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  1. Elip

    Keep trying man and one day it'll all pay off
  2. Just go all out and play Ironman No regrets!
  3. Elip

    That log is looking sweet The phoenix egg is just awesome too!! Loving this man and would like to see what else you get.
  4. Congratulations on the drop that early! This is so awesome to see Amazing pet to have on an iron man as well.
  5. All the bug fixes look sweet! The loot system is interesting. How does it work for Ironman?
  6. Elip

    Hey man, welcome back!! Awesome to hear that you enjoyed yourself out there The pictures just look lovely!
  7. Elip

    Thanks! I will most likely make another post on the forums Due to massive illness I was unable to record for what it feels forever!
  8. Boss looks awesome as hell! Not sure how I feel about the soulsplit change but over all looks like a solid update
  9. Awesome fixes that I see! Love it when the server is patched Super excited about the sneak peak. Let's get it going.
  10. Elip

    It is a shame to see you go man. I wish you the best of luck with any issues in life and hope that everything works out in your favor. You were a huge help to the community and put in countless hours. Thank you for all the hard work you have done.
  11. Elip

    Not the biggest fan of discord but I am excited to see how this works out
  12. Elip

    Congratulations on the glaive! Awesome item to have
  13. Congratulations on the anniversary man ! I myself am getting pretty close to that as well. Enjoy your time!
  14. Elip

    I use the pro version of OSBuddy. Gives a lot of neat perks that make things more convenient.
  15. Elip

    Thanks a lot It's not as easy as I expected lol