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  1. JimBandz

    I submitted a ticket via discord in efforts to get my Dreamscape account recovered/password reset. I followed all instructions and yet it was closed and no help was offered. It has been well over a week at this point and all i wish to do is return to the game as intended. I would hope someone could help me out and ether reset my password or send me a link to my email/inbox so i can do so. I really am not trying to bother anyone with these efforts, more so just trying to figure out why nothing was done and enjoy the game. Thank you to any and all that can assist and help!
  2. JimBandz

    I started in October of 2015
  3. JimBandz

    thanks! yeah old drama. its crazy where life takes you though. learned how to handle real world problems. Now life is better then before. Hope to see you guys soon!
  4. Check my welcome back/introduction post if you guys have time! Hopefully some old friends are lurking. Also any new folks out there im friendly. Dont be shy, come say hi!

  5. JimBandz

    I'm a bit of an old cat. I started my adventure here in October of 2015. Almost 4 years ago. This private server got me through so much. I was going through so much crap. My uncle had died, my girlfriend aborted my child, I was trying my hardest to not use substances in order to mask my emotion. So i came to DreamScape in order to better my self. I was helper for a while during Christmas season (December of 2015) going on for a few months in to the new year of 2016. I really remember putting my hat up and stopped playing in 2017. Now I'm back and would like to get to know the community a little better. Also it would be nice to catch up with some of the folks i do remember that are still lurking. To name a few would be Blue, BenchPress (my man) Potentials, Squishy, maybe Lickie, YCgames, and a few others I would probably remember too... I think Megafun is in there as well. It would be really nice to see some old faces and some new ones. If anyone wants to talk or hang out I'm trying to be a bit more active here on the forums and Discord. Anyway I will stop rambling and let you all know I'm glad to be back. Life is much different and better now. A bit about me you all might want to know? AGE:25 in July Name: Jim/.Jimmy Hobbies/Career: Building computers and working at Cisco Favorite Food: Hash browns and Sushi or a nice rare Delmonico rib-eye or filet Favorite Color: Orange or Blue Location: NC Baby Favorite games right now are OSRS Apex Legends, and finally DreamScape again. AMA im a nice & friendly outgoing person! -Jimmy
  6. JimBandz

    I loved being part of Dreamers Weekly! Thank you for choosing me randomly on team speak to make up a few questions. I'm looking forward to next weeks weekly also! Once again great job with this!
  7. JimBandz

    Huge shout out to Tyrant! thank you so much for this huge update! You're doing an amazing job with the content and bug fixes.
  8. JimBandz

    I'm excited to buy these!!!
  9. awesome screen shot

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