while, and just felt like it was the time to create a forums account and say hi to everyone - We're pleased to have you here man!   And older DreamScape player returns - But now with a little (Potential) dreamer in tow! Welcome back from your break GhostsBruh!  GhostsBruh recently returned after him and his girlfriend have gotten a little daughter - That's a first on DreamScape! We here at the Dreamers Weekly would like to congratulate you both on the little one! If anyone is interested to see a picture of the little one, here's a link to the thread: http://dreamscape317...k-with-a-baby/    Next up is  Chr0me! He's been a part of our community for a while now, and felt like he wanted to stop by the forums and tell us a little bit about himself - Hi's real name is A.J and he's 21 years old. He's a senior at University of Southern California, and he's a fraternity member! Welcome to DreamScape bud!   Last but not least, we have the pleasure to welcome  robo 8111 to DreamScape!  robo 8111 has quite a lot of different hobbies, and things he likes - For instance gambling, fishing and motorbikes! Sounds sweet man! He's also always ready for a chat, so feel free to hit him up ingame under the username Robo 8111!   This week we have one member leaving the birds nest, Kriger Ras / Ralle   ​Unfortunately Kriger is going through some tough times and his father passed away. We hope you are doing well Kriger, the DS community is always here for you. You made the right choice to focus on your life and and sort some stuff out. We hope you can climb this big obstacle and we will make sure you wont have to climb it alone. Please do visit us when ever you feel you need some cheering up!     Our dear and beloved veteran  Vaider has been promoted towards   Helper!  Vaider has been doing an amazing job with helping people out since his return, and his quality of helping has been marvelous! He's been very active in the help cc, and he was quick to adapt to the new changes to our awesome server - Keep up the great work man, and we're sure you'll make us all proud!   Next on our list is  Host Scrub! He's been very active on the forums, and been very good at reporting threads and keeping the forums clean, so he's been promoted towards   Forum Moderator! Well done man!  Host Scrub is a keen on keeping the forums clean and holds a professional, yet friendly, attitude towards everyone, and he's a great addition to the forums team - Keep up the great work!   Next one on our list is someone we're all quite familiar with here on Dreamers Weekly - Our very own Manager  Gadreel has been promoted to Global Moderator! HUGE congratulations my dear Jacob!  Gadreel is an valuable part of the staff team, and has been doing great work as a Global Moderator! and Manager at the same time thus far - Keep it up bro!   Another great staff member has been promoted to Global Moderator and that person is none other than  Cooni! Cooni has been doing an incredible amount of great work as a   Forum Moderator and  Helper here on DreamScape, and has therefor been promoted towards Global Moderator! Keep up the great work my friend!   Last on our list, but definitely not the least, our kind and great  Qantas has been promoted from   In-Game Moderator  to In-Game Administrator!  Qantas has been doing a humongous amount of great work as an  here on DreamScape, and it's not come to any of us as a surprise that he's been promoted - Keep up the great work you're doing man!       First this week is buy our member of the month! Jota   Jota has embarked on a prestigious journey of acquiring the defender/attacker/healer level 5 item, in which is only currently two in game! Owned by our own  Adrianped2 and the mysterious  Cleave, we all are looking forward for you in achieving your goal Jota. You can view the thread by clicking HERE!       Lastly we have an outstanding achievement from  Just time!   This is an outstanding achievement by an iron man!  Just time has achieved an outstanding achievement of a complete set of elemental armor! His achieved some amazingly goals and he is definitely looking good!   You can view the thread by clicking HERE!       our  Helper  Vaider, has recieved another great drop! vaider= has recieved another great drop! of elemental legs! Well done and we all are hoping your luck continues to keeps going strong!   You can view the thread by clicking HERE!         Firstly brezel has achieved an amazing 2000 Posts on the forums and is giving away some amazing prizes! Don't forgot to check out his thread to win some stuff in-game! All the best and i hope you guys like the prizes that he is giving away!   This week bench press has announced the winners of his amazing 1000 Subs Giveaway! He has given out some amazing rewards to the players! Here are the Rewards they received as well as there comments!   1st prize - Red & White Tri-Jester Hat     2nd prize - New Year's Elite Box [Prize has been claimed     3rd prize - New Year's Extreme Box     4rd prize - New Year's Ice Box         This weeks interviewee is none other than Searwen!   How did you find Dreamscape?   A little more then a year ago, CamonRs asked me to come join him on Teamspeak, to be more precise, the Dreamscape Teamspeak. I remember it took me over 3 hours to get the client to work, and after that, I never really left.     What is it about Dreamscape that stands out the most?   It’s very diverse, and almost everyone is willing to help out wherever they can. Dreamscape wouldn’t be the same without it’s great community. ♥     What are your future plans / goals?   My future plans, hmm. I plan on becoming a Corporal in the Navy, someday. I’m busting my ass off for it, on a daily basis, and I hope it someday will be noticed, and grant me access to the Corporal rank.     What do you enjoy doing aside from Dreamscape?    Aside from Dreamscape, I love to make music, and sing. But I’d fancy reading a good book too. And of course, I love my job, which takes most of my time away, these days. I’m also fond of playing Skyrim ♥     In your eyes what does it mean to be a helper?   