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  1. IGN: Mecha timezone gmt +2
  2. Mecha

    -In game name Mecha -Game Time Played -Reason why you want to join this clan I want to join the clan because I want more people to talk to on a daily basis whenever it's pvming, gambling so on. I go around on DreamScape talking to the same people and it gets boring ya know. The Asian Persuasion seems like a really chill and cool clan to be in so yeeeh. Hope you'll consider me K3
  3. Losa check discord:3


  4. Mecha

    worth a shot :D
  5. Mecha

    Thanks man appreciate the feedback! Ill be sure to work on what you said
  6. Mecha

    Thanks for the feedback :3
  7. Mecha

    Yeah dude do it, its fun and entertaining:d
  8. Mecha

    Hey everyone, this is my first video so any feedback would be very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy:) Like and subscribe <3
  9. Mecha

    My setup is alot like yours, you should go for a dual monitor setup though. Much easier for you to see your chat etc while streaming and youtube in general
  10. Mecha

    Very nice goals dude, I sincerely hope you achieve them all:) especially the last goal in real life Imagine a kid named Mecha LUL
  11. Mecha

    trust me bro, if you feel unlucky you'd be surprised to see how my luck is
  12. Mecha

    Welcome back newbie :D
  13. Mecha

  14. Mecha

    Unlucky man on the losses. About the video presentation, I'd like to see you get those blackbars away, it looks way better. Nonetheless, good video mate