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  1. ChilladinYT

    I had the same feeling Yoda Evan, we didn't talk much, but I liked you my dude. You were a good staff and always active in the help cc doing "extra work". I'm glad to see you're still going to play. It was fun and I'll cya!
  2. [QOTD] Feet for hands or hands for feet?

    1. YOda Is here

      YOda Is here

      Hands for feet for sure !

      best way to get my ape-training done !

  3. ChilladinYT

  4. ChilladinYT

    Sad to see you leave the Staff team as you were one of my favorites staff members. You were also a very friendly guy and fun to be around. I'm happy to see that it isn't a goodbye and that you'll still play on the server. Cya on your streams, videos and in-game. #AsianPersuasion
  5. ChilladinYT

    One time I met a guy who was really helpful and friendly on a server that got shut down. I didn't get to add the guy on steam, discord, skype or stuff like that, but one day looking for a different server and logging in I suddenly noticed a guy with his name and it was him.
  6. ChilladinYT

    Hey Seventyfifth welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay. I've seen ya in Dicezone I think if you ever need help send me a pm or hit me up on Discord. I see you a lot of sports as I hobby. I'm thinking of joining the military too someday as an SGT.
  7. [QOTD] Ketchup on your fries or Ketchup on the side?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Potentials


      Ketchup and mayonnaise mixed as dipping sauce is best

    3. Pvm Pvm

      Pvm Pvm

      Definitely on the side only serial killers want ketchup on the fries. And I agree with potentials ketchup and mayonnaise mixed is better.

    4. Potentials


      You sir get a add and a rep 

  8. ChilladinYT

    Alright FORUM EVENT has been officially updated! Our VOTD is MARK. Rack up points and have a chance to win up to 5Q!!! Good luck everyone.
  9. ChilladinYT

    Looks like this for me
  10. ChilladinYT

    I like how you put some glitches in the image. You're really good at GFX, wish I could do this ^^
  11. ChilladinYT

    Ayy this looks lit yo! You've got some real talent brother.
  12. ChilladinYT

    How tall is this Obstacle? And is Guwu still here?
  13. ChilladinYT

    I wonder when @Jordan RSPS will answer >:D
  14. ChilladinYT

    Tbh. I don't know how to feel The music makes me feel kind of happy, but the video makes me feel a bit distressed.