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  1. ffs what have this turned into 😞


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    2. Licky


      Miss u habibi ❤️ 

    3. Bauer Vapor

      Bauer Vapor

      Feelsbadman 😞

    4. Tyrant



  2. ogs araise

  3. Tyrant

    count me in boys 😎
  4. Joined

    October 5, 2015


    nearly 4 years.. damn

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    2. Potentials


      Stop bullying him @Feeds

    3. Feeds


      You alive @Potentials ? my potatochips :3

    4. Tyrant


      ehhh why do i still see blue usernames :'(

  5. Tyrant

    Just hoppin around to say hi :P Any og's alive?
  6. Tyrant


    Not gonna say too much; but I won't be around no more. Thanks for those who deserve a thank.
  7. Nice update. Great to see the consistency, though I don't really find the sence behind the new staff, it turns into a completely different model which I hope will be changed :P
  8. Tyrant

    inta hayati
  9. Tyrant

    plz dont bring back the cncer :( #OGGANG
  10. Tyrant

    WOw 100t dont ruin the eco man
  11. I love how my shitty banner is still being used. Great update
  12. Real N!G@$ NEVER DIE

    1. xzemoz itsonlya
    2. Zodiac


      You spelled Nigg@$ wrong. You literally never been to school in your life huh? @Tyrant

    3. Tyrant


      Thats not what they teach us there unfortunately @Zodiac

  13. Tyrant

    It's not really 50-50. The chance that someone would beat you 3 times in a row is lower than the chance of him not. It is quite like that but it is the feeling that you get; kind of like a thrilling to the game
  14. Tyrant

    Gl gettin 20 entries lol.
  15. Tyrant

    More bank space for my ridiculous bank size
  16. Tyrant

    It triggers me how you're writing this in so many lines... Welcome.
  17. Tyrant

    Hmm. we dont give a fawq
  18. Tyrant

    yas mate
  19. Tyrant

    wow you forgot about your boy ... my aussie boy i will miss you mate yee
  20. Tyrant

  21. Tyrant

    @Searwen has been permanently banned for not buying me any present from her sea "trip"
  22. Best postcount-reputation ratio.

  23. Tyrant

    And what's wrong with him commenting so much? It's not like this forums is so so active that it would make a 'spam'. Less complains, more compliments.
  24. Tyrant

    Too bad nothing would make Epok look good.

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