In my opinion, a Helper is someone who is a staff member, who remains approachable by the community. Their main responsibilities would be helping around in the help cc, and solving minor issues around the server.     Any hobbies / pass time activities you like doing?   I love to read, make music, sing, watching anime, playing games annnddddd… I’m a Soccer fan, have been playing it since I was 6, till my 21st. Sadly, due to my job, I’m unable to play, due to being gone so much.     If you could change one thing about Dreamscape what would it be?    This is a very tough question, but if I’d have to pick something, I’d make a bigger variety of quests, as we are currently lacking them, badly. Other then that, there isn’t much to change, on our lovely server ♥      Throughout your Dreamscape career / adventures, where did you struggle the most?   I remember being randomly promoted to helper, by Prod Dice. My biggest struggle was definitely my first day as a helper. I was on the phone with my mother, as I failed my driving exam that day, at the same time, I was trying to solve an arguement at our old Home zone, without having been told any commands at all, and it just went terrible. In the end, it turned out to be Gamersdelite, trying to test me, with a horrible timing, hahaha.     Who inspires you the most?    She’s fierce, determined, able to pick herself up when she’s down and stands up for what she believes is right. To me, she’s truly inspiring myself to never give up, and confront my own fears.       This weeks Item Breakdown is the one and only Piano, the Piano is a cosmetic that takes your weapon slot! Which makes you look like you're well, playing a piano. It is obtainable as a rare drop from the Super Mystery Box!             This weeks boss is Tank, as it matches the colours, clearly! There is a fee of 8B to enter the instance and like any other, if you disconnect while in the instance you will be kicked out of it and will need to repay to get in. The Boss requires the use of “Protect from Magic” prayer since it call kill you even through Soul Split with the Grenades that it throws     Drop List:   Common: Coins Mystery Box   Rare: Grenades   Ultra Rare: Tank Pet       Unfortunately the SOTW has been shut down until further notice due to not getting many entries - That's very unfortunate since it's a great opportunity for new, as well as skilled, GFX Designers to get their name out, and earn some nice prizes along the way.   Now for some awesome news, We've launched another GFX event called POTW (Picture Of The Week)! I'm very excited about this, and I hope that we can have this become just as popular as the SOTW was in it's prime - It's a great way to earn some nice prizes for just snapping some cool pictures in DreamScape. Wanna know more? Go to this link to look at the thread:      I know what you're thinking - Another new GFX event?? Yes indeed - On Monday I'll announce the launch of yet another new GFX event that'll be running on the forums. I won't say what it is quite yet, but here's a sneak peak:   Spoiler     Hmmm, I wonder what this could be about..     This weeks one and only Notable Post is the Raid & Boss Update this post shows off the new system that has been introduced to the server as well also shows off our amazing new boss! Get killing Voldemort and try get that crazy weapon!            The Wikipedia of Dreamscape!. The Wiki is an important part of Dreamscape, as it provides all the in-game information you will ever need, and can be easily accessed by typing ::wiki. Alternatively, you can access it via the forums by clicking HERE!   Do YOU want to apply for the Wiki Editor Team? Do you have the knowledge of the server and good at writing? Apply now by clicking HERE!  to find out the requirements and format.      The Wiki Team     Potentials - Wiki Manager  Coffee Nut - Co-Wiki Manger  Iron Barrage - Wiki Editor  Gadreel - Wiki Editor       Question Of The Week   This weeks Question Of The Week is brought to you by our in-Game Administrator, Qantas!   What would you do one day you woke up, and you were the last person on earth?   Don't forget to answer in the section below, we would love to know!     Quote Of The Week   Here is this weeks Quote Of The Week!     Riddle Of The Week   Last weeks riddle was....     "Two hours ago it was as long after one o'clock in the afternoon as it was before one o'clock in the morning. What time is it now?"   The answer was......   "Nine o'clock - Two hours ago it was half way between 1pm and 1am = 7pm. It's now 2 hours later = 9pm."   This weeks riddle is.....   "What has a foot but no legs"   Reply to this thread with your answer. The first person to answer correctly receives a Dream Mystery Box!     Post Of The Week   This weeks Post Of The Week comes to you from  Ralle who has created a new clan! If you want to apply to 'Dream Pikachu' click HERE!     Noob Of The Week   This weeks Noob Of The Week goes to  Qantas for asking a very dumb question about No donations         Song Of The Week   [media][/media]   Goofy Video Of The Week   [media][/media]   Video Of The Week   This weeks Video Of The Week comes to you from  Bench Press who has shown off the new boss!   [media][/media     Status Of The Week   This weeks Status Of The Week comes from zulrah who has questioned life! With an amazing response coming in 'Don't worry, be happy'       Do YOU want to apply to become part of the News Team? Apply now!  CLICK HERE!     Do YOU want your video featured on Dreamers Weekly? Send a message  Gadreel and we will see what we can do for you!     Do YOU want to be interviewed for Dreamer's Weekly News? You can do so by messaging  Solar Flare     Do YOU want to submit Gossip for the Dreamers Weekly Gossip? You can do so by messaging  Gadreel,  Megafun12 or  Brezel!   Credits to all of the people who’ve contributed on this Dreamers Weekly.   Special thanks to  Qantas for the question of the week!     The Dreamers Weekly News Team:    Bench Press - Founder  Gadreel - Manager & Writer  Brezel - Head Editor Host Scrub - Reporter Aka The Wiki Man  Wonder - GFX & That Model Dude  Solar Flare - That Helper Dude