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Found 2 results

  1. Braydan (Uzi)

    Well I would like to take a moment out of my day and just appreciate the upgrade of the forums, apart from the having to reset passwords I think the upgrade is a MASSIVE community upgrade, the forums look a lot neater, the forums in total just look so much better in my opinion, and everything is so just ORGASMIC looking to the eyes, everybody now has a reason to be appreciative more than before for the staff team regardless of there position and more thankful for Stuart. I literally, have to make a feedback on this due to #sniped I wanted to be the first, and its needed. like literally i heard the forums were getting updated and I'm like "ehh updates it'll not change anything" but after seeing it, much like the in game updates I'm gobsmacked at the effort that's being put in. You've literally started 2017 with massive updates and good community content I hope it continues. I'm just rambling on but the forums actually look so amazing. I love the little banner up the top of a topic who shows who posted it, and the awesome ness around it, If you dont understand what I'm on about its this: Like look how sexy that is! The orgasmic custom items all looking sexy there its such a creative thing to have! and than down the sides of posts, topics, and the whole formatting look itself is WOW! Anyways I'ma finish this of with a.. THANK YOU! for bringing out these game and forums changing updates and I'm happy I'm around to see these happen ;) when's construction coming out ;) ;). THANK YOU FOR READING!
  2. Bench Press

    Dear Dreamers,   It's been a while since i've hosted a forums event. And I felt it was time to get this started again!    I've hosted the Forums Costume Contest a lot in the past. And now i'm starting it up again!     - You can only enter once - The picture has to be Dreamscape related - Put the picture down below this thread - Give some small information about why you chose this outfit, and why you like it so much.     On every Forums Costume Contest we have a theme. This time's theme is: Warrior.   So you've got to try and dress up like a warrior. And what sort of warrior, that's up to yourself!   Post the picture of yourself down below this thread.     #1st Place - Blood Spirit Shield     #2nd Place - Phoenix Whip     #3rd Place - Fallen Deathcape     I hope to see some sick entries!   Regards,   [member=bench press]