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  1. BowzahV2


    I am atm banned ingame but I’ve been in this community for several years so yeah I like to interact with it and share my thoughts etc.
  2. BowzahV2


    I just wanted to say hi to peeps so yeah, HEY
  3. BowzahV2

    Probably because I’ve played under a different name for a while:)
  4. BowzahV2

    So yeah, Some of you may know who I am, I’ve played dreamscape on and off for the last 3 and a half years now and my ds journey has come to a end.. at least untill further notice. Thank you for those who’ve made my time excellent:3 (theres alot more but just a few I named below) @Potentials @Squishy @akarev2 - Mecha
  5. IGN: Mecha timezone gmt +2
  6. Losa check discord:3


  7. BowzahV2

    Very nice goals dude, I sincerely hope you achieve them all:) especially the last goal in real life Imagine a kid named Mecha LUL
  8. BowzahV2

    Welcome back newbie :D
  9. BowzahV2

    So It's been a long time since I've been on here and wanted to just let people know I'm back. Some of you may know who I am so if you want to talk send me a pm ingame:) Missed DreamScape so much, had so many great experiences here and hoping to make more in the future:)
  10. BowzahV2

    You'll be missed man. One of the best staff members we've had in a while.
  11. Nicee man! Keep us updated on the progress of your adventure! Maybe you're gettin' first maxed ironman account? ;p
  12. New video out! Dicing Session with Phoenix! --> http://dreamscape317...sion-w-phoenix

  13. My Editing skills are improving very quickly. Most thanks to Bench,Dafire and Phoenix's editing Guide!

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