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  1. Sounds good with making a forum like News Paper :P
  2. INTesresting updates for 2k20. Anything about fundraisers for Corona to come?
  3. @vl0ne Hey man, it's sad to see you go. I'm not active much here either probably ingame once a fortnight or something, but you can always find me on discord! Or just pm me on here and I'll add you on discord.
  4. Eyyy when do I get the Pker one again for one bonking people LOL On like a 47 killstreak at the moment. Haha jk, doesn't take much skill to click someone XD
  5. You're back! @Bodhi But I'm not on frequently these days anymore :P P.S Jaffle is still selling prod cape xd
  6. Sweet, can't wait to see when PK is a thing back on the server.
  7. Away for a week, wildy is now safe!

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      Haha! I'm gonna miss ya

  8. Sweet update but Ownercapetwo doesn't seem to work, it's the same place :( The stat comparing is missing the best part which is the Strength and Prayer bonus statistic!! Noesss. @Zeven Can't wait to see what's in the future updates.
  9. /dance

    Thinking of new suggestions.

  10. http://prnt.sc/f1qyu3 An old but funny one haha. Wouldn't let me upload more than 0.11MB file size...Pic was 232KB
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