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Found 8 results

  1. bobbywalrus

    At the start of the game i recommend to open the few mystery boxes that you start with,also you start off with a few crystal keys which are very helpful in the beginning The crystal chest is located at ::soulroom,use crystal keys there. to start with getting weapons and other okay gear, such as assault rifles,dragonbone equipment. once you have done that then its time to start getting into some better gear.you should start by fighting penguins at ::mbox.its based on rng,you want to fight penguins and collect all of the crystal keys aswell as all of the penguin boxes,mystery boxes you can get,keep fighting penguins until you get a penguin staff(u) then ur ready for the big money maker. If you dont feel like grinding for the penguin staff (u) you can go to ::daily and complete the easy and intermediate tasks and hope for a oblivion/infinity sythe if you dont accomplish getting a sythe go back to ::mbox and keep grinding until you get the staff. Either way the start of joining the dsgang is gonna be a little grind. after you have accomplished getting a penguin staff (U) or either of the sythes.the beggining of the game of course will be a the worst part of your endevours. OBLIVION SCYTHE PENGUIN STAFF (U) once you have gotten the weapon of choice its time to go make some money. the starter tasks that it has you do in the very beginning you get a few ds coins from it. go buy and bracelet of etherum, this will prevent all of the revenants from destroying you 😄 after you have a bracelet of etherum and your weapon of choice,wether it be a sythe penguin staff or even a lower end weapon revs are a constant money maker. you can use the boss teleports section to go to revenants, now the revs are in the wilderness so people can pk you, but you dont lose any times on death,also pkers have to wait 15 minutes in between kills. Now if someone kills you over and over that is cosidered ragging. If you do find ur self in this perdicament just simply inform the staff. now revenants are a good money make due tp the boxes ur capable of buying. when you first start grinding revenants it depends on your veapon,if you have an oblivion sythe u can use any location with the aoe damage that is does,same with the penguin staff. lets say you didnt get either of the and ur stuck using a golden katana or assault rifle you will want to go to the top left corner,there are pyre fiends and hobgoblins you can kill fairly fast with low tier gear ASSAULT RIFLE GOLDEN KATANA Mysterious Emblem (Tier 1) 100 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 2) 500 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 3) 1000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 4) 1500 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 5) 2250 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 6) 3000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 7) 4000 Mysterious Emblem (TIer 😎 5000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 9) 6000 Mysterious Emblem (Tier 10) 7000 HERE ARE THE DIFFERENT AMOUNT OF POINTS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF GETTING FROM EACH TIER REVENANTS ARE A CONSTANT MONEY MAKER TACTICAL BOXES SELL FOR 1M EACH INFINITY KEYS SELL FOR 40K EACH XEBOS INVITATIONS SELL FOR 1.5M WITH THE THREE TOGETHER MONEY ISNT AN ISSUE EASILY MAKE UP TO 30 TO 40M A DAY FROM REVS you will fight the revenants until you get a drop of a mysterious emblem t1. once you have a t1 leave it in your inventory and keep fighting until you find a t2 and a t3. once you have t1 t2 t3 in your inventory you go back home. Now while you fight revenants they can drop home (+) tablets they come in handy for quick teles home so keep that in mind. like i said when you have t1 t2 t3 you go home and use the portal to go to the shops the building closest to you north,there you will be able to turn your tiers in for 1600 wildeness points. THIS IS THE NPC TO TALK TO TO TURN IN YOUR TEIRS HE IS LOCATED AT THE SHOPS You can try to go past t3 but it gets boring after a while, if you feel lucky shoot for a high tier. Check out ::wiki mysterious emblems to see how much each tier gives. keep in mind the wilderness shop sell collectors necklaces for 6000 wilderness points,so if you did four t3 runs you can buy a collectors neck which is highly recommend to have the collector is a gamechanger. now the collector doesnt work in the wilderness, so keep that in mind aswell after you have accomplish a few runs of t3 or what ever tier u decide on, you should buy the collectors neck and the ring of wealth (i) befor you start making money. RING OF WEALTH (I) COLLECTORS NECKLACE both of those items are huge in dreamscape. after yoou have accomplished that keep going and buy tactical boxes from the wilderness shop and sell them for 1m each,also as you fight all of these revenants you will get random drops of xebos invites and infinity keys the xebos invitation sell for 1.5m easy and the infinty keys sell for 40k each XEBOS INVITATION INFINITY KEY TACTICAL BOX so every t3 run your pretty much promised 1m from the tactical box and a couple of infinty keys for 40k each your bound to make at least 1.5m per tier3 run depending on how fast you get each tier done you be making good money the way i look at it you can do 2 tier 3 runs in an hour and make about 3m 3m per hours with starter gear is great. then you slowley upgrade and the tiers will come faster the money you can make will you get you where you need to go. keep in mind to go ahead and buy the collectors neck and row for your self then start grinding tactical boxes,xebos and infinity keys. befor you know it youll be wearing full crystal and an eks. i hope this guide helps who ever reads it. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GO GRIND
  2. Joeztube

