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  1. Can't the staffs do a halloween theme event?

    1. Blueoptic


      its not halloween yet

  2. Rand Rsps

    Congrats Homie , How long did it take?
  3. Rand Rsps

    Ohh ,,, Amazing deals.
  4. In-Game Name: Rand/Rand123/Rand Rsps Yt , But Now made Rand as my main Real Name/Nickname: Rand Mohammed In-game play time (Picture): https://imgur.com/a/hpQHM Age:15 Time Zone: GMT +1 Boss logs (Picture):https://imgur.com/a/4yjQm Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? I know that i'am helping players most of the time, but i've recently been getting intressting at pvm kill npc's all day long in the weekends and such as archive some of my pvm goals like get a Ownercape or full set skeleton , Would be nice to be in a pvm club that they can help me when i can't do it alone. Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): Yes, I Accept the Terms of Services and there is no rule #6.
  5. Rand Rsps

    Welcome back to Dreamscape , Lovely that your back.
  6. Rand Rsps

    congrats Masks!
  7. Rand Rsps

    Ni Congrats on the soulflare
  8. Rand Rsps

    Nice to see this.
  9. Wonderful update, Keep going with that flawless work.
  10. Rand Rsps

    Good Work Man.
  11. Rand Rsps

    Congrats Ownerscape , Hope you do a well work for DreamScape.
  12. Rand Rsps

    Nice to hear this , Good Luck
  13. Rand Rsps

    Sounds like a amazing event, Good luck to all my fellas.
  14. Rand Rsps

    Goodluck Homie