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  1. "We each tell our own fleeting story's, knowing it or not we are all just pawns of our own unwitting existence at the universe at large."

  2. Aexn

    As I layed in my bed lighting a cigarette with one of my five lighters, I felt my body, my eyelids getting heavier and heavier with each passing moment. At the corner of my eye, I noticed something, a red hazy mist enroaching the room and surrounding me, swallowing me whole, piercing eyes staring from afar at me... (I thought to myself) Hallucinations again...? It was nothing out of the usual for me to have hallucinations, but this... This was different. As my body got heavier by the second I felt myself being paralized, I couldn't feel anything, fear, joy, sorrow, hatred, love, all gone as if they were ripped away from me. The red mist continued to get increasingly deeper, but those eyes, those eyes I could still see them, feel them piercing through my soul. Perhaps this was the end? Am I going to die here, as I lay paralized in my bed? Unable to feel, speak or move, everything being taken away from me all I could do was wait... Wait once again... For my inevitable demise. I've been laying here for what seems like days, weeks, everything is only getting deeper and darker, engrained into my mind, the red mist. After some time, what must have been meer minutes, but what felt like days I was finally able to close my eyes seeing the image of it in my head. Soon afterwards I fell asleep and woke up with the sun shining on my face, or at least that's what I thought... Standing solomenly right beside me was what seemed like an angel, an angel of death it self sent here to take me with him, their wings spanning over entire room, their eyes the same one's I saw last night, eyes such as if you were staring at the universe it self. I tried to speak, scream out from utop my lounges, but all that came out was a mere wimper from the back of my throat, all I could is simply stare into it's eyes. After a short while it smiled at me and I could see it's decrepid, rotting teeth, but it's smile stirred up emotion in me, I felt surpisingly at peace as if knowing that everything will be okay and that it's here to protect me. What the hell am I thinking? This thing... It can't be here to protect me... Can it? Finally it spoke in a voice of a thousand people, soft, gentle, unsettled, scared, painful, happy, peaceful I could feel all of those emotions in it's voice, it told me that I should not be scared of it, that it's only here to say, hello to me, it told me that when the time comes it will come again, but until then I should just live my life as I have been so far. Afterwards I came to my senses and woke up laying in my bed, I thought to myself that it must have only been a dream, but... Inside of me I knew that it wasn't, I knew that it wasn't a dream, it couldn't have been possibly a dream it all felt so real... It's been some time now since then and I remember it vividly to this day as if it only happened a few minutes ago. I'm sitting here in my chair and writing this for everyone because I know my time has come, it has come for me again and I know that it will not leave this time without me. It's standing outside in the rain, lit by the faint light of the street lamp, I can see and feel it's eyes staring at me, piercing through my whole being, piercing through my soul and heart, the eyes of a demon that shine brightly as the universe it self... ~The Final Words
  3. Aexn

    Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around. May the blessings of this Eid bring lots of happiness in your life.
  4. 2017 - Humble Beginning 2018 - Starting Anew All shots go in a chronological order.
  5. Aexn

    Well hi there, wasn't expecting to see your name
  6. Aexn

    For most of my life, I've walked a lone and distant path, feelings of deep underlying sadness, painful emotions overtook me, joy, happiness and love being stripped away, locking me in a cage of sorrow and despair, a cage that's been tossed down a bottomless pit to be ever forgotten by everyone. My heart and soul being torn apart, stabbed thousands of times over and over ever repeating with no end in sight. What was left was only a dark and pitiful husk of something that was once human, forever roaming not finding it's purpose, desire or meaning in what the truly living call life. What I became was not a living being, no, I was only a thing existing amongst the numerous lives of the living, not finding it's peace or reason to exist in the world. Broken, dysfunctional and lifeless is what they called me, something that should not exist to create or inspire, but rather a thing that destroys and sows the seeds of sorrow itself. A lifeless being slowly drifting through time with no regard for what came my way, awaiting my demise and forever wishing for it all to end without taking the step forwards to do it myself. Then something changed, it's as if a new chapter had begun in my existence, it all came to a stop, a warm, beautiful and loving light had shined upon my lost, beaten heart and soul. From the never ending darkness a hand reached out towards me and pulled me out, my cage had been unlocked after all this time. Emotions came back into my existence an existence that I could finally call a life, I was alive once again. Your smile, light and fragrance captivated me with love and happiness, something I had not felt for such a long time, something which was taken away from me had been given back to me, by you, my Jewel, my light, my love and happiness in the world of despair of which I had lived in for so long. You became someone, something that I could not ever bare losing and living onwards with, knowing I would become a dark, empty husk once again. So I thank you my love, my Jewel from the bottom of heart which had now been filled with the most warm and beautiful light of you. I wish for us to live together in this world and experience all that the living could experience before. You will always be my crowned Jewel and love within this world. ~ My Jewel
  7. Aexn

    Yeah he is, his tracks just bring something new to me and I love them. I always loved piano music since I was a kid and finding his was a blessing in disguise.
  8. Aexn

    8/10 What could I even say this man without getting into a long post. He's a remarkable graphics designer and a great person all in all, he is currently the only person who has held the graphics designer rank, and he sure as hell deserves it, there's a reason I gave him the title of "O.G. Graphics Designer" back then. I wish you the best of luck mate, truly.
  9. Aexn

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