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    ign: Tuggerah
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    In my econ class we used this tool: basically it uses real data and it makes the game a little more fun . It's based on the actual stock exchange
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    Nice video, thanks @Hc Maximum
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    How do you have so many kills
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    Congratulations! Dreamscape is a wonderful community
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    I started dreamscape a long time ago, I don't even remember when, maybe 2015 or earlier. I joined because this was one of the only custom private servers. I joined and immediately I was so confused, we barely had any players, maybe 60 and I though this server wasn't for me. I just went to ::train and decided to train up some skills because I was bored and had nothing to do irl. I quickly enjoyed the grind for the server and before I knew it, I was playing for an hour. I decided to vote because at that point we had vote points and the system was kind of flawed allowing the same user to vote 100s of times and I decided to help the server and vote. I quickly voted and climbed up the ranks at ::dicezone which was near Falador. I got scammed so many times and decided to quit the server, but I decided to play again and let's just say that the exact same thing which happened when I first joined happened. I thought this server wasn't for me, but I started grinding and had a lot of fun
  8. King sga

    ign: Tuggerah