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  1. ChilladinYT

    I had the same feeling Yoda Evan, we didn't talk much, but I liked you my dude. You were a good staff and always active in the help cc doing "extra work". I'm glad to see you're still going to play. It was fun and I'll cya!
  2. [QOTD] Feet for hands or hands for feet?

    1. YOda Is here

      YOda Is here

      Hands for feet for sure !

      best way to get my ape-training done !

  3. ChilladinYT

  4. ChilladinYT

    As Willy says this doesn't sound much different than roulette. The only thing that seems different is the execution of the game and the removed lucky green winner.
  5. ChilladinYT

    Sad to see you leave the Staff team as you were one of my favorites staff members. You were also a very friendly guy and fun to be around. I'm happy to see that it isn't a goodbye and that you'll still play on the server. Cya on your streams, videos and in-game. #AsianPersuasion
  6. ChilladinYT

    Imagine if we had an fashionscape place, just like a mall. Use the command ::fashionscape and you'll be teleported to "The mall" with all these different NPCs that gives you sweet ass looking items :o
  7. ChilladinYT

    Hi Logef Use this link to submit a support ticket/appeal on your ban Good luck and hope to see ya soon.
  8. ChilladinYT

    Guess we could add a zoom bar above the brightness in the settings tab. As Maximum says yeah you can just buy a new mouse for 5$, but if you use an expensive mouse and you don't want to do that this feature could be nice.
  9. ChilladinYT

    Probably a bug in either the message or the item.
  10. ChilladinYT

    I do like your suggestions for new pets but as Bella said do also add details such as Stats Rarity Where it comes from and etc...
  11. Eyy I hope we see a part 2 coming up
  12. Nice video Jardon! Glad to see you come back after your little break
  13. ChilladinYT

  14. ChilladinYT

    Hey Split you're doing a good job on these videos Hope to see more from ya.
  15. ChilladinYT

    One time I met a guy who was really helpful and friendly on a server that got shut down. I didn't get to add the guy on steam, discord, skype or stuff like that, but one day looking for a different server and logging in I suddenly noticed a guy with his name and it was him.