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  1. rsovergirls

    Thanks for the feedback guys, i Appreciate everyone understanding where i am coming from and thats great javier hopefully you guys can figure something out!
  2. rsovergirls

    Hey, i just wanted to create a topic about some feedback about the way you guys "lock an account" for a security reason but then make us wait 24-78hrs when we did absolutely nothing to get our accounts locked and end up still being treated like we did something to break the "rules" when it was the servers fault for locking the account. I know its supposed to be a "anti rwt" feature but Im sure you guys can find a better way to fix that problem then locking one your players accounts for that long and making them wait with little to no communication on whats going on with your account and when it'll be fixed. i just thing its a poor way on whoever side it was to implement that system. It wasn't just me either who thinks its a dumb idea I've asked many payers about it and they think it was annoying and a waste of time when we could be grinding we are stuck waiting for a response "maybe" in the nest 24-78hrs. P.S: This isn't supposed to be a hate post or anything i just want you guys to understand how annoying it can be for the players and the support team when i know they are busy and have better things to be working on then someones account who got locked because they made "2b cash" for the first time. i just want to see what you guys think and maybe we can figure out a better idea to fix this problem, thanks!

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