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  1. Maxedkiller

    Nice post. I want to see my name in drops. I need to get something OP.
  2. Maxedkiller

    Happy Birthday! July 1
  3. Maxedkiller

    Hey Good luck with these. My goal this year is to get the platinum Status.
  4. Maxedkiller

    This happened last night. I was there and someone was freaking out about how they lost all their money nd its FPing. They kept treating they were going to quit and they finally left but gave the rest of their stuff away. It is sad to see people freaking out like that. We need to remember it is just a game. It is a great one at that but nothing to freak out over. You can always rebuild.
  5. Maxedkiller

    There really isn't much that you can do. I love to gamble so you will see me there a lot. It is just hard when you have no money and can't gamble. Or you are non donator and can't gamble. I am always willing to help with gambling if needed just pm me in game if you see I am on.
  6. Maxedkiller

    Hey every one! I am not new. I have been playing fora while but I am trying to become more active on the forum. If you see me in game say Hi. I am usually found gambling. Terrible addiction but its so much fun! Feel free to ask for help if you need it.
  7. Maxedkiller

    Lol. Update list so I can be #500
  8. Maxedkiller

    This is goals. I am only way. lol probably in like $700 this month.
  9. Hey If any one needs anything or has any questions feel free to ask and feel free to add and message me if you need help in game! 

    Have Fun and Good Luck!

  10. Maxedkiller

    Dang Congrats @Gainz. Just read sorry for late reply!
  11. Maxedkiller

    Yeah I really think it just depends on the person you are selling or buying from and the time you are buying it. I would recommend shopping around. I have sold many donation and bought many donation all at diff. prices. Good Luck! If you have any questions in game I am usually on night time (after 9:00PM Mountain Time)

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