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  1. Jota

    Welcome welcome welcome to the DSGANG! Hope you enjoy your stay so far and do lemme know in discord or in-game when u need any help/assistance 😄
  2. Jota

    Awesome guide for new player 😄 keep up the good work !
  3. Remember to wear mask and drink more water!

    1. Gya


      Water? what is that

  4. Jota

    This idea is great but we can use this idea maybe in future update not now.
  5. Wew done having a long holiday ❤️ feel great ! Back to DS!

    1. Gya


      Good to see u back Baby yoda ❤️

    2. Craftys


      Welcome back Jota! 😄 

  6. Thank you for the feedback Vaider ! #DSGANG
  7. Jota

    Welcome welcome welcome! To our big family #DSGANG! Hope so far you're still enjoying the game! Pm me if you need any help/asisstance also feel free to ask me any in-game question!
  8. Cherish every single moment of your life 

    1. Vaider



  9. Jota

    This suggestion is great as well I hope they can remove the word "forgot" as swear words/advertisement in yell/pm and make the swear words detect system better .
  10. Jota

    YEEET! You will see me soon kekke
  11. Everyday work work work work work

  12. Jota

    That's mean we can get above lvl 1 treasure hunter chest now 😮 ! Gooood workkk !
  13. Its sad that I choose to leave you instead of getting to know you.

  14. Jota

    Not a bad idea tho but players prob will abuse it maybe can think of another way to add this boost
  15. Jota

    Lime torva is just sexy

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