    Here we are now, after a long ride on the DS roads I arrived at the final destination. All good things come to an end and so is my Dreamscape journey. I have met some very nice people In-between all these years, some of them really grew to friends and others already left. I’m not going to lie about the fact that the last month I did not even enjoy playing the server anymore, like some would say I lost my DS spark. Many of you who know me, knew that dicezone is my 2nd home and the king shall return one day to regain my throne! 🤣 To finish my last message I would like to say thank you to every staff member for keeping the server as exciting as possible and this since 2014. A big thank you to @Australia , @Jason and @LT LIMES the amazing work as admins(+). A big shoutout as well to the last Trusted Host team, you guys will be missed aswell. @sweatyb, @Quackers @IAmGoalieHC @Inkay @The dibber @Gya @4 Real Irish @Amfisca And Weed. Never forget these soldiers and what they did for the gambling community!! Also all the Platinum partners who helped us out when dicezone needed an extra hand! Especially @Dreamz40 ❤️. @Englog Don't think I forgot about you.🥰 I wanted to thank you for the immediate trust you gave me and the opportunity to pick right up where I left. You were more than just the Gambling manager to me, I’ve known you for years and you never changed as a person, I hope you stay the same and be safe! @Gya I’ve seem you grow from trusted dicer to moderator (soon admin+) and since day one I’ve noticed how dedicated you are and how much motivation you have to strive for things. You know that you’re one of my good mates and will keep in touch with you to see how your DS career goes!! I wish you all the best and stay safe gayboi❤️ A big final shoutout to everyone I did not mention or forgot about! I hope to return one day and see you all again! Stay fresh, stay safe and stay healthy and remember #DSGANG till the end, Joez out! ❤️ Kind regards, Joez
  3. What’s up DSGANG, I decided to make an in-depth moneymaking guide for beginners. All suggestions / improvements are welcome! So, you’re new to Dreamscape and want to work your way up to better gear? Look no further, this guide will help you get from bills, to trills. Starter tasks First up, when you join, you should have noticed the starter tasks already, it should look a little something like this: You’ll get a decent amount of cash per task that you’ve completed, plus you’ll get to know the game a little more! The tasks themselves are pretty easy, from cutting a tree at ::wc, to just opening the POS at ::market. Achievements You also have some achievements that you can complete throughout your DS adventure, some of them are also pretty easy to complete, once you’ve completed an achievement, you’ll get notified and you should be able to collect the cash by clicking “claim all”. You can find them under the quest tab, and should look a little something like this: They call me "the pinguin slayer" So, now you’ve already made some decent starters cash, enough to buy you some starters gear, I wont be going in depth on the gear, because they’re plenty of great guides on those. It’s time for you to start killing some NPC’s that are most profitable. The ideal situation for you would be to go to ::mbox and kill some pinguins, which can be great for hunting those infinity keys, xebos invites and clue scrolls! More in depth on these items below. ::mbox should look a little something like this Too many players slaying pinguins? The only issue with this, is that people can easily crash you with their aoe weapons and take your kills. You can try to go to other floors by clicking the portal. When you want a more chill spot, go to ::pointzone. You can get alot of kills per hour because they’re close to eachother AND only have 52 hp! Here's what ::pointzone looks like So, why kill these npc’s? The main things your after are: Infinity keys: You can either do two things with these, open them at ::soulroom or sell them for 20-30k each. In the beginning, I’d recommend selling these, as you’re