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  1. Mecha


    I am atm banned ingame but I’ve been in this community for several years so yeah I like to interact with it and share my thoughts etc.
  2. Mecha


    I just wanted to say hi to peeps so yeah, HEY
  3. Mecha

    Probably because I’ve played under a different name for a while:)
  4. Mecha

    So yeah, Some of you may know who I am, I’ve played dreamscape on and off for the last 3 and a half years now and my ds journey has come to a end.. at least untill further notice. Thank you for those who’ve made my time excellent:3 (theres alot more but just a few I named below) @Potentials @Squishy @akarev2 - Mecha
  5. IGN: Mecha timezone gmt +2
  6. Mecha

    -In game name Mecha -Game Time Played -Reason why you want to join this clan I want to join the clan because I want more people to talk to on a daily basis whenever it's pvming, gambling so on. I go around on DreamScape talking to the same people and it gets boring ya know. The Asian Persuasion seems like a really chill and cool clan to be in so yeeeh. Hope you'll consider me K3
  7. Mecha

    Thanks man appreciate the feedback! Ill be sure to work on what you said
  8. Mecha

    Thanks for the feedback :3
  9. Mecha

    Yeah dude do it, its fun and entertaining:d
  10. Mecha

    Hey everyone, this is my first video so any feedback would be very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy:) Like and subscribe <3
  11. Mecha

    My setup is alot like yours, you should go for a dual monitor setup though. Much easier for you to see your chat etc while streaming and youtube in general
  12. Mecha

    Very nice goals dude, I sincerely hope you achieve them all:) especially the last goal in real life Imagine a kid named Mecha LUL
  13. Mecha

    trust me bro, if you feel unlucky you'd be surprised to see how my luck is