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  1. I don't think adding more ways to spawn in cash is the way to do the whole shop system, in my opinion the shops should have untradeables in them like the executive shop has the heli pet.
  2. Support as this will help plats and executives to not flood the economy with necromancer / olaf / amorth / magegray drops. As for adding the more items to the zone shops I'll have to say support to that too as it will provide a way for the top donators to get the items they are missing from their setups.
  3. Twituchu

    Nice to hear about upcoming updates, always looking forwards to these.
  4. Welcome to my drop log that I decided to start a bit late, this will be the journey to total of 4m NPC kills or 1m to magegray, olaf, amorth and necromancer killcounts. First plan was to make this thread only after I was done with the goal and post it in goals and achievements, but I decided that someone might want to stalk my loot tab and my KC. Some of the loot has been sold when I first started the journey but currently the tab is just for show, and will only keep growing. Necromancer starting killcount - 321,502 Olaf starting killcount - 311,988 Magegray starting killcount - 309,801 Guardian of amorth starting killcount - 282,388 Current killcounts 08/07/2019 Current loot tab 08/07/2019 - total of 3 immortal stone fragment turn-ins Gear used Droprate% and double droprate%
  5. I am in love with that minigun, might have to grab that pern set too 😛
  6. Twituchu

    The current post doesnt follow the suggestion guidelines that are the following For new content What is the content called How does it work? What rewards does it give? How will it benefit server/players? How could it be expanded in the future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) You should add those to the post and maybe tell us more about the pets like what stats they would have, would they be tradeable etc.
  7. Twituchu

    Great idea, been thinking the same ever since they introduced the system. Glad someone took the time and effort to make the thread! Vouch
  8. Twituchu

    Username: TwitchuRank In-game: Platinum PartnerProof (screenshot):
  9. Twituchu

    Thing about the power stone is that its an additive +50% to your magic damage, not multiplicative. Making the other styles get +50% to their styles would be multiplicative as they don't have a % stat you can add. Fixing that problem could be easy though, making ranged item that gives you +500 range str would be around the same power level as the magical powerstone. Same could be used for melee so it gives around the +500 to melee str. But it's a great idea, the arrow slot should be utilized by all attack styles Vouch
  10. What an update, seems to have some amazing rewards. Totally going to try this out at somepoint!
  11. IGN: Twitchu Timezone: UTC +3
  12. Twituchu

    IGN: Twitchu Timezone: UTC+3