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  1. Konor

    Skepsis - Goes like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgtC48mmmKI Bit of a Jaw Swinger when you're on a night out ~Konor
  2. Konor

    This is an amazing guide! I finally now understand the flower games, thank you
  3. Konor

    Ayooo guys! Hi i'm new to the server, but apparently have had my forum account for three years! (I don't know either) Anyway I hope to be an active member in the community and to put forward a lot of suggestions in the future on how we can grow as a community! Just thought I'd introduce myself here as I hope you'll be seeing a lot more of me Have a good day! ~Konor
  4. Name: Konor

    Age: 22


    Looking forward to helping new players in anyway I can do and make Dreamscape expand and try to make it a lot more social! 


    See you in-game.