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  1. ♥ Bray ♥

    I'll slide my pfp in here.
  2. Juicy, Nobody knows me, but I know everybody. 

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    2. Maxas


      Dont be this way bb

    3. ♥ Bray ♥

      ♥ Bray ♥

      - What nobody knows is.. I've been here since before Wiz was Co-owner, back in 97-
      - Back in 2014 days, the servers best gear was Rainbow torva. -
      ;) Wish I could play though.

    4. Maxas


      I miss that too man ❤️


  3. ♥ Bray ♥

    -1 he like to play with my pet fox.
  4. ooo, you look tastey. ;3

  5. ♥ Bray ♥

    Lmfao, mboxie still plays and is trusted lel, I miss that guy.
  6. I remember the taste of defeat, like a golden shower. Warm, and sickly.
    Too bad thats why I play dreamscape, You never taste defeat here, as for we slay all that
    stand in our way.
    The Brethren, brothers and sisters alike, the dreamscape-army.

    1. Zodiac


      Definition of golden shower - noun

      slang : a stream or shower of urine especially when directed onto another person
  7. ♥ Bray ♥

    so, I've decided to be boring and upload what music im listening too.
  8. ♥ Bray ♥

    Really nicely made video mate, thanks for explaining exactly what a trusted host does, and clearing up why you had the rank, and keep the videos coming, heaps of respect towards you mate for what you're doing. Kepe the videos coming and goodluck future wise. P.s. - Enter the votm if you haven't already. (Video Of The Month) Nice music too buddy.
  9. ♥ Bray ♥

    I believe that the ownercape '1 hits' 'most' things, but the only things it doesn't include are the 'magegray' 'corporeal beast' 'vendura (joinraid2)' 'o.g. dragon (joinraid3)' I'm not sure what else there is outside this bracket that the ownercape cant '1' hit. Their could possibly be more than this, (ohh yeah ownercape is to be used on chaos elementals at ::ownercape and not outside there, otherwise it doesn't work).
  10. - Temporary Uzi -
    (Uzi's Alternative Acc)

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    2. ♥ Bray ♥

      ♥ Bray ♥

      Uzi has many sides, you just gotta know which side you wanna know. ;)

    3. Feeds


      I always knew your fun side :D

    4. ♥ Bray ♥

      ♥ Bray ♥

      aye, you know more than that.

  11. ♥ Bray ♥

    Community on here is what brings players back time and time again, that and the awesome content ;) . But the community is definitely amazing here.
  12. ♥ Bray ♥

    That bank though, and best of luck combining them, and badluck ;) incase you lose. aha its a nice feat 2'nd to get 1k. nicely done.. nice little tab of items tooo.
  13. ♥ Bray ♥

    You're welcome :') glad somebody actually had the time to sit relax and watch it.