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  1. Spinz

    Thanks mate appreicate it!
  2. Just did another signature! Chose a random name/word but really liked the outcome. Let me know if your interested in a signature. Excuse the quality as took a screenshot of all three: Let me know what one you prefer!
  3. Hey guys, opened up photoshop today and nailed out this. Havent done gfx for a few years now so im still defiantly dusty. Let me know what you think! Also will take some requests. Just pm me on the forums or ingame and we can sort something. Quality of the image is bad as took screenshot.
  4. Spinz

    Nice vid mate, mic sounds good
  5. Hey guys, back with a new video! Ignore the issue at 3:55 !! Enjoy
  6. Spinz

    Hey mate, i'm a Youtuber myself and the best software I recommend using is Camtasia. It's great for recording and basic editing. Sadly I can't help with banners/logos but I do make thumbnails which you can see on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/SPINZAH/videos?view_as=subscriber
  7. Nooo.... You cannot leave my friend!! You have done so much for this community, more than anyone on a RSPS! Will miss you man, hope we can stay in contact.   Thanks for everything brother.
  8. Spinz

    Yaay, thats awesome that I can third!   Thanks for hosting dude :D
  9. New video !! - 100t giveaway and upgrade chest - http://dreamscape317...-100t-giveaway/

  10. Spinz

    Hey guys, spinz here with another video!   Today I decided to try my luck on the upgrade chest! I am also doing a 100t giveaway :D  To enter the giveaway you will need to like the youtube video, comment your in-game name and subscribe to my channel. I will pick the winners using random.org in 48 hours. Good luck!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzBlgLM_p7E
  11. Spinz

    Lmao congrats on 1b buddy! Thought you got elder wand ffs.