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  1. Jack Black

    guess I'm going to try slayer now
  2. Jack Black

    Username: Jack BlackRank In-game: Extreme donatorProof (screenshot):
  3. Jack Black

    Not going to make the leaderboards without a 1-hit weapon or cape lol
  4. Jack Black

    You're a 100% right. #Brezel4President!
  5. Jack Black

    Goodluck man!
  6. Jack Black

    Jees, congrats man!
  7. Jack Black

    Royal Sicle and Rainbow partyhat I guess
  8. Great loot. Good job man
  9. Jack Black

    Wow, My highest is Hypno he is level 442. Great work guys
  10. Jack Black

    Well, Its a good thing Pewdiepie doesnt play on this server. Instant 99999Q bank :P Great idea tho
  11. Jack Black

    Great video and bank mate. I guess you weren't that lucky on the boxes tho. Better luck next time and keep up the work :)
  12. Jack Black

    Congrats, Finally you have some bank too :P
  13. Jack Black

    http://prntscr.com/buq707   The White Death   Hi, I'm the the white version of my brother. People are always scared of my brother, but they actually like me. I don't know why. We are actually a twin, but with different colors.
  14. Jack Black

    Im playing for a week now and didn't even manage to get 57k in total lol
  15. Jack Black

    Great, No more scamming. Thanks a lot :D