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  1. PinPin

    Yes, Kudos to the staff team for working so hard daily to host events for the players!!
  2. PinPin

    Hi @regis, Similarly , I feel that the box of wisdom are priced too highly at the arcade shop and should be adjusted. And also I really like the idea that this can be expanded to making the infinity aura if possible. Cheers!
  3. PinPin

    Hi @Nsideoutcast, Nice to see that one of your first few post is already so informative! Yes I've tried the arcade but I died in wave 47 😥 But then also I've recently unlocked my charged infinity gauntlet with the 6 infinity stones! I suggests all dreamers to grind for the infinity stone which is has the most chance of attaining compared to BFG and it is worth the grind and hardwork
  4. Yo Afade , Welcome here!! I know right ,@izuchi has some haxs going on in ::BG.
  5. PinPin

    @izuchi Yo Steriods! Couldn't fight you in ::BG yesterday , maybe next time 😛 Hi Afade! Thank youu See you in-game or on discord !
  6. PinPin

    Hi @DreamWolf Do edit your post with the format below given by Staff. Nevertheless, I have also noticed new players asking questions in the dice cc. A vouch for this revamp! Another additional suggestion is to allow auto join dice cc whenever they enter the FP hall or gamble with other player or a system that auto join help cc when going back ::home for players under 7 days of in-game time. Great suggestion👍 For revamps What's the current issue? What's your suggested way of fixing it? How will this benefit player/server? How could this be expanded in future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)
  7. PinPin

    Hi @DivinePear Thank you for the warm welcome 😋 I will definitely PM you for any help
  8. Hi @Werwg and Staff team, I would like to thank you guys for the fast response and resolution in regards to my locked account! And also @C h r i s and @Cjbear for the daily massive events for the past week Cheers 🍻
  9. PinPin

    My stand is Neutral as I'm more looking forward to a more customized weapon for example, a range that throws iPhone etc which will be very unique and defined this as the ultimate Custom server. But still, I do agree that the server needs a weapon inbetween the Golden Minigun and Ak Asiimov for newer dreamers to have a consistent upgrade of weapon with a cheaper option!
  10. PinPin

    I think the best way to counter the negative effect mentioned would be giving an option to activate death animation or not. Giving dreamers a choice! Overall a Great suggestion, Vouch as it benefits everyone in the server especially for those who does massive PVM grinding.
  11. PinPin

    Dam , good luck on that 1,000,000 ! I dont have much patience for the same npc kill 😂
  12. PinPin

    IGN : PinPin Goodluck everyone ❤️
  13. WELCOME TO C1/PINPIN GRAPHIC EVENT @C h r i s and I have came together to host a GFX Design Competition for all dreamers!! In this event we will be seeing who is the most skilled at GFX in terms of Creativity and Ideas! PRIZE WILL BE FOR ONLY 1 WINNER: 1 M4A4 ASIIMOV & 3 Event Boxes & 1 AK ASIIMOV AND These are the Rules for this event 1. The graphic must be originally designed by you 2.You must comment your entry below (Please do not pm Me or C1 your entry) 3.You can have multiple entries Requirement 1. At least 800px x 350px 2.Originality & Creativity is key! 3.It has to be DreamScape related Winner will be chosen on 31st July 2019 GOOD LUCK TO ALL DREAMERS PARTICIPATING ❤️❤️❤️
  14. PinPin

    Thanks for the event C1 <3, time to farm those raids !!!

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