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  1. Bauer Vapor

    Taking someone's username sounds like a bad idea. 1. Log in issues with the person who owned the previous name. Because they won't know what their new username is. 2. Tracking donations as it's usually under a specific person's name. Example, I donated for something under IGN "Poop", it gets taken by a new person. And the original user called "Poop" refunds a donation. The new guy will get into trouble as you just see a refund by "Poop". 3. Your old friends ingame, you see an old mate logging in after a long time just to find out it's someone else. Then now you're stuck wondering what is your old mate's new account name gonna be. And several others.
  2. Bauer Vapor

    Nope, still wondering :\ I did put through a bug report a few updates ago but got back a generic response saying it was sent off to the Dev team. @pocket watch
  3. Bauer Vapor

    Just want to put this out there and see if someone could confirm the information. With the Corp pet, we all know it's got drop rate of 15% but the other stats it is meant to give are 15% damage boost and 15% damage reduction. I personally never really cared much for the extra perks it gives as I use an ownercape, but now with raids and bosses that ownercapes don't work on. I wanted to know if it's just bugged so it doesn't work because the Yoda pet's 10% damage seems to work properly. Source: However on the donation page it indicates of 5% damage boost, but this was never mentioned in any update of a nerf in stats. The outcome for the thread really is to confirm what the Corporal beast pet is meant to do and whether it works or not.
  4. Bauer Vapor

    Yeah Feelsbad cause it took ages to get and the death was some game stuff still thinking your in the wildy when I ain't. Nah it isn't cause of the reworked combat system, I still 1 hit people Just the time spent on getting it that high was like over half a year.
  5. Bauer Vapor

    Farewell my killstreak milestones from random deaths~~~ Got my first 100th back in late 2016. (Death to Raids) Ever so slowly climbed back which took almost a year cause of mad in-activity, and it's gone again (Death from x2 an Overload for lulz)
  6. Bauer Vapor

    I believe the game client already has this implemented with -Xmx1024m many months back as a hotfix because there was a lot of game lagging issues.
  7. Bauer Vapor

    Ooo sneaky, didn't catch you in the wildy
  8. Bauer Vapor

    @vl0ne Hey man, it's sad to see you go. I'm not active much here either probably ingame once a fortnight or something, but you can always find me on discord! Or just pm me on here and I'll add you on discord.
  9. Bauer Vapor

    Yeah man, my back's hurting from farming all day, everyday :P
  10. Died early this year to raids losing my 100 killstreak as a bug ... About 10Q~ worth of loot pked and 10 months later... Didn't take ss of loots, but they included;- - Golden Minigun - Regular Minigun - Multiple Row (i) - AM Pernix and Torva sets - Collectors necklace Would upload some reactions but 0.11MB max total file size for upload -.-
  11. Bauer Vapor

    Do you perhaps not have Java on your computer because the downloaded file should be a .jar file not a zip.
  12. Bauer Vapor

    You just type a username and password into the client, it will automatically make an account as long as the user isn't taken. EDIT: Oh and if your username has a space in it and if it's saved, you'll need to back space and retype the whole username each time.
  13. Bauer Vapor

    Eyyy when do I get the Pker one again for one bonking people LOL On like a 47 killstreak at the moment. Haha jk, doesn't take much skill to click someone XD
  14. Bauer Vapor

    Yo, welcome back Alien.
  15. Bauer Vapor

    You're back! @Bodhi But I'm not on frequently these days anymore :P P.S Jaffle is still selling prod cape xd

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