most likely to get some bad stuff from them, and wont really profit you that much. But, if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and open them! Xebos invites: These are the real moneymakers right here, although they are petty rare. These invites will take you to a boss called “xebos” duh, killing him will grant you an event box. Before you want to kill the boss, make sure you have at least soulsplit unlocked! The invites and boxes sell for a pretty nice amount ranging from 700k - 1M dscoins! The rewards you can get from them, can be found on the wiki. Once again, I’d recommend selling them first. Clue scrolls: Clue scrolls are pretty easy to complete, these come in a variety of difficulties, in the beginning, do them all, once you’re more experienced, aim for the elite and dream scrolls. They are very easy to do, and everything is explained in the wiki. And the rewards can be very juicy! To check the difficulty, just click “check progress” and it should appear in green in the chatbox. Stuck completing a clue scroll? Just search the dreamscape wiki! Note: these are untradable. The extra’s from pinguins are: Mystery boxes: These can be a nice extra and easy to obtain from killing pinguins at ::mbox, or you can just pick them up from the players that don’t need them there! Opening them will give you some starter gear, which you can exchange at ::soulroom for dscoins. OR it can even give you a beginners pet called the mystery box pet, which gives you some droprate bonus! Note: The pet is untradeable Chrystal keys: Alot of npc’s drop these keys, and can be opened at ::soulroom, once again they give you some starter gear which you can also exchange for dscoins. These keys are tradeable. The afk'er Another way to make some easy cash, is to afk, sounds silly right? But trust me, all you have to do is type ::afk and cut some trees! Its pretty decent cash! -- In chapter two, we will go over methods for more advanced players! Good luck!
  4. Hi boys for any new competitive players playing season 2 feel free to hit me up for any help or advice I took home Season 1’s Kill count and Gems and Im more than happy to help you guys find and do the most effective and Efficient strats for the competition Goodluck to all the players and may the best #DSGANG grinder win!
  5. Hey DS Gang, only just joined the forums so apologies if this isn't as pretty as it could be! So recently I have been wanting to get the DS community involved with some more fun events and have been hosting a few things here and there. I am working towards being able to do these more often so will get grinding to get half decent prizes for people to win, main thing is I want to give everyone the chance to have some fun other than PVM, raid, arcade! I have been surprised by the level of participation recently, some events have been attracting like 10% of the online players at any one time and some of these events haven't even had any crazy prizes either so I am gathering you would all be interested in more of these in the future. Feel free to post any suggestions below of things you would like to see, I will aim to give some notice on bigger events but chances are for now a lot will be at random so keep an eye out for a pink yell! For tonights event we had between 15 and 20 participants, it was a naughty little Hide and Seek (HNS) and it was loads of fun so thanks to all that came down to Varrock fountain to start us off 😍 Tonights HNS had 3 rounds... the prizes were as follows: Round 1: Captain America Shield (PVM) - kindly donated by my good friend Bruce Banner Round 2: American Pernix Set - donated by Krontent, what a guy! Round 3: 500t cash, American Pernix Set, 2 Super Mystery Boxes, 100 Mystery Boxes - A combination put up by Myself, Bruce Banner and Neonownz2 Tonights winners: Round 1: 808 Raptor Round 2: Neonownz2 Round 3: Jefke3 Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to all that took part! Some screenshots on here: https://imgur.com/gallery/Mxi7xzt Ps. @Drax please don't ban us all for the screenshots we were playing ❤️
  6. Sleash

    Alright so to start my YOUTUBE CAREER YO, Jk But my Youtube adventure on here i decided to make a fun kinda video even tho iaint funny at all and i really dont even know why my parents love me which got to my mind DO THEY LOVE ME? Alright so read the description to really get a feel for what iwant to accomplish further down the line Kind regards Mads / Sleash
  7. MrZechariah

    @Chuck [Owner] Chuck, I have to say ever since I've joined this server I've always admired the time and dedication you put into this server, I like how you're a really cool guy to talk to whenever you came into Team speak and now discord but I also like how you are very professional when dealing with matters that arise. Honestly I have to say if you hadn't of made Dreamscape I wouldn't have been able to meet all the awesome people that I have some life long friends, You have my utmost respect. @Zeven [Owner] Zeven, When I first started playing I remember you rapping with another Dreamscape member in Team speak It was pretty funny. When I first took a break from Dreamscape I believe you just had put your helper app in and when I came back you were co-owner and man did you rise the ranks fast, Your dedication to the server is amazing and you've helped make Dreamscape what it is today and for me that's close to a home, I like how you're such a chill guy to talk too in discord and how you have a very serious side to you when it comes to the server, You also have my utmost respect. @Stuart [Web Developer] Stuart I don't think we've really ever crossed paths but I know you've been around Dreamscape for a while and you've help make it what it is today, I don't really have much to say apart from Much respect for you I know you take a lot of time out of your day to make Dreamscape better. @alexdkk [Game Developer] Alex, I haven't really spoken to you probably because you've been so busy but I have heard Chuck speak extremely highly of you, Nah like seriously extremely high of you the updates that keep coming to Dreamscape are insane dude keep up the amazing work it truly is outstanding what you do for this server and I respect everything you've done and continue to do. @Tyrant [Game Developer] Tyrant you're probably one of the most lovable members of the community, such a hard case guy, It's good to see you back on the team as a developer I've always had respect for you and I like how even when you're joking around you're always knowledgeable and give out advice to players. @vl0ne [Gambling Manager] My Boy Tyvl0ne, We clicked ever since I came back, I gotta say I got a lot of respect for you you're a funny guy with a lot of dedication for Dreamscape. You've risen through the ranks really fast and that just shows how capable you are at making this server better. Whenever I'm on I always see you doing donation deals and you're always active in discord, Much respect Bruzzah. @Potentials [Donation Manager] Potentials potentials, I like you a lot ever since the days when you were Gambling manager and I worked under you as a Trusted Dicer, your dedication is clear to this server you've been around a hell of a long time even though sometimes your busy with real life things you're always doing your part on the forums and whenever I need something done you always do it for me, whenever I've made a mistake on the forums you always take time out of your day and help me. I respect you a lot even though we've had our up and downs I love you man. @Iron Barrage [Administrator] Jacob Jacob, It's been a long road for the both of us, I remember when we became Trusted Dicers back in early 2016 and we were the only active trusted Dicers, We used to do 12hr shifts in the Dice zone. We kicked it of pretty good and we've always been in contact you're really helpful and knowledgeable at what you do and you deserve to have gotten where you are now because you put so much into everything that you do for this server you have more than my respect, I'd like to think I've made a life long friend. @Mirage [Administrator] Mirage, We don't really talk but we have talked you actually told me recently you've had 7 hours sleep in the past 2 days because you were busy on Dreamscape and with your current job, I and everyone else know that must be straining af and I want you to know people do notice what you do for this server and people look up to you because you are an exceptional role model in Dreamscape. @Half [Moderator] Half you're another one I don't really talk to but I know you do your part even though you're busy at work, If I recall I've actually been on tiny chat with you multiple times while you've been at work that's straight dedication right there Dsgang @ Work Its really good man I know you do a lot for this server and I hope to see you around some more soon. Also I've been in discord with you before and you seem like the sort of person that brings people together you're like gravity and I like that about you. @Feeds [In-game Helper] Feeds, we started talking when I recently made Zechariah and you honestly have been the biggest help to me you guide me when I need guidance and help me when I need help. I know you're an exceptional person when you're not active in-game you're always active on the forums and I know you will rise through the ranks because of the time and effort you put into Dreamscape, I gotta say this man I love you like a brother. @Suffer [In-game Helper] Suffer, we had a rough start I believe and recently we've had a few talks and I just wanted to say you're probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. You're always active in game now that you've come back from your recent absence and it's good to see you back you always do your best when you're online and I see you hosting quite a few events to get the community together and on discord, Much respect Bruz. @Ownerscape [In-game Helper] My Boy Oc, we've been talking quite a bit recently and I'm happy you got helper back you deserve it, the amount of time you put into the wiki and then in-game still helping players is absolutely insane, I want you to know that I and other players do recognize everything that you're doing and are extremely grateful for all the time you take out of your day to make the wiki and overall the server better, Love ya man. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also want to add here a Huge thank you to all the Trusted Hosts, you're actions and time spent in the Dice zone making things go smoothly hasn't gone Unnoticed and I just want to say a big thank you to all of the Trusted Hosts. #DSGANG
  8. Joeztube

    I'm sorry for my inactivity in my YouTube channel My main Laptop is being fixed so I have no programs on this one Thats why I can't upload anything right now Kind regards, Joeztube

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