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  1. Jack Black

    guess I'm going to try slayer now
  2. Jack Black

    ing: Jack Black
  3. Jack Black

    Username: Jack BlackRank In-game: Extreme donatorProof (screenshot):
  4. Jack Black

    Event Name: Bring the items Description of Event: We will gather a specific location ingame. When everyone's ready the host of the event will reveal a list of items which people have to gather in the game. Those items shouldn't be expensive items like rares or anything but items you can get in shops, by skilling or from killing certain monsters. The first one to bring home all the items will win a prize. How many players needed: As much as possible. Any Restrictions: there are none
  5. Jack Black

    Not going to make the leaderboards without a 1-hit weapon or cape lol
  6. Jack Black

    You're a 100% right. #Brezel4President!
  7. Jack Black

    Goodluck man!
  8. Jack Black

    Jees, congrats man!
  9. Jack Black

    Royal Sicle and Rainbow partyhat I guess
  10. Great loot. Good job man
  11. Jack Black

    Wow, My highest is Hypno he is level 442. Great work guys
  12. Jack Black

    Well, Its a good thing Pewdiepie doesnt play on this server. Instant 99999Q bank :P Great idea tho
  13. Jack Black

    Great video and bank mate. I guess you weren't that lucky on the boxes tho. Better luck next time and keep up the work :)
  14. Jack Black

    Congrats, Finally you have some bank too :P
  15. Jack Black

    http://prntscr.com/buq707   The White Death   Hi, I'm the the white version of my brother. People are always scared of my brother, but they actually like me. I don't know why. We are actually a twin, but with different colors.