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      Hey Man!

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      Mega, my man!

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      Ice cream goes well with chocolate sauce.

  2. Megafun12

    Hey everyone,   As you could see that im not that much online ingame anymore. That is because i am really busy with my new school. I got really long days of school so i got no time for DreamScape anymore only in the weekends. I want to say thanks to the StaffTeam and the community for the best time i ever got. I hope everyone will do their best in the staff team and i hope that everyone will be happy with everything :) You will see me sometimes ingame so don't be scared and pm me ;)      Thank you everyone for the Greatest moments!   P.S. i got one thing to say #DSGANG!  
  3. Megafun12

    Thanks for the feedback buddy :) I really appreciate that man and i will try to do something with your feedback ;)
  4. Megafun12

    Welcome man! I see that you found the forums side of DreamScape which is great! I hope you will enjoy your stay at our server :) And i hope you will join our teamspeak sometimes so we can talk a bit.
  5. Megafun12

    Damn bro thats a great bank! I hope you will get some nice drops ;) Hope to see another update in the future!
  6. Megafun12

    Goodluck on that bro ;) I hope you will get your new computer one day so we can talk again haha.
  7. Megafun12

    Hey man, I already saw you some times ingame :) And i already saw that you found out our teamspeak which is really good man! I hope you will enjoy our stay at the server and will be having fun :)   Cya around man!
  8. Megafun12

    Those updates are really nice man!  I really love the new sponsorzone shop ;) GoodJob guys on this great update i know you worked really hard on this :)
  9. Megafun12

    Hey man,   Welcome on DreamScape and welcome to the Staff Team man :) We didn't talk yet but i hope that will change soon. I hope you will enjoy the stay here man ;) 
  10. Megafun12

    That looks really really nice Uzi. I love that cape it looks so sexy :) but the pink partyhat... thats the only thing i don't like tho but np everyone his own choice right ;)
  11. Megafun12

    Hey man,   Welcome back man i hope i will speak you soon again ;) I hope you enjoyed your surf trip and did some nice things and nothing wrong happened there.   Cya bro!
  12. Megafun12

    Damn man.. You were a legend on Dreamscape you were always really happy and really fun on teamspeak, tinychat and in game. I hope everything will be good in real life for you. I hope you enjoyed it here with us. Thank you for everything Red <3
  13. Megafun12

    I am sorry guys i couldn't keep it as a secret anymore..
  14. Damn man these are looking so nice :) I hope you will get some more of these because they are really cool!
  15. Megafun12

  16. Megafun12

    Great droplog man! I really like to see that people are making those :) I hope to see more from you man!
  17. Megafun12

    Damn man thats sad to see my man :( I hope everything is gonna be good in your life. If you need anything to talk about im always here. Goodluck with it man!
  18. Megafun12

    You just got promoted to global admin which is great :) You are very active and you are very good at your job. You are a really funny and great guy to talk to on teamspeak! I hope you enjoy what you are doing man :)
  19. Megafun12

    Logical you were a great owner bud, i hope you will come back soon.Everyone will miss you here :( i hope everything is gonna clear up irl man.
  20. Megafun12

    Haha bale i think you were like really bored... You lost so much money for some knowledge :) I hope you will not be in problems with this.
  21. Megafun12

    This is great boys :) I knew you were working really hard on it and it paid off! Thank you for this great video bench :)
  22. Megafun12

    Thank you very much for this feedback bro :) We were always good with each other like talking and gaming. I always liked the times with Zeven and you playing curve fever it was so enjoyable haha! I hope you will stay for a very long time with us, because you are just great!
  23. Megafun12

    Damn bro that look so niceee :) That cape costs so much points :o I hope you like it as well man!