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Found 5 results

  1. Hi boys for any new competitive players playing season 2 feel free to hit me up for any help or advice I took home Season 1’s Kill count and Gems and Im more than happy to help you guys find and do the most effective and Efficient strats for the competition Goodluck to all the players and may the best #DSGANG grinder win!
  2. Hey DS Gang, only just joined the forums so apologies if this isn't as pretty as it could be! So recently I have been wanting to get the DS community involved with some more fun events and have been hosting a few things here and there. I am working towards being able to do these more often so will get grinding to get half decent prizes for people to win, main thing is I want to give everyone the chance to have some fun other than PVM, raid, arcade! I have been surprised by the level of participation recently, some events have been attracting like 10% of the online players at any one time and some of these events haven't even had any crazy prizes either so I am gathering you would all be interested in more of these in the future. Feel free to post any suggestions below of things you would like to see, I will aim to give some notice on bigger events but chances are for now a lot will be at random so keep an eye out for a pink yell! For tonights event we had between 15 and 20 participants, it was a naughty little Hide and Seek (HNS) and it was loads of fun so thanks to all that came down to Varrock fountain to start us off 😍 Tonights HNS had 3 rounds... the prizes were as follows: Round 1: Captain America Shield (PVM) - kindly donated by my good friend Bruce Banner Round 2: American Pernix Set - donated by Krontent, what a guy! Round 3: 500t cash, American Pernix Set, 2 Super Mystery Boxes, 100 Mystery Boxes - A combination put up by Myself, Bruce Banner and Neonownz2 Tonights winners: Round 1: 808 Raptor Round 2: Neonownz2 Round 3: Jefke3 Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to all that took part! Some screenshots on here: Ps. @Drax please don't ban us all for the screenshots we were playing ❤️
  3. Sleash

    Alright so to start my YOUTUBE CAREER YO, Jk But my Youtube adventure on here i decided to make a fun kinda video even tho iaint funny at all and i really dont even know why my parents love me which got to my mind DO THEY LOVE ME? Alright so read the description to really get a feel for what iwant to accomplish further down the line Kind regards Mads / Sleash
  4. MrZechariah

    @Chuck [Owner] Chuck, I have to say ever since I've joined this server I've always admired the time and dedication you put into this server, I like how you're a really cool guy to talk to whenever you came into Team speak and now discord but I also like how you are very professional when dealing with matters that arise. Honestly I have to say if you hadn't of made Dreamscape I wouldn't have been able to meet all the awesome people that I have some life long friends, You have my utmost respect. @Zeven [Owner] Zeven, When I first started playing I remember you rapping with another Dreamscape member in Team speak It was pretty funny. When I first took a break from Dreamscape I believe you just had put your helper app in and when I came back you were co-owner and man did you rise the ranks fast, Your dedication to the server is amazing and you've helped make Dreamscape what it is today and for me that's close to a home, I like how you're such a chill guy to talk too in discord and how you have a very serious side to you when it comes to the server, You also have my utmost respect. @Stuart [Web Developer] Stuart I don't think we've really ever crossed paths but I know you've been around Dreamscape for a while and you've help make it what it is today, I don't really have much to say apart from Much respect for you I know you take a lot of time out of your day to make Dreamscape better. @alexdkk [Game Developer] Alex, I haven't really spoken to you probably because you've been so busy but I have heard Chuck speak extremely highly of you, Nah like seriously extremely high of you the updates that keep coming to Dreamscape are insane dude keep up the amazing work it truly is outstanding what you do for this server and I respect everything you've done and continue to do. @Tyrant [Game Developer] Tyrant you're probably one of the most lovable members of the community, such a hard case guy, It's good to see you back on the team as a developer I've always had respect for you and I like how even when you're joking around you're always knowledgeable and give out advice to players. @vl0ne [Gambling Manager] My Boy Tyvl0ne, We clicked ever since I came back, I gotta say I got a lot of respect for you you're a funny guy with a lot of dedication for Dreamscape. You've risen through the ranks really fast and that just shows how capable you are at making this server better. Whenever I'm on I always see you doing donation deals and you're always active in discord, Much respect Bruzzah. @Potentials [Donation Manager] Potentials potentials, I like you a lot ever since the days when you were Gambling manager and I worked under you as a Trusted Dicer, your dedication is clear to this server you've been around a hell of a long time even though sometimes your busy with real life things you're always doing your part on the forums and whenever I need something done you always do it for me, whenever I've made a mistake on the forums you always take time out of your day and help me. I respect you a lot even though we've had our up and downs I love you man. @Iron Barrage [Administrator] Jacob Jacob, It's been a long road for the both of us, I remember when we became Trusted Dicers back in early 2016 and we were the only active trusted Dicers, We used to do 12hr shifts in the Dice zone. We kicked it of pretty good and we've always been in contact you're really helpful and knowledgeable at what you do and you deserve to have gotten where you are now because you put so much into everything that you do for this server you have more than my respect, I'd like to think I've made a life long friend. @Mirage [Administrator] Mirage, We don't really talk but we have talked you actually told me recently you've had 7 hours sleep in the past 2 days because you were busy on Dreamscape and with your current job, I and everyone else know that must be straining af and I want you to know people do notice what you do for this server and people look up to you because you are an exceptional role model in Dreamscape. @Half [Moderator] Half you're another one I don't really talk to but I know you do your part even though you're busy at work, If I recall I've actually been on tiny chat with you multiple times while you've been at work that's straight dedication right there Dsgang @ Work Its really good man I know you do a lot for this server and I hope to see you around some more soon. Also I've been in discord with you before and you seem like the sort of person that brings people together you're like gravity and I like that about you. @Feeds [In-game Helper] Feeds, we started talking when I recently made Zechariah and you honestly have been the biggest help to me you guide me when I need guidance and help me when I need help. I know you're an exceptional person when you're not active in-game you're always active on the forums and I know you will rise through the ranks because of the time and effort you put into Dreamscape, I gotta say this man I love you like a brother. @Suffer [In-game Helper] Suffer, we had a rough start I believe and recently we've had a few talks and I just wanted to say you're probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. You're always active in game now that you've come back from your recent absence and it's good to see you back you always do your best when you're online and I see you hosting quite a few events to get the community together and on discord, Much respect Bruz. @Ownerscape [In-game Helper] My Boy Oc, we've been talking quite a bit recently and I'm happy you got helper back you deserve it, the amount of time you put into the wiki and then in-game still helping players is absolutely insane, I want you to know that I and other players do recognize everything that you're doing and are extremely grateful for all the time you take out of your day to make the wiki and overall the server better, Love ya man. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also want to add here a Huge thank you to all the Trusted Hosts, you're actions and time spent in the Dice zone making things go smoothly hasn't gone Unnoticed and I just want to say a big thank you to all of the Trusted Hosts. #DSGANG
  5. Joeztube

    I'm sorry for my inactivity in my YouTube channel My main Laptop is being fixed so I have no programs on this one Thats why I can't upload anything right now Kind regards, Joeztube