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  1. Jota

    Good luck to all nominees! All the best!
  2. Jota

    I got cleaned by @VGod
  3. Jota

    Bugs 1. After using Xebo's Invitation. There's no Xebos boss in it. It's a waste using it. 2. When u get clue scrolls (Normal & Hard) drop them once. You need to relog to drop them for the second time. 3. When u wants to make runes bar with runite ore you get to choose 1 5 10 X . When u have 28 in ur inventory and you want to make them all you choose X but it only makes 10 instead of all. Other bar works fine. 4. In ::market POS when u want to buy some items in stack like 2-4 I choose 5/10 It doesn't work. It automatically close the POS interface and sometimes when u try to sell some stuff after typing the prices but the item just won't go on POS need to relog only works. 5. In CC when u try to type something to answer player without offensing the rules but then it keep saying " No advertising _____ " Quality of Life 1. Makes Farming n Herblore skills easier. I always stuck with herblore after planting a herb I need to wait for so long. 2. Add a exit/leave button or a Option for you to choose like enter/cancel for Trinity minigame. Improvement (300 words max) 1. First what to improve is The Wiki. Always update it asap especially price guide and item info. As there's alot of newcomers/veteran need guide/answer for their question. ::Wiki is the best place for them to search for themself. Second is improve some skills like farming/herblore/agility/theiving/runecrafting/construction and add somemore raw foods at Charlie the cook not only raw shrimp and the option of choosing how many u want to do in skilling like smithing/cooking using the X amount option need to be fixed like I have 28 shark/runite ore wants to cook/smith so I can type the amount we want...Third is the voting rewards instead of copy & paste or typing 1 by 1 the auth codes ::redeem ______ . Should add a commands like ::claimvote / ::claimauth / or ::redeemall so it automatically helps you to redeem/claim all vote tickets. Fourth , Some Npc HP is too high example like Corporeal Beast (boss tele) n Alpha Penguin in ::mbox reduce abit fair enough for new players to get their gear and wanna go for better boss to farm. Fifth , Remove discontinued items like Chest key #1 n Treasure Chest #1 etc and improve the the treasure chest , It's very impossible to get over lvl 2 treasure chest. Fix the POS Search too some item can't be seen after scrolling down and searching.
  4. Hi guys , I'm Jota a veteran player. Been quitting for a long time but I use to come back and forth. But after quitting for like 1 years I forgot my pass I even tries to recover my password through like email but there's no such option so it doesn't work. I remember the only way to get back pass is to create support ticket so I did it and I've waited 1 weeks still waiting before that support ticket use to get replied very quickly idk if it's me only but now it feels like it's getting slower and slower. I miss my account alot..cause I play so hard to get that hella oc when they're 25Q Heh no matter what I had to get it back. I know there's not much staff member do this kind of stuff ( take care of support ticket ) . Maybe there's only 1 guy who's doing this which is our beloved Chuck (Gio) the owner of ds. Maybe he's busy with family or works idk. But I really hopes that in future there's a support team who can mainly focus on support ticket only. So it won't happen like we had to wait 1 days -2 weeks for support ticket to be solved. Idk maybe even months? XD well no offense in this post. Thank you for reading this. Anyway I'm currently using Hyelin My first acc (Alt). *Sorry for broken english* Miss the old days :c
  5. Jota

    oma those juicyyyyyyyyy lootttsss :d
  6. Jota

    Nice to meet you guys ! see you ingame welp nothing else to say. additional lucky drops after I cameback woot woot ! (1.1k grind) gets = ele boots,shield,pink whip n jr .
  7. Jota

    Jota Thanks for hosting the giveaway
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    I'm not rich anymore , good old days !
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  10. Jota

    For so long ... Finally you're back One of my fav staff member and bro welcome back!
  11. Jota

    Welcome back to dreamscape and indeed your activity is insane... and I likes how friendly you are :D #dsgang
  12. Jota

    Welcome back to dreamscape , Glad to see another old ds player back !! Enjoy
  13. Jota

    U nob enchant ;d welcomee to da dsgang nani