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  1. A new job lol, i guess thats a Christmas in itself.
  2. Ingame name: Realballer - Where were you and what were you doing, on December 14th, 2015? I was at home playing DS of course :p - Pick a number between 1-10000 : hmm 74
  3. Thanks for removing pumpy, he got quite annoying when we had games of flower poker.
  4. I would really want to wake up Christmas morning and do ::donated and watch the red donation notification on the screen say "Realballer has donated for a ownerscape." I do this almost every day i log on in hope's that someone did it for me lol ;). In real life im currently in the process of buying a new car so hopfully the car im looking at will still be available after christmas when id be able to buy it (2010 Acura TL SH-AWD)
  5. Im looking forward to winning that super sexy first place prize ;)
  6. Guys guys guys its pronounced Qwantess But seriously congrats bud dont go all power hungry like Adiran did ;)
  7. Wow 2000 post is nuts man My number is 1738
  8. yeah man they grown into giant weed trees. Kinda like giant oak trees.
  9. Pretty awsome but i just replanted 32 times!!! In 2 rounds of flower poker vs cjaam. Thats pretty awsome if you ask me :p
  10. trust trade me a soulflare :P i promise i'll give it back ;). on a serious note its nice knowing how many people you can trust on the server.
  11. damn dude can you give me some of that luck :P seriously those are some crazy drops man and congrats
  12. dude congrats bro 500 subs is seriously insane, i hope you get 1000 soon.
  13. thanks man i plan on staying for good since im free all summer
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