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  1. FunWrecker

    Grats on finally getting the beloved ele pet haha :D
  2. FunWrecker

    I think that costume event idea is a very creative one. I would also like to see perhaps some pvp events where we could use a place such as tz-haar fight caves and have a little shop at the entrance to purchase non-OP items to use within. Where we could hold either free for alls or perhaps tournament based fighting. Another idea could be for an amazing race where either a new area is created with obstacles and directional terrain or perhaps just race for example from city to city and just disqualify people who teleport.
  3. FunWrecker

    Nice haha! You should see phoenix's new thread he got a 5 oak lmao
  4. FunWrecker

    I agree 100% with everything pheonix has said truly a great server environment to be a part of! Keep up the fantastic work guys
  5. FunWrecker

    My celeb crush has always been Sandra Bullock lol
  6. FunWrecker

    The reaction is priceless lmao :D Happy birthday buddy have a good one !
  7. Drl's thread helped me realise how much I appreciate this server and the people who play it. Although i have not had the opportunity to meet and chat with all of you I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent playing this server. It is extremely rare to find a server with such caring and friendly staff as well as fun and exciting players. I have been having a bit of a rough time IRL so this server has been what I used to take my mind of my worries. I won't go into details but just know that I sincerely appreciate the kind and friendly environment which is Dreamscape <3
  8. FunWrecker

    This is a really great update in my eyes absolutely fantastic great job brings a great new incentive to grind the pvm life :D
  9. FunWrecker

    Took me a little while to figure out what my forum username was haha :P congrats on the milestone mate :D Lucky number 95

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