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  1. the reason why i truly started drifting away from DS was due to combat becoming bland. At that point of the game, i was simply working towards the best DPS rather than actually facing some challenging content. this is truly a revolution. i hope this update will change things for me with DS
  2. I've been waiting for this for MONTHS. The client size update changes EVERYTHING. previously, the client was less than 2/5th the size of my 13" screen. IT WAS TINY TO LOOK AT. i might actually make a proper return if i do end up getting hooked again. love the rest of the updates too, of course C:
  3. Punch

    eyyy awesome thanks for hosting such a brilliant event C:
  4. Punch

    OH GOD YOU'D FIND ME CONGRATULATING YOU GUYS REGARDLESS OF THERE BEING A GIVEAWAY OR NOT Dreamers, i've been here since 2015, and honestly, seeing the server grow so much makes me so happy and proud of yall'. While i do feel we deserve far more than even 100k users, i reckon that day will come soon aswell. 20,000 users is no minor feat; matter of fact, that's INSANE! I absolutely adore this achievement, and you guys deserve a massive pat on the back. Serving as a staff member on this server has been an honor. congratulations to not only chuck and zeven, but EVERY player that has ever been a part of this server. this is not a "single" person's achievement. It is OUR achievement. #OneLoveDSGANG
  5. Brilliant update! glad to see my bug report was kinda useful C: love the new lootshare concept aswell!
  6. Punch

    yeahhh i completely deleted all DS related files before actually downloading the new launcher from the website---it isn't exactly a bug related issue, but more of a SIZE related issue. i'll explain whenever possible. thanks anyways ;P
  7. Punch

    i was pretty ecstatic about this update--- bummer it couldn't fix my client problems though ;x
  8. Punch

    bro... i'm so sorry for your loss. Rest In Piece. I hope you can cope with this well, and come back stronger. good luck, man.
  9. o crud. my account just hit 1 year of age recently C:

    1. Crixuz


      Nice mate Congratz on that awesome Achievement ! :)

    2. Unicow


      gzz on a great achievement!

    3. Chuck


      Congratulations and lets make it 2

  10. Punch

    Dual barreta's are a THING? wowzers. anyways, the updates seem awesome C:
  11. Punch

    WOW you don't seem too happy about his return :X     welcome back man
  12. Punch

    ooo that's not brad at all! keep it up! C:
  13. Punch

    Pretty nifty updates. keep it up C:
  14. you're an absolute legend ,mate.   Reading this truly saddened me. keep well IRL, i hope to see you soon. <3 C: