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  1. Safr

    Username: SafrRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  2. Safr

    Is this still up to date?
  3. Where did 3 years go....

  4. I swear I'm legit retarded. I changed my display name on forums and then forgot I changed it and I thought my account got deleted or something.....

  5. The Watermelone God has returned.

  6. I've always wondered, why are watermelones round.... Ahh the mysteries of life

    1. Bench Press

      Bench Press

      cause they've been laying in the drain
    2. Safr


      I don't do drains anymore. I'll tell you all about my new obsession sometime soon. ;)
  7. We avoid risks in life so we can make it safely to death.

  8. Merry Xmas friends! I hope that you all get some pixel-ey goodness to make you smile or alternatively you realise there's a lot more to life than pixels and in turn find your own form of happiness. :)

  9. Today I learnt how to make a ninja mask out of a tshirt.... except tbh it makes me look more like a terrorist than a ninja. Here's hoping I don't get arrested

  10. Thanks for the memories all. Sorry it came to this. Good luck with life.

  11. "Yo this is Castlewars not Gangwars" - PAPABEAR5 2015

  12. Sometime I like to curl up in a ball and pretend I'm a watermelone.