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  1. Twituchu

    Lmao you thought
  2. Twituchu

    Nah, I got this from now on.
  3. Twituchu

    Dead content. jk, great post as always
  4. Twituchu

  5. I have a feeling bodhi is a pleb.

  6. Twituchu

  7. Twituchu

    I'll have to vote a big fat NO since I would hate to get my name stolen if I ever take a break.
  8. Twituchu

    Really sad to see you go Canada, I'm going to miss you and your jokes along with the wiki edits. Hopefully you'll find time to come back to us someday!
  9. IGN: Twitchu Looking towards this event!
  10. Twituchu

    IGN: Twitchu Looking towards this event!
  11. IGN: Twitchu Looking towards this event!
  12. Love the option for re-skinning the boots / gloves, finally I can match them with my acidic set!
  13. I don't think adding more ways to spawn in cash is the way to do the whole shop system, in my opinion the shops should have untradeables in them like the executive shop has the heli pet.

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