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  1. Number Two

    Lovely dream weekly this week, I was waiting to see the stats on the soulflare (u) :D Answer to the riddle: Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow
  2. My Stats:                                  [August 5th 2016]   Updated:                             [August 8th 2016] ALL 50 stat's achieved                               [August 11th 2016] ALL 60 Stats achieved besides for RC and 1700 Total level!    How will I go about achieving this goal? I hope I can get enough support to keep me going at it :) I will be doing skill by skill, but not to 99 all at once..Runecrafting to 50, everything to 50 etc. Then everything to 60. And so on. I hope this will give me a change of environment enough to keep me going :) I tried knocking out the harder skills like slayer already to get there faster :D   My Current Funds: I have about 550M in the bank to be able to spend on this goal. Not sure how much it will cost in the end but I believe I have enough! (I might even make money)   If anyone wants to help or anything with tips, reply to the thread or pm me through forums :) Thanks.
  3. Number Two

    Yea what zeven said, they existed once before in the past so it's not 1 in-game however its nice that some items are being re-introduced into the community so that the people of today can see them.
  4. About a week's time, however for the average player you can expect anywhere from 5 minutes(best scenario) to 15 minutes each kill. Which would be about 5000-15000 minutes(83-250 hours). But keep in mind this week's time, I was playing around 10 hours a day..so it took about 40 hrs
  5. Vorago's Drop Table:   Most common: Rainbow Boots Rainbow Scarf Rainbow Cape Korasi Sword Blue Lightsaber Monkey Lover Mystery box (4) 1b Check (30)   Rare Drops: Wolverine Torva Helm Wolverine Torva Body Wolverine Torva Legs Flame Torva Helm Flame Torva Platebody Flame Torva Platelegs Flame Scimitar 24K Torva helm 24K Torva Body 24K Torva Legs 24K Demonic Wings Blue Fire Wings Brutal Whip Gold Chain Ice katana Key #1 Piece Treasure Chest Dream Sword Angelic Deathcape Anger Mace Rasta Hat Rasta Whip Rasta Wings Sword of 1K Truths Armadyl Crossbow Shasta wings Assault rifle   Ultra Rare Loots: Green Dragon Wings Kronic Dragon Wings Yellow Dragon Wings Red Dragon Wings Ultimate Dragon Wings(1t) Yellow Dragon Wings(1t) Demonic Wolverine Wings(1t) Pink Dildo 24K Kiteshield(More rare than other ultra rares) Morphing Ring AK-47 Lime Santa Rainbow Santa Picture(??? Why)     Now its time to show you what all I got!   First, our common loots   Now the Rares!   Total Loot from Everything? 800T+!     Loot from 2K Vorago Kills!!   First, Our common loots:   FYI I have gotten roughly around 8K Tickets as well..I just couldn't get an exact calculation. Now the rares!   The Wings shown in the picture are Ultra Rare Dragon Wings from vorago.   Total Loot from everything? 2.4Q+!         New Addition: Loot on What Kill? Green Dragon Wings - Kill 113 Kronic Dragon Wings - Kill 189 Red Dragon Wings - Kill 444 Yellow Dragon Wings - Kill 477 Yellow Dragon Wings - Kill 540 Yellow Dragon Wings - Kill #1252 Kronic Dragon Wings - Kill #1467 24K Kiteshield - Kill #1666 Yellow Dragon Wings - Kill #1946     CURRENT KC: 2420
  6. Number Two

    I've chosen these two outfits, because sometimes I can't find myself deciding between the two of them(and it didn't really say you couldn't add another entry). I think that the rainbow outfit goes with the whole "Fancy" title. When I think of fancy, I don't think of black..I don't think of white...I think of a mixture of colors and that's rainbow. For my first outfit, I believe the collage of cyan and white are perfectly in unison and look awesome together. Both of these outfits are filled with 1 in-games and unobtainables, I don't see why it couldn't fit in your video :)
  7. Number Two

    This is awesome, I tried to use metaseqouia myself but I could never seem to make anything haha. I make alot of customs with paint, but I'd like to actually make them into Models.
  8. Number Two

    Master capes don't look good in this game :p On a side note..Hardcore you look grumpy!
  9. Number Two

    How do you not get bored doing this stuff Athene, I get tired after about 15k kills..Props to you man. Keep up with what you're doing! :D Looking forward to seeing 10k phoenix O.O
  10. Number Two

    Lmfao I gotta say I wasn't expecting that. Couldn't stop laughing the whole time.
  11. Number Two

    Gives riding like a pony a whole new meaning.
  12. Number Two

    I wish I could separate my items into different tabs. I'm fearful of items disappearing on me like last time though. I also have 353 different items so it'd be a lot harder to organize haha.
  13. Number Two

    Looks wonderful! I was almost worried that this addition would be called dreamer's monthly D: haha. Gingerspirit plz no attempt #1 stripper again XD
  14. Number Two

    I wish we really did have daily updates :/ but thats way too unrealistic haha. Great video, pretty intense for a private server but I liked it.
  15. Number Two

    I do agree on the second part with the extremely low rates. We don't really need any more bosses where you have to kill 10,000 monsters in order to get something that'll change your bank forever. In order to get to the bosses which change your bank forever, we need consistency. We need a "Queen black dragon" of dreamscape, where it doesn't really drop anything that fantastic, but you can depend on it over time in order to make a decent amount of money. Currently we only have flame pernix which is the closest thing when it comes to consistency. If we could have more mini solo-bosses like that it would be fantastic!  Edit: This should be moved to suggestions

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