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  1. Defiant

    Great guide Cat. Very well put together and structured. Will put this to use when I go on my achievement grind soon. Thanks ?
  2. IGN: Defiant Timezone: EST
  3. Defiant

    Congrats on the promotion Ownerscape :>
  4. Defiant

    Official drop rates will most likely never be published. Unless the community wants to put a rough drop rate list together based on testing from a lot of kills lol. Tyrant made a thread that explains how drops work, probably the best you'll get on the topic.
  5. "Elder wand has been added to the game!" Thanks for the incredible updates yet again Dev Team. ^^
  6. Defiant

    Insane luck. Congrats on the drops ^^
  7. Defiant

    Hope whatever is going on irl clears up soon. Best of luck and take care Doubt =)
  8. Defiant

    ayy, thanks for hosting this giveaway Mafia #GOLDDIGGASSSSS
  9. Defiant

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for hosting as well ^^
  10. Amazing updates Dev team! :D Thanks for the hard work.
  11. Defiant

    Welcome back to Dreamscape Crixuz.
  12. Defiant

    Hello Suffer. Nice to see you again.
  13. Defiant

    Welcome back Jota ^^
  14. Oo PUBG minigame Insane updates. Awesome job as usual Dev team :P
  15. Defiant

    That is some pretty insane luck O_O Congrats on the 42kc SF drop man

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