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  1. ign: carterstarr timezone: est ill purposely get 3rd place just for the soulflare
  2. Awesome dreamers monthly, great work everyone involved. Shoutout to my boy guru for steady grinding each day.
  3. Im above no one because i suck....

    1. DrL


      Ur gr8 to me m8 i r8 8/8

  4. go to bed

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    2. DrL


      Im decent. Im super tired :(

    3. Carter Starr

      Carter Starr

      Take some pepto, then knock your self out :O

    4. DrL


      Im a try to ko rn , goodnight :O

  5. The real question is, does discord have the mayo titties rank?
  6. gratz! Thanks for the opportunity it was an honor
  7. Wow! what an honor it is to be on this list!! Gl boys! i love you both
  8. Woah, what a generous giveaway by Dr L
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