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  1. Amazing work bro! Looking forward for the future!
  2. Legend

    Who can make a free signature for me? all i want is my name on it Comment down below or pm me!
  3. Feels so good to be back  😍

  4. Good job on this update Looking forward for the future
  5. Legend

    I joined DreamScape back on 2016 but when i joined i didn't play a lot because i faced some problems with collage and my job but i did handle it now and i'm back to play the server that i love! I will play on forum atm so if you have any question, message me because i have many experience with using the forums (i was a ex forums staff member in many big and small servers) And yeah i love Ariana Grande 😄 Regards @Legend
  6. Legend

    Nice edition guys! Good job