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  1. Redaeran

    Hey guys, I just wanted to remind everyone that I am not dead, no I did not quit, I just no longer have a working computer, and I don't know when I will be able to get enother due to tough times. Just lettin ya know!
  2. Redaeran

    So, if you have been on discord lately, some of you know that I have returned. I know alot of folks have no idea who I am, and those who do, know exactly what I can do. So im gonna talk about myself a little. My name is Brendan. I am 22 years old, and I am a waiter at a Waffle House. I am a huge pothead, so get used to me being stoned when you see me on discord. I dont have alot of free time, but if I do, its usually me playing League of Legends or playing anything in general. Before i left, I held titles of being the Gambling Manager, Donation Manager, Forum admin, and a great friend to all. I plan to learn about everyone here and be friends with all of you. I am an easy going guy, and I try my best to make others happy. If you have any questions o n anything about me, just message me or find me in discord. Have a great day -Redaeran
  3. Redaeran

    not bad, keep up the nice work!
  4. Redaeran

    not too bad my friend, are you doing this through PVM or Gambling?
  5. Redaeran

    After a few past weeks of dealing with life, I have learned, I cannot live without you guys. I really can't. So I have made my decision, as its been sitting on my head for a few days, I have returned.    LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
  6. It destroys me to say this, but I cannot be as active as I used to be. So, with this going on... I am stepping down. I will still join teamspeak as much as I can, but life has really taken a huge hit onto me. It really hurts me to type this, I'm actually tearing up. Dreamscape has really changed the way I am. Without you guys, I would not be where I am today, and I thank everyone. I love everyone here, staff members and players. I will leave one thing, never give up. always be strong. Keep your dreams going. Until then; -Redaeran.  
  7. Redaeran

    Congratulations to everyone. You all well deserve this. Keep up all the good work you do!
  8. Redaeran

    Now THAT is some serious luck. Congrats on your new Phoenix Egg!
  9. Redaeran

    nicely done, not much of grinding either! congratz on your Ice Katana!
  10. Redaeran

    Jesus man that's pretty ballin. Can't wait to get home and check out more. Great work y'all!
  11. Redaeran

    Good work guys, another great read! Never fails!
  12. meow meow

    1. Zulrak
    2. Bodhi


      Dont act like u one of my cats! I'm garield aka General of Cats army!
    3. Rahul
  13. Redaeran

    Thanks Stuart!!
  14. Redaeran

    Goodluck to the participants! All of you are great people no matter what!

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