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  1. [QUOTE="Potentials, post: 81155, member: 6167"]Nice droplog, sad to see not as much next piece though :p I suggest doing a Phoenix drop log or a veneatis (if its in owners zone)[/QUOTE] Not allowed to do Phoenix with owners cape, I can do venenatis -- He's in owners zone. :)
  2. [QUOTE="bakednotfryd, post: 81139, member: 8828"]Awesome nice drop log thanks for that! nex is pretty good did you use your owners cape for all the kill?[/QUOTE] Of course, owners cape doesn't increase drop rates though, just speeds up the time it took to kill them.
  3. [CENTER][COLOR=#80ff00][B]Plan to do more of these, had a few requests... This is just the start, I may also do what others are doing and only show the good items in screenshots.[/B][/COLOR] [B][COLOR=rgb(128, 255, 0)]If there are any logs you'd like to see, post them below and I'll work on it. (Can't be phoenix or in the wildy.)[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=rgb(128, 255, 0)][B]Enjoy :)[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER] 1. Dragonstone 2. Rune xbow [COLOR=#ff0000]3. 5 mbox[/COLOR] 4. Rune helm 5. Rune chain 6. Death runes 7. Rune Sq Shield 8. Rune javelin 9. Rune helm 10. Rune longsword 1
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