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  1. Waters flavor is Hot or Cold.

  2. YO pretty crazy just seeing this website again haha. I need something to take time off my hands so might be joining back for a bit. Im not sure if anyone will remember me, but its nice to be back.
  3. Couldn't have been said better my friend.
  4. Micmac


    Just need a break.
  5. So today i just wanted to give my feedback on Brezel. Brezel is on of the most helpful and mature staff members i have met. You don't realize how much he has actually has done until you look back and see. He is very selfless and kind. Make sure you thank him for all he does today. Thank you for everything Brezel your a amazing person. :) Also to everyone reading this make sure to thank all staff members because they are the ones who keep the server fun and enjoyable.
  6. Welcome back ! i hope you enjoy your stay with us here :)
  7. You need to keep your faith and keep fighting strong brother. I am always here to talk :)
  8. This update is super awesome man. I can't thank the staff team enough for all the hard work they put in to make our expiernce fun. Thank you
  9. Micmac

    Tis the end

    Bye cleave you were a awesome guy and always put a smile on my face. Be safe .
  10. Just don't know what to feel or what to do atm.

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