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  1. Bkknight

    The Treasure Chest concept reminds me of LoL hextech chest :D. But, I'm glad that the clue scrolls and Ovls are fixed now. Thanks for the updates Dev Team.
  2. Bkknight

    Thanks for this in-depth guide, can't wait to get one clue scroll drop myself.
  3. In my opinion, I think you are the most dedicated Ironman player in castle wars.   Anyways, congratulations on your SSJ and best of luck camping for that boxing gloves.
  4. Bkknight

    Full of interesting and entertaining contents, thank you news team for this amazing thread. Also I would like to congratulate all players who got promoted, all ranks are well deserved.   Tuning in for next weeks weekly news.
  5. Bkknight

    First, the Soulflare drop and now this!? Man, those Ironman are blazing up with the loots.   Hope he won't revert to normal mode after that amazing loot.
  6. Bkknight

    Loving this weekly news, interesting new contents and facts. Thanks for the News Team for putting much effort accomplishing this piece and also congratulations to all the promotions.
  7. Bkknight

    Glad to see you here still, I saw a couple of dicers getting cleaned and rage quitting and never coming back. That is awesome you set some goals for yourself that will keep you motivated.   The Rebuild is REAL!
  8. Bkknight

    Hard work finally paid off, congratulations on that two pricy items.   Goodluck on your future drops, hoping to see some more Ultras. 
  9. Bkknight

    That is some awesomely new contents right there! Thanks to our Development Team for their never-tiring efforts.
  10. Bkknight

    Well that was quick, congratulations though.   400 subs next?, I know you'll achieve that Bench, Good luck.
  11. Bkknight

    I have never felt this smoothness of game play ever since, thank you sir!
  12. Bkknight

    I think you got all the variety of party hats huh? and grats on that pete hat though.   P.S. Thanks for lending that Pete hat, sure helps alot.
  13. Bkknight

    That is a one loyal player right there. Congratulations on your milestone [member=bozo].
  14. Bkknight

    Wow! Congratulations, you sure is lucky. Tried to camp them few days ago, but it's always packed